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  1. Woohoo. I finally managed to make a donation before the window closed. 🙂
  2. I am running at 4K at well, and have only adjusted the UI scaling to 150% This works for most things, a few things are buggy and don't render properly, like the permissions UI on storage in supergroup bases. Some things will not scale, as they are loaded on a fixed pixel size from the data fles. That's a very nice guide.
  3. Yes. And the setup looks very nice and professional. Especially little things like the SMS account for 2 factor auth. You really seem to have given this some thought.
  4. It seems that the mission in the second quest line from Twinshot (level 10+) might have a bug. We needed to "talk to Grim", but the moment we entered the University we completed the mission to go to the university that leads up to that. Our tem leader got 3 rewards, the other 2team members got nothing. 2 rare recipes and one single origin magic enhancement. I think each team member was supposed to get something on completing the mission? (Mind Boggle was my team leader). [Team] Mind Boggle: You've arrived at the University. Now would be a good time to lear
  5. Yes, quite a few of my characters are Praetorians. Not sure if there are any real villains among them though.
  6. I got a new contact and was able to teleport to him. That solved the issue. I think it's still a bug though.
  7. I have gotten a new contact, and teleporting to it, does solve the issue. It's probably still a bug though.
  8. The mission mechanics, when playing them with multiple people, are often clunky at best. I really wish that CoH would do a better job there. It's one of the few things were the core mechanics are really lacking.
  9. I think I've read this 10 years ago as well. 😕 I like the idea of villains being more villainous. I haven't given your specific idea enough thought to have a detailed opinion. I would like to see things be more tied into the alignment system, and for ways to have villains and heroes play in each others zones, without it being PvP. Villains robbing the bank in Atlas, should be seen travelling there. Heroes should have a mission to help Longbow in Mercy. Maybe show how many bank robberies have been done and been prevented in an area in th
  10. Yeah. The flying broom thing would be cool. There is already a model for staff fighting, and maybe other things. It would need the character to be posed right, but there is probably a proper emote for it. (Stool sit?)
  11. Also, the new Apple silicon machines are system on a chip, which means zero expandability. Even the RAM is integrated into the CPU and fixed at 16 GB. And I fully expect them to continue on the T2 path and lock things down more and more, also on the OSX and software end. It will become a completely closed ecosystem. Given that I'm already stuck on Mojave, because of applications that are 32-bit that I need, I have no faith that such an ecosystem will serve my needs.
  12. Yes. I'm in a similar boat. I have basically decided to move back to Windows, even though it will be at great pain. But an AMD X5950 CPU with either NVidia RTX3080 or AMD RX6800XT and 64 GB of 3800 MT/s RAM is so much cheaper than even the base 2019 Mac Pro. The ASRock Creator motherboard has all the Thunderbolt 3 I need. My Mac Pro 2010 (with Xeon X5690, 32 GB RAM, PCIe SSDs, MacVidCards GTX980) was faster than anything Apple cared to sell for years . Their new Mac Pro 2019 is already going the same direction and has a horrible price/performance ratio. I haven't seen a
  13. Coalitions do not solve the storage issue, as you can't grant coalition members access to your storage. Me and my friends think that with the current game code, the easiest solution might be to add permissions to have coalition members access storage. And I think you can't have multiple SGs in a coalition on a single Global, unless you get some help from other players at least? As both of thee SG leaders need to be online to make the coalition. I think that mechanic can be tweaked to prevent an explosion of SGs and people hoarding things. I underst
  14. I think I started playing with or just before issue 21, and I don't think having capes locked was an issue back then?
  15. Being in the base and crafting stuff, is one of the main reasons to have a base, at least for me? We also really like it that we have multiple players running around doing things in the base. It makes it feel much more alive. And it makes it easy to pass things between players and help each other out. We often have crafting sessions together for an hour or two. I don't think your strategy would work for me, but maybe I am wrong. I'll explain my thinking and the current way I work, as do most of my friends. Maybe you have some advice? I think your strategy migh
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