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  1. Mu has Power Sink or something doesn't it? My Plant/Stormie took it because of that.
  2. My Plant/Emp became a Plant/Storm. That left Carnifax stuck as she'd been illusion/storm live. So I remade her as Ill/Dark. Carni became a carnie. Costume-wise it turned out id preserved the entire CoH installation into Documents when upgrading my PC. Dont even remember doing it but the cossie files were mostly there. So I've been using them as the basis of new characters (tatooed, kilt wearing broadsword/nrg got Spectrum-oranged into Iron Brew, War Mace/Rad for example).
  3. Solo its probably worth doing that. Any AoE character its worthwhile lowering level and increasing numbers. DPE is much better. Also you can Insp burn as you go. More defeats means more insp drops means quicker defeats . Also frankenslotting hotfeet (and choking cloud) to level isnt the worst idea in the world. Use Attuneds and theyll be useful all the way to 50.
  4. Does it? As far as I knew the PB buff does transfer to FFG but since the def bubble is a "toggle" type power, refreshing every couple of seconds, once the PB buff wears off the increased defense wears off shortly afterwards. So the boosted defense only lasts 16 seconds so so max afaik when combining FFG with power boost.
  5. Well yes but then no. At 50 your pets kitted out with the IOs will be tougher. Unfortunately you'll also find yourself on +3/+4 teams. So +5/6 against your tier ones. That's what splats them so easily. They run into the purple patch since they are -2 to your level and you're fighting +4s. Mercs and ninja are also the two most fragile sets overall which doesnt help. What can help are debuffs. Dark is good for this since you can lower a bosses tohit and damage a lot between darkest night, fearsome stare and the servant. Also the forthcoming ai changes should help. On my warshade the biggest cause of Fluffy death is charging into melee range and getting caught in aoes. Its really annoying. The boss isnt even attacking them, they just get caught in the blasts.
  6. Yes to this. Personally id go slightly further and allow Orbiting death run unsurpressed in Dwarf and the Stun cone be used in Black Nova. Id also like epics on Khelds, mix of things plucked from scrapper, brute, tank pools (no attacks or shields but other things like buffs, controls and debuffs).
  7. Hey! My Time/Sonic troll raver resembles this remark. Everything is going to be a glorious Technicolor, wailing, screeching mess and that's that!
  8. Me too, generally. I always feel slightly anxious that I'm not doing it "right" (+4x8-Council-Radio-only isn't my thing) but it tends to work out. On a PuG if someone doesn't like it they'll just move on anyway.
  9. I would love a "public teams" mechanism though where teams could flag themselves as lfg and you could just join it.
  10. Even on Reunion its rare that I'm left hanging for a team. And I tend towards supports. Did a Everlasting team during the week at 11am (which is what, 3am / 4am) on my defender in Croatoa which was intended as a "maybe ill get one blaster or scrapper to buff" which turned into an 8 man in minutes by accident. So I dont really see the need for this. If Reunion is quiet I try everlasting. If there's really nothing happening I'll maybe solo a brute or scrapper. Edit : and id be madly annoyed if Reunion got merged and I lost the Carnifax name. Had it on live and as my global (boo to whomever took it on Everlasting)
  11. Yes, you can just /bind in the same way /bind x "powexec_location target Freezing Rain" should do it. Its immensely useful, especially in mad 8 mans where you cant see (I just came off a Tf with 5 masterminds, a controller and two defenders. Being able to just press a key to drop Times slow field was a godsend)
  12. Yup. My Necro/Nature MM found this out the hard way for both this AND Life steal-thingy. Why are you leaving Slowed Response to 49? Thats your -resist aoe, and those are some of the best power multipliers around.
  13. Spectral at 12, Flash at 18, PA at 26 would be a more "normal" progression. With flashes hideous animation time shortened by 33-50%. Illusion is just an oddball in general.
  14. The other server content seems slightly reckless to me to be honest. Some of the Kheldian changes and controller changes look like theres been little regard for overall balance (controller pets at level 1 for example). Customisation stuff looks good from what ive read but the powers changes are very gung ho. Also rearranging powers like that is, coding wise, very cheap resourcewise. Easy to do, the trick is knowing why and if you should be.
  15. The "drop a placable onto my target" is my favourite on Plant/Storm and Ill/Dark Eg : /macro FR "powexec_location target Freezing Rain" Just adapt to the powers you want to cast I have 3 of them. Typically I put them into tray one and the power they cast directly above in tray 2. That way you can see when they are recharged and/or want to use the tray2 version for precise placement. On my mastermind I use self targetting to summon / resummon pets beside me quickly.
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