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  1. Damage taken I'll need to look at the logs, but I think it should be doable in terms of recording hits / misses and damage taken, along with heals and absorb (regen isn't logged). DPA is trickier because the parser is "dumb". It knows nothing about power stats and I think the log timestamps are per second, not fractional. If I can make calls to City of Data I may be able to do something once I clear it with Uberguy.
  2. On the plus side you just debugged the fact I'm not Parsing Impact damage in my combat parser because my damage regex isn't expecting [IMPACT!] at the end, which I'll correct.
  3. Reunion is quieter than Everlasting but for incarnate trials it's simple. Join Casual iTrial Fridays every Friday on Reunion at 7pm BST (or slightly earlier to make sure you get a spot). Typically 3-4 get run with a CoP at the end. They don't tend to be Badger runs, but @Handmixer also runs more serious iTrial runs (some Sundays?) where they try to get us not to die in the green etc for badges (the 1st Mag trial I did ended up as a Really Hard Way / MO run). Ditto for Hami but swap Fri for Sat.
  4. /logchat will toggle it on / off (there's also an option somewhere in the Options menu ingame). After that go to the Combat tab, right click > Edit > and add the Pet tabs (Pet damage, Pet heals etc). Then they'll start showing up similiar to this (depending on where you have CoH installed). Then you can upload one (switch off the game or copy the log file 1st because the game sticks a File lock on it) and procs will be listed like other powers
  5. Pretty sure I haven't seen them on Homecoming (can't remember back to Live). My Plant/Storm and Grav/TA would certainly be spamming me to death if they were a thing (they do with Overpowers) I spent a week a few months ago trying to find out if Controller Epics did Containment damage now, it would have been much easier if there were Containment messages (now I can just go to Ubers COD and check and yes they do)
  6. Was there a Containment message? Overpower is the only one I remember. Containment is silent, isn't it? Always has been? Or am I going mad?
  7. Single target knockback is fine, that's something you can work with. Pbaoe knockback is a nightmare. One reason I wrote a parser was to see if procs were going off and how much they contributed. So of you've been running with logging on upload one of your last logs to www.carnifax.org and you should be able to see.
  8. So I've been working away on my Combat Logger. Now I've started adding graphs it struck be that it would be lovely to be able to add marks and annotations (when did I start fighting Romulus and when did that end). So I'm working on something like that. But it struck me that the Combat Log doesn't seem to record when you start missions, finish them and the same for TFs and Map loads. So could we record the following in logs. 2021-05-09 12:27:53 Mission Started: [Name of mission] when you enter a new mission for the 1st time. 2021-05-09 12:27:53 Missi
  9. Heart of Darkness is quite a good proc bomb, because the recharge is long enough to ensure they almost always go off (are at 90% likeyhood). Normally this is great if you've got Shield Breaker and Touch of Lady Gray in there. But sadly it also means this piece of poop goes off 90% of the time too. I'd love to see it changed to 0.5 knockback instead (knockdown).
  10. Yep. It's deeply annoying. Nice 6 set bonus stuck behind a crap proc. At least the 5set is decent too but losing the ranged Def is annoying as hell.
  11. Pretty visuals update. Reworked the DPS section and have added some graphs based on the imcoming data. I've put them at the bottom, under the CombatLog viewer section (cos it's collapsable). I've omitted legends because they're interactive anyway. Also, @GM Impervium / @Jimmy, I can has sticky?
  12. This sounds wrong to me. Link Minds is a clickie, not a toggle so "lasts 10 seconds" shouldn't be right. What should happen is no boost at all, because Link Minds has some psi resist.
  13. Afraid=I need to run away / out of this (depending on the duration, things like Hotfeet and Arctic have tiny duration afraids which go off often) Terrorised=I'm going to stand here shaking with Fear. Both are "fear" but they work differently to each other. Terrorised is the one people usually want and fear enhancements work with. Afraid is often used to encourage mobs not to stand in something and melt. Weirdly, Spectral Terror in illusion does both.
  14. Opposite for me. Only time Perma-PAs is really imporant is if you're soloing an AV. It's not like Domination where it's all or nothing, almost-perma PAs is still excellent. I'd go the More Toys / Procs option personally.
  15. Yup, the pseudo base damage the Dev used when coding the condition values was 5.561. It's not really a BaseDam in the true sense though, in that if they changed Arachnos to have a 1.125 modifier Enflame wouldn't be affected, they'd have to remember to update Enflame to match. I assume this is a newish thing, otherwise they wouldn't have created lots of "AT specific" pseudopets for older powers like Tar Patch (for ages Masterminds incorrectly used the Corruptor Tar Patch because of this).
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