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  1. Actually RoP isn't bad as a 1 slot wonder now as it has fixed recharge anyway. Stick in Steadfast for the +Def and a bit extra resists when it is up (which is 1/3rd of the time now). Very useful if you've skipped Fighting and have nowhere else for the Resist uniques (or just to save a spot if you did)
  2. On a Controller it's just okay. Problem is it's geared at Controller level damage but doesn't do Containment. Which is also why Proccing it for a controller gives it a slight edge. Good Vs AVs though. The DPA is the excellent.
  3. You have the wrong -kb in Singy. Overwhelming Force won't affect his Repel (because it does no damage). Switch it to a Sudden Acc and stick Overwhelming into Disruptor Blast. If you're going with Enflame try and Max out the damage. Proccing it out is marginally better on a Controller, but not by much (I've run a lot of parses on it on my Ice/Traps/Sorc). And remember Singy is a great target for it.
  4. Creepers proc a lot, especially in massive mobs (like Invasions / Zombie attacks). I parsed procs on my Plant/Stormies logs a few months ago, specifically looking at Creepers (Creepers Patch and Creepers Vines). https://www.carnifax.org/?uuid=964bc875-412a-47ba-9a18-3df45ea1d329 and open combat_1619050895000_2021-04-22 00_21_35.0_Lacewing.txt Ranged AOE Damage procs are best / trigger most in Creepers. So Posi, Bombardment and Javelin Volley. They'll proc in both the Vines attacks and the "patch" attacks. Trap of the Hunter only procs on the patches but come
  5. 45% is the Def softcap for everyone. That means standard enemies have a 5% chance of hitting you. You can't lower it below that even if your Def / their -ToHit would lower it further (hence soft cap). Extra Def is useful to act as a buffer against -Def attacks (guns and swords tend to have -Def). So for Controllers 45% ranged or smashing/lethal Def is usually a good goal. But Dark comes with lots of -ToHit which works alongside your Def.
  6. Oooops. I didn't actually mean to post an empty quote up there. 😂 But yes, Scorp was my choice for my Ill/Dark post Fade change. Shield & Ray are great and the AoE takes KB IOs to make it decent. Loading Ray and Blast with procs works well and PAs love the extra -resist Ray provides (and the -Def I guess).
  7. I'd just finished a Grav/TA so needed a different primary. So I ended up basically makint a melee range version of the same char (plop things into a spot, Mez em, drop horrible debuffs on them) 😂
  8. I've an Ice/Traps Fold Spacer with Sorcery (all bar the hp shield). Also has Combat tp and numerous binds and macros like "target Jack and Enflame him" or "combat tp to my target" or "drop Ice patch on my target". And lots of procs in things like Poison Trap. Basically I run in after the meatshield, Fold everything, drop a Mez and then as many Traps as needed. Normally it either works really well or I die since I had to skip things like Fighting to squeeze everything in.
  9. Actually of all your primary attacks Bitter Freeze Ray isn't a bad choice for procs. Lob 3 non recharge bits of Thunderstrike in, stick in one random IO in the 4th slot to get damage to ~100% then you have two spots for procs, and you can slot Hold ones. The cone can be done similarly. 3 Artillery for the Def bonus (the ones with Range enhancements are good), take the Posi with range in it too and top off with a Posi and Bombardment proc.
  10. Not well. Rains act a bit like toggles for Rains so get forced into the "recharge is set to 10 seconds and they only check every 10 seconds" thing. Couple that with their big AoEs and their % to trigger ends up quite low. Keep procs for your direct attacks.
  11. I tried this. Got the Domi to 50. Barely. Sentinel stalled at 25ish. SoA is the only other AT which stalled, she's 42ish. Really I should just push through with a couple of ITFs, all that Psi damage would be very useful.
  12. In fact your Tier 1 will light it too. Net Arrow is now Electrical Net Arrow. So I just Oil Slick then net it. I only came back to my post nerf Dark/Ta, respecced it and realised it's got a lighting tool built into the set.
  13. My "sapper" is an Elec/Poison. The nice thing is that sapping is just one layer of his control. Poisons Poison Trap is a decent sapping tool too.
  14. This thread contains builds from last week, including the one I use.
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