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Not sure if there is a thread. I searched for one but didn’t find my issue. 
I get this random black screen flicker. 
brand new PC. But when I turn everything on low it still does it. 
Even on a different computer it still has a flicker. 

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One is just a regular laptop nothing special. 

My main is Alienware R12 Nvidia 1660 super.

So Ive played around with it some more. Its not a black screen. 

Its more of me seeing thru the map. The world goes black but I can still see my toon. and any interactable objects, doors or glowies near by.

I would say its more like an xray, but its so fast it looks like a flicker. I will try to get a screenshot of it.

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Hmm, if both are laptops, then it's not very likely to be an issue with incompatible hardware.


It is normal for the "camera" to occasionally "bump" through the walls/ceiling which could create something like you describe.

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