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  1. This. Although the Blaster version is fabulous. Anyway Dark Affinity is an amazing set. The Fade fix kinda normalized it but it's still great. Fade being on a 60 second timer is kind of annoying compared to Farsight and Black Hole is entirely skippable. Darkest Night I tend not to bother with unless it's an AV where the -Dam might be useful. And apparently Tar Patch is currently marked to ignore resistance, I assume a coding error from when they were separated into individual AT versions in the last big update. Surprised that hasn't been fixed yet.
  2. I think the free activation is key there. You throw it in, youve added "defense" to the whole team for free. With Ice itd be another power making demands to be used. Corrosive looks to be a waste of time. Checked it ingame yesterday and the damage seems pitiful. Hit 27 yesterday so ive started getting thunderstrikes and artillerys slotted. The combo of Adrenal + Scorp Shield intrigued me yesterday until I realised that Scorp grants toxic resist, so Adrenal wont boost it while up sadly (interesting for a Forcefield or Time support though) What is interesting about the build is the amount of Recharge you are constantly layering on top of yourself. Set Bonuses and Hasten, obviously, but then you've got 20% from Agility, 30% for 10 seconds from Upshot, the occasional (about 1/3 of the time) 30% from Adrenal Boost and bursts of 100% from Forced Feedback for 5 seconds from Umbral.
  3. Geyser gets extra base damage from addtional Tidal Power, so Build Up + Tidal Forces (either also with the Chance For Build-up) and your build will be doing over 1000 damage with Geyser according to Mids. So maybe that's the difference, you're viewing his with 3 stacks of Tidal (remember Tidal Forces gives you 3 stacks of Tidal Power). You can't really build for Damage Bonuses, they are so small in the grand scheme of things they aren't really worth chasing. You can slot individual powers with procs but I think your slotting for Geyser is good overall. Probably better than mine and mine flattens +4 spawns, minions die immediately, DoT finishes off Lieuts, and the bosses are half dead (usually I lob in a Water Burst to make sure of the lieuts and catch bosses, and then single target attacks). I chased Ranged Softcap (and NRG / Neg almost as a side effect of that). Somewhere in the 30s Smashing / Lethal, because I like defense epic shields and then recharge, recharge, recharge. More recharge means quicker Geysers and AOEs so it's the best way to do "moar damage" over time.
  4. I don't know Ice well but on Water Blast Dehydrate >>> Hydro Blast. Damage is equivilent but Dehydrate will constantly be healing you as well. Whirlpool is a targetted AOE Damage patch. You should slot it as such. Procs AREN'T good in it. There's a new Targeted AOE Damage Set, Artillery which is essentially a Targeted version of Thunderstrike giving a decent Ranged Defense set bonus. Very useful for getting to softcap. Also for any "placeable" power there's a slash command which gives you better control of how to place them : powexec_location. You can use to to make a macro so you can cast Whirlpool on top of a target like : /macro WP "powexec_location target Whirlpool" The other new targetted AOE set is Bombardment. This gives a recharge set bonus (not quite as much as Posi's Blast) but the enhancement values are better balanced (you don't end up way overslotted for damage and underslotted for recharge). There's a "No purples" Water/Time in my sig which may be useful for you.
  5. So I was in the Corruptor forum making a Dark / Trick Arrow build for someone (two sets I played ages ago, but not together) and it reminded me how sad Dark Blast used to make me with its useless AOE Stun and totally mismatched cones and (back then) poor single target damage. Trick Arrow is also a set which has been begging for a pass for ages. So then I went to look at the Blaster versions of both, Dark Blast seems much better on Blasters (Nightfall and Torrent, both meh cones, got together and had a beautiful baby combining their best parts, Dark Pit has been gotten rid of in favourite of a moderately useful ranged hold, quick snipes are now a thing). Tactical is great too, the powers it gets from Trick Arrow again seem much better than their Trick versions. So I've been playing this over the last few days and really enjoying it as a kitey Blastroller. Decided to try and go down the "lots of recharge" route with the new Pool power, Forced Feedback and Upshot. I'd quite like to get Corrosive Vial in their as a poor mans Oil Slick too but no idea if its good / useless or somewhere in between. Considering switching Flash Arrow out for it (Flash used to be unresistable in Trick Arrow, is it here?).
  6. This is my preferred slotting too, my secondary is temporal and Im ranged focused, so Dehydrate really only needs to top up what hits thru softcap and gets thru the Absorb shield.
