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  1. It mgiht be even earlier??? GoblinBoss — Today at 5:12 PM Did you know it is sunday ? And that like every week the past year its the day that at 18.40 cest the MSR will start forming? And that if you want , you need to be in the RWZ ? Well now you know meet us there and join Muleta's Gang lag mania MSR , with MSR radio that starts at 18.30 cest on our own discord . Dont worry we will shout it in LFG many times before we start.
  2. Yeah, the game engine seems to give me occasional fps dips/stutter, especially when zooming around big areas at high speed. But most of the time it seems to hold 60 fps.
  3. I got myself a shiny new computer with a Ryzen 5900X, Windows 10 Pro, 64GB of RAM. And a Radeon 6900XT 😃 The game runs at 60 fps, maybe a little less in a Hamidon raid and some other spots. On 4K with all settings maxed, including 200% world and character detail.
  4. I found this a very interesting post to read. Thanks for all the details. I'm especially interested what you'll do in the long run for Europe, I'm still trying to recruit more people to join Reunion! How much bandwidth does a mapserver use?
  5. For my Interface slot, I'm thinking about either Reactive or Degenerative, would one or the other be better? And is it better to focus on the Radial or the Core branch? For my Hybrid slot, I'm currently trying Support. Is that an acceptable choice? it seemed to have a nice mix of defensive and offensive bonuses.
  6. I am still trying to parse all the advice. I haven't done all 50+ content yet, but so far I have mostly noticed that I'm having some trouble with some confuse and fear effects, where Regeneration does not provide a lot of protection. I was wondering if the bonuses from Clarion were significant enough for this to be an option, or that Barrier is overall a better idea to just buff my defence and resistances. Am I correct in thinking that the high Protection values that Clarion provides, are only for a few seconds, and the much longer lower protection values do not stack w
  7. so far it has been good, I've only played on Reunion, and it has been more stable than the old Union back in 2010-12. Yeah, I used to do that as well, but so far Reunion has been very stable.
  8. Could it be something else on your network, or even the connection to your ISP? What network are you using?
  9. That CPU does have Intel® HD Graphics 610 integrated graphics. The OP says he has ran it on 3 different computers, maybe he can say what the specs of the other computers are? His computer seems to be quite low end to play this game. Even my computer from 2007 beats those specs. This seems to be a very low end machine to try to play this game. What resolution are you trying to play the game at? So far I have seen the occasional drop in FPS in CoH, no matter which system I run, but it is usually just for an instant, more a stutter than a real slowdown. Assumi
  10. Somtimes it also seems to be 30-60 minutes earlier? I find it quite confusing. Seems they were already done when I came online today at 20:00 CET. it might be 19:00 CET instead?
  11. I could not find a list on this forum of regular server wide events that get organized. So I decided to make one. There are 2 that I am aware of: Saturday evening 20:00/20:30 ? CET Hamidon raids, both Hero and Villain side one after the other. Sunday 20:00:20:30 ? CET Rikti Mothership raid. Do people know any others?
  12. I think it would make character who can ghost past everything too strong. If you have trouble finding the glowies, change the sound file.
  13. Thank you for your reply. I will look at the build you propose in detail when I am at a computer with MIDs. I understand that because of the math and scaling mechanics, Regen cannot handle high amounts of incoming damage as well as a defense/resistance based build. I haven't felt weak though. I just know that I'm not as easily to be able to be a primary tank as some other power sets as the Regen math results in a quite sudden drop off from "you're fine" to "face plant", so you have to more actively manage and react to the damage coming in. Can you tell me what content you thin
  14. This sounds like you are using Dual/Single Origin enhancements in your powers, and upgrade them as you level. This is very costly, and if this is your first/only/highest level character, you are probably not having the money for it. Any character can be played solo, but you have one of the hardest. Secondly, things get a lot easier if you have money in this game, as you can buy things like better enhancements, craft things, and buy temporary powers and inspirations. But you will not get a lot of money as you level, until you get really high level. I would su
  15. I like the direction you're thinking. I like the resists. One of the fights I have had the most difficulty with, is one that gave me -50% Endurance. I like the MoG animation, but it makes it hard to time correctly, together with it's short duration. I don't know the details well enough, but keeping the animation would be nice. The interesting animations is one of the things that make CoH fun to me. I will pick powers based on what looks cool, although Titan Weapons is pushing my patience. I like the 15s untouchable, It allows for some interesting choice
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