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Team Transporter Bugged Out


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Last night, two friends of mine and I ran the old Maria Jenkins story arc "A Hero's Hero" via Ouroboros Flashback.  We were all vigilante alignment.  I double checked before we started.  Team Transport was used while in Ouroboros to take us to the first mission, which worked with no problem.


In the "A Hero's Hero" story arc, there's a mission called "Rescue People from Their Shadows," which is a transit mission.  Team Transport works for transit missions.  I've even used Team Transport to take us to this particular mission before as I run this story arc fairly frequently for the Portal Jockey accolade.


However, this time: "You cannot enter the mission while on a team containing heroes and villain."


Except we were all vigilante alignment, and in a blue side zone.  In this case, Peregrine Island.  I checked for a third time after receiving that error message.  I don't even think we could start a blue side Flashback story arc if we weren't all either Hero or Vigilante alignment, although I may be mistaken on that.  In either case, this was definitely a bug as all three of us were all the same alignment.

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