  7. Not a bug report but my Mids suddenly stopped working yesterday. Now I get this : Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and a .Net repair but it's still borked (latest Mids, Windows 10). Anyone got any ideas? Edit : Sorted via Discord. The uninstaller was leaving some JSON files behind. So once I uninstalled AND removed those the fresh install started working. At a guess something at start-up was parsing one of those JSON files and the resulting Object was a fail.
  8. I'd say have a look at Redlynnes Grav / Time thread and the thread here for ideas : As there's quite a few ideas & builds in those for Grav/Time. Having a quick look at your build it seems expensive but fragile (purple sets and Hami-Os can be dear). Power Boost in the Primal Epic is worth stretching for as it makes Farsight basically take care of a huge chunk of your defenses for you.
  9. Common IOs don't level with you. They just never expire (unlike SOs). Over the lifetime of your char it'll save you money to buy level 25 Common IOs at 22 rather than SOs. Once you hit 50 you replace them with a set IOd build. Personally I prefer to set-build as I go nowadays. Typically I'll have a "just-hitting-50" build I'm working towards done in Mids, usually posted to the forums too for feedback / clarification. That'll have no Purple IOs or Winter IOs and few PvP ones (all of these are expensive) and just the "standard" ATOs, not the superior versions. I'll get the ATOs at level 10. Some of the set IOs at 22 and most of the the rest at 27 and slot them in situ as slots become available. I'll shore up with SOs or common IOs as I go (if it's for "3-4 levels" I'll use an SO, longer I'll go Common IO). Generally by level 34/35 or so that means the build becomes stronger than an SO or Common IO build but it's quite convoluted and can involve a few respecs along the way. But I enjoy that part of the game. Plenty of other people use mostly common IOs at 22 and don't worry about set build until 50. I just find that at 50 I get distracted and start an Alt so the newly minted IO Build doesn't get played as much. Really it's up to how you like playing and planning builds.
  10. I wonder what would happen if you combined "huge taunt" with the "only affecting self" flag things like Afterburner apply. Would the mobs be attracted to the taunt spot, or would the pet AI instead cause them to run away like idiots? Im betting its be the sort of "run, change my mind. No, ill run. No, but its so pretty" you see with Tank taunt auras sometimes.
  11. Cheers all. Icicles is back into the build now, took it at 44. Look isn't as bad as I feared when turned darkest navy and in amongst all the other toggle effects. I'd tried darkest grey previously and it stuck out. Also dropped GIS for Crosspunch as suggested and it's much nicer feeling, and will take an Oblit set too. Level 46 now and sitting at 44% smashing, lethal, NRG and Neg. With that, Hoarfrost, my tier 9 and Epic Hibernate available as an emergency I've found myself being the last person standing a fair few times. Yup, I know the proc chance goes down but having such a quick animating power up more often seems to make up the difference. Plus as-is I need the 3.75% smash / lethal from Kinetic Combat.
  12. Personally, unless you need the slots for an IO set I dont think youd need any of the heals 6 slotted. 4 or 5 would be my normal max (with maybe an exception fora Kin or Dark who need to get Acc in there too, or a range for Natures cone). Healing Aura is a clicky so I dont think youll need 3 end reduction in it. Also on the offchance you have it on Auto, dont have it on auto. Theres no need and the animation time can interfere with when you want to actually need to save someone with a bigger heal. Plus the constant noise of heal spam is kinda annoying 😀
  13. IO slot-wise, without going into an entire build (cos I'm hungover) I usually use 5 Doctored Wounds in my heals for the recharge IO bonus. It's not the hugest increase but probably the most cost effective (around 7.5 million for a set of 5).
  14. I was following this too but since AI and .Net arent my strengths I wasnt throwing my oar in on it. I do agree with the implied point that with Mids it may be time to tear it down and start afresh, while completely understanding how much work would be involved in such a blase sentence.
  15. Healing is nice and all but I think here youre way overslotted for heals, at the cost of your attacks. Pure healers arent needed in CoH, especially later as peoples builds mature. You have a whole secondary stuffed with Blasts for a reason. You can certainly focus more on buffs and then heals and finally blasts but effectively ignoring your secondary is going to gimp you and leave you with very little to do on a strong team who doesnt need much healing. Also recovery aura should be slotted with End Mod rather than End Red. Theres a whole post stickied at the top of this forum explaining the fallacy of the "pure healer" in CoH.
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