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Add contacts' names in Ouroboros preview

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I can't be the only one going through Ouroboros looking at portraits and story arc names, saying "Uhh... is that what Cadao Kestrel looks like up close? Is this face Agent G? Maybe I'll just keep scrolling... no, I guess I'll click 'Accept mission,' teleport to the contact, and look at them there to find out their name?"


Rant over.


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Refight the Trojan War and stop Arachnos in the time-traveling "Dr. Aeon and the Wrath of Achilles," 5 missions full of heroic allies and smash/lethal EBs, AE#31899!

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Heh, as far as rants go, that's pretty tame.  I second this request, though, as long as it's not some difficult, time-consuming thing for our all volunteer team to accomplish.  It would certainly be helpful to have the name of the contact by the contact picture.  I think a couple of them are named in their opening dialogue, but this would make it easier if you are looking for particular contact arc but don't recall the name of it. 



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