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My First Sentinel (Powers Question)


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Basically, Energy/Rad will have higher damage and better endurance management, while Energy/Inv can be built to be extremely hard to kill.


For Rad, you get a couple ways of healing and you also get a ton of ways to manage your endurance along with what kind of functions like an extra blaster nuke. 


For Invuln, it's pretty trivial to softcap typed defenses, and you'll get capped S/L res and around 40ish to 50ish resists to the rest, so you can be quite tanky.


I'd personally pick radiation, since I think sentinel secondaries that don't boost your damage are kinda worthless since you're already banging against lower damage numbers than other damage ATs, and all the defense sets are enough to help you solo without dying like a blaster.


One thing you might consider is Energy Aura instead of Invuln if you want to be tanky - It's also easy to softcap and you can get pretty good resists with IOs (60ish to S/L, 30 to the rest), but you also get a power that helps your recharge and two that help you manage endurance. 

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