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  1. Things are down (again). Looks like they are aware of the problems. Good luck solving the issues. I help maintain a few hundred servers myself, it can be hard to figure out such problems.
  2. I think that it's actually quite good that people are not confronted with pool powers at level 1. I had two friends who joined the game for the first time last month, and things were confusing enough. The starter zones are small. I also believe that the original developers did not give all the travel powers the same max speeds on purpose, as some are "easier" than others. Speedsters often need to take a detour and should be the fastest. Flight is the easiest and should be the slowest. Superjump and Teleport are somewhere in between. I don't know the numbers of Sorcery, Experimentation and Force of Will well enough to know if they are balanced against those, they feel more powerful and versatile, although not by a lot.
  3. I agree that the current Teleport feels clunky, but I would not want to make it into another fly power. Maybe a reverse of what Mystic Flight does. Where Teleport also gives you a form of Hover, like Mystic Flight gives you Translocation. I like that CoH Teleport is an "actual" teleport. If I think about my characters that have Teleport, it's mostly the frantic clicking before gravity takes over, and the high endurance usage that I find limiting on the power. This would solve the first problem. I think Teleport's endurance usage also needs some love, as I can't even cross Mery on a low level character before I run out of endurance, while the other travel powers have no such problem. The team teleport does seem useless.
  4. Yes. I like most of his ideas, but especially this one. I like the power pools for giving the option to make character concepts that would otherwise be hard or impossible because of how AT's are structured. Melee guy with a gun? Archer gal that likes kicking people? I want to use Force of Will attacks on a Katana wielder, to create the feel of a Force user. I would say not to limit the visual options compared to the standard AT pistol options, especially because of the role-playing aspect. For that reason, having melee weapons in Fighting or something similar, would also be cool. Might be a pain in the costume designer though.
  5. Mac's have supported right-click since MacOS 8, in 1997. There are other reasons to hold a grudge against Macs and/or Apple, but this is not one of them. (I personally do not like the keyboard of this computer, and think the Touch Bar is a really bad idea).
  6. It also seems linked to the forum reputation system. I'm not sure a facepalm should add to your reputation?
  7. It seems to be calling a drawJoinedFrame2Panel() in /Game/src/UI/uiBaseProps.c line 1454 It seems to scale the top part of this two frame panel depending on the font size/scale factor. And then it doesn't account for this in the bottom half, which gets computed as height - size of text frame. There are a couple of points where it does ht - (ty-y) My guess is that somewhere there, it needs to do a ht*sc -(ty-y) or something similar, as ty scales with sc It does something weird with the width of the window decoration as well, so maybe there needs to be a wd*sc in there somewhere as well. I'm on a Mac at the moment, and not familiar (yet) with the code, so I can't easily build and debug things myself.
  8. I had an issue with IslandRum changing the first line of /Applications/coh/islandrum.sh adding a line of garbled characters before the line the file should start with. 1) Remove everything before #!/bin/sh 2) Make the file read-only so IslandRum cannot touch it any more. This solved things for me.
  9. Here are two screenshot demonstrating the effect.
  10. I found that if you disable "automatic UI scaling" and set the scale to 100%, the UI for permissions scales correctly and does work. "automatic UI scaling" seems to set it to 150% at 4K, but the permissions screen seems to not handle something correctly, it's possible that it scales in the wrong direction and there is some kind of extra minus sign somewhere, as the panel drawn is clearly a lot smaller than the window border. But at least, that should give you a work around.
  11. I wasn't aware that "Ninja Blade" basically also is a Katana. I will have a look at that. I just made my first character with Force of Will, and that seems to fit the theme rather well too. I went the Scrapper/Stalker route because of Zapp, I know that feels very Force Lightning on my Elec Corruptor. But maybe a Katana/? Brute could work as well? Thanks for the replies and advice.
  12. That's quite a sizeable Python project. I only just joined Homecoming a couple of weeks ago, and still need to redo all my macro's. This looks to be a nice help with that. I might have a look if I can get PyInstaller to cook up a Mac version. Thanks!
  13. I'll try to make some contributions as well. I find a good wiki to be very useful for a game like this. But I'll spend most of my time finally wandering the streets of Paragon City, Rogue Isles and Praetoria again. Thanks for getting a new wiki up, Homecoming has all kinds of subtle differences with live.
  14. I added the information in this thread to the wiki. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Attuned It seemed especially the (Homecoming specific?) way the Auction House handles Attunement was not mentioned anywhere. I could not find it in any patch notes either. Maybe things worked like that on live as well, but I don't remember it did.
  15. Thanks, that does indeed have some nice builds, although it focusses more on a Jedi than a Sith.
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