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  1. No containment though 😢 If I was allowed make one change to the entire game it would be "Give Terrorized Fear" (standy-trembling fear) trigger containment. I mean Sleep sets it up and Fear is like Sleep but puts them back into the non-react state after one attack. (If I had a second change it would be to add at least 50% of the containment damage back to the Epics). I'll totally admit my own bias in that I run an Illusionist as my main. But it's not like I'd be doing amazing damage.
  2. I'm always a bit scared of using Dimension Shift on teams. On a Yin TF I suggested that I door drop it for when the ambushes come and the Scrapper was like "No don't do that". We wiped. We probably would have died anyway but it seemed like an ideal situation for it. Dim Shift everything at the door, clear the room of everything except Crazed Punk lady and if the meleers really want to take on the ambush they can just step into the bubble with them Maybe it's just down to people still assuming it's the old style version. I dunno.
  3. It won't. Or rather it might, in terms of giving Singy a Recharge buff but all pets are coded to completely ignore all Recharge buffs (even negative ones). The usual answer for any pet is 4 Recharge Intensive Pet IOs to get the 6.25% recharge set bonus. I find Expedients cheaper than Call to Arms for some bizarre reason (as Attuned IOs). Then the Overwhelming Force as it'll max out damage and give you KB2KD. For wormhole while levelling I like 1 Sudden Acc kb2kd and then frankenslotting in 3 Acc/Stun/Recharge IOs and maybe a Stun/Range. There aren't many useful set bonuses in the Stun sets until you hit The Land of Purples.
  4. Every time I consider Cold the fact you get Sleet at 35 always discourages me from it. I don't wanna wait that long for my uber debuff. Storm has spoiled me.
  5. You can manually edit build.txt, its a very simple text file. Just replace the "bad" enhancements with EMPTY. You can also delete powers ftom the text file too as I did above. Feel free to post it here too. I was finally beaten by an enhancement I didnt have listed in the build.txt file.
  6. Singy is just great. Tough, stacks control and you can walk thru him. Barkley would be great except that hes a terrier trapped in the body of a giant shadow dog. Yap. Yapyapyap. Yap.
  7. Yep, got 3 catalysts ready to go. At least it gives me 3 levels to earn 3 more for the other slotted power.
  8. Aw. 3 levels? But I want them now! But thanks!
  9. I'm having an issue with importing a /BuildSave file for a Warshade into Mids too. Here's the file and a snapshot of the error. build.txt Edit : So I did some experimenting First thing I noticed was switching to Dynamic Mode seemed to improve the import process. Second I moved lines which seemed to be causing issues into a build_removed file so now Powers are populating correctly and blank slots are appearing. You'll notice they're pretty much all the "Additional" powers you get from either being a Kheld or from shapeshifting powers. Also had to change some LOTG +Recharge IOs back to EMPTY Still getting a weird error on Magic_Recharge which is baffling me because the tweaked build file doesn't seem to mention that at all. build_removed.txt build_tweaked.txt (Also note you have to rename build_tweaked back to build.txt or Mids doesn't like it) Once I Ok that though Empty Slots populate in as my live build, but with no Enhancements.
  10. Superior are "you need to be 50", right? Got all excited on my level 47 Kheld last night and bought 3 with proceeds from Market Crash then realized I couldnt seem to upgrade my ATOs yet.
  11. You're going to have lots of fun. Illusion can be quite sloggy until you hit the 20s. Power progression early on is odd. Quite a lot of "confuse one. Hold the next. Hit them" but Dark keeps it interesting with a slew of cool powers.
  12. I had a Plant/Emp on Live. The PuG team I ended up dinging 50 on her I was shouted at for not "just healing, that's why you're here", even though no-one had died. Of course next spawn I did that and the shouting Tank leader died (because he was taking all that additional non-confused damage all of a sudden). So that was the most underwhelming Ding to 50 ever. I've never forgiven Empathy for it.
  13. Older sets I can understand and forgive but Rad was one of the last ones they added so it's quite weird there's no MinFX option.
  14. Iron Brew : War Mace / Rad Brute made of gurders My new Necro / Nature MM : Mombie.
  15. Iron Brew : War Mace / Rad Brute made of gurders My new Necro / Nature MM : Mombie.
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