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Logging: Add more log entries for starting / ending missions, TFs and Map loads

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So I've been working away on my Combat Logger. Now I've started adding graphs it struck be that it would be lovely to be able to add marks and annotations (when did I start fighting Romulus and when did that end). So I'm working on something like that. 


But it struck me that the Combat Log doesn't seem to record when you start missions, finish them and the same for TFs and Map loads. 


So could we record the following in logs. 


2021-05-09 12:27:53 Mission Started: [Name of mission] when you enter a new mission for the 1st time. 

2021-05-09 12:27:53 Mission Complete: [Name of mission] when Mission Complete 


2021-05-09 12:27:53 Task Force Started: [Name of TF] when you go into Task Force mode (yes probably for Ouro and AE too but that's fine)

2021-05-09 12:27:53 Task Force Complete: [Name of TF]


2021-05-09 12:27:53 Map Load Begin: [Name of map] 

2021-05-09 12:27:53 Map Load Complete: [Name of map] For when you start & complete loading a map? 



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