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Seeking Jenny D


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Way back in the days before containment, I played a controller as my main on Champion. I almost quit CoH due to difficulty leveling and finding a team (probably a reflection on my poor player skills, not the playerbase). I met/befriended one Jenny Dangerously on Champion, who funded my SO purchases (I was level 23 or 24 at the time) and gave me the push to get my fire/rad to pet level. Suddenly, the game was fun again. I ended up playing until shutdown, thanks in large part to Jenny's generosity and friendship until the game went away.


Since CoH is back, I've asked periodically in CoH Discords and Facebook groups I frequent if anyone knows Jenny in real life and would be able to get my contact info to her so I can see what she's up to (and whether she's playing again). So, I'm posting here hoping someone knows/remembers her and knows how to contact her. All I remember about Jenny is the one-character name, Jenny Dangerously, and that she worked at that time at the IRS somewhere in Pennsylvania (maybe Pittsburgh?). So can anyone help me out? I'd love to team with her again and repay the kindness now that I'm wealthy in-game.





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