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  1. Dual Pistols / Kinetics corruptor (build is here : https://cohbuildshare.com/builds/199 ) PewPewPewPew
  2. Not sure why you'd try and farm with a DP Corruptor. I mean mine is Kinetics and Fulc Shift is great, but any farmer should be maxxed out on damage anyway from using binds to combine and auto-eat Red Inspirations anyway. That's "The trick" with a dedicated farmer. Get your Fire Def & resist maxxed out then use binds to be constantly gobbling red pills like Neo at an all day rave. For what it's worth here's my DP/Kin. Not a farmer. Just a general "I'm jumping into this spawn with or without ye" Fulc-nuker.
  3. Not proccing Creepers and Poison Gas Trap makes me sad. Also Seeds looks way underslotted here. Especially considering the Set Bonuses Malaises or the Purple set gives you.
  4. Couple this with the Purple Patch. A +3 enemy only takes 0.65 of normal damage from your attacks. AND your -Resists will be only 0.65 as effective as normal.
  5. I couldn't face Yet Another Respec I'm afraid. Plus it won't really suit her concept of a magical spirit summoner. Id made peace with the mace being a wandy-scepter thing but Giant Spider Robot is a bridge too far
  6. Procs can help a little. You can lob a couple onto most normal attacks and Petrifiying is like Time Stop (my Sonic is Time/Sonic) in that you can get 1 purple and 3 standard damage procs in there (plus a Lockdown if you like). Nice thing is Sonics -Res will bolster those procs.
  7. Like Wakanda we here in Ireland didn't share our superior technology for 600 years, until the mid 80s when we decided that mankind could benefit from our shiny round CD technology.
  8. Interesting combo. Some proc stuff to do with Traps and Plant Your procs in Poison Gas are okay, I think. The recharge is still long enough to have a 90% proc rate. Procs WON'T work in Trip Mine or Seekers. I think it's because they explode but I've never seen them go off in my parses Javelin Volley instead of the Slow set proc in Creepers (it goes off about 10 times more often). So I'd slot Tripmine either with 5 Oblits (not the proc) and a KB2KD or just Frankenslot it and use the spare slots elsewhere (like filling out Roots fully for the Ranged Def).
  9. Oh and Achilles NEVER stack from any sources. Basically it forces the enemy to cast the debuff on themselves (which is a neat solution to prevent it from stacking in things like Freezing Rain or a rad blast with one in every power).
  10. I go 1 acc and 5 procs 2 Acc/Recharge, a recharge and 3 procs (*Edit : I mixed it up with Ground Zero) on my defender, one being Achilles. You can frankenslot as much acc & recharge as you feel is right then top up with procs. My Time/Sonic has a lot of global recharge so proccing it out the wazoo makes sense for them. I've seen builds which take it at 49 and don't slot it / stick Achilles and nothing else. Makes no sense to me. It's your -Resist power!
  11. Weirdly I feel the opposite with MMs. Powerhouses up to 40s, then Malta & Nemises show up and AOE you to death. Not to mention how bad your Tier 1s fare against the +4s a 40+ team tends to face. Having your henchies facing +6s is lethal.
  12. I fire them off regularly. Anyone who complains about 25% Def, 30% DDR and a chunk of NRG & psi resists doesn't deserve to live. I do try and only Group invis myself / fellow squishies cos the threat lowering can irk tanky types. I would like more minfx on Fade (and some sound effects on Fade & Soul thingy would be nice)
  13. Back in i3 or i4 I came to the same conclusion after trying a Fire Blaster. Blasters sucked, you'd cast your AOE. The Mobs would shoot you, stun you and you'd die. Blasters were a terrible AT which sucked completely. Happily I got better.
  14. If only there was some Beta server available where you can auto-level to 50 and use Mids to generate a POPMENU to slot yourself out to see what you are like endgame......
  15. Yup, it converts KB2KD (although not quite in the same way that Sudden Acceleration does, meaning it's a little less good at it in certain situations) AND it gives a flat 20% chance for a damaging power (that's important in some cases such as Singularity) to do knockdown. So for powers which produce multiple pets or otherwise do a lot of attacks its nice.
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