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Inconsistencies in Whether Commands Work


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I made a nice little maneuver to be activated by pop menu so when I play a Warshade in Human or Dwarf form, I can attack an enemy in melee range, then teleport backwards so I can get some breathing room or execute ranged attacks. An important aspect of this is keeping the character still facing the target, so I added "face" to the end, otherwise the character turns 180 degrees, which is disorienting unless I want to make a separate retreat called "Run Away" where the rotation would be a good thing since I'd keep on running in that direction. Anyway, "face" works great in Human form, which looks like this in my pop menu:


Option "&S Retreat" <&powexecname Starless Step$$powexec_location back:80 Starless Step$$face&>


So, in my Dwarf form pop menu, I added this:


Option "&S Retreat" <&powexecname Black Dwarf Step$$powexec_location back:max Black Dwarf Step$$face&>


Aside from adjusting the teleport distance (since my Dwarf form doesn't have ranged attacks, so I don't need to be within a certain distance to use any), they're pretty much the same bit of code. Imagine my surprise when using it as a Dwarf doesn't go as expected. Despite having "face" in there, my Dwarf always turns 180 and ends up facing away from the enemy. Why is the code ignoring "face" in this instance? It doesn't make any sense. The inconsistency of the effect "face" is having on my character is not an issue of compatibility between the Dwarf form and the "face" command either, because I have a simple bind that makes my character face their target and it works just fine regardless of what form I'm in.


Finding and testing for these seemingly arbitrary limitations is frustrating. It's almost as annoying as discovering that I can use bind commands in a macro that work fine if the button is activated by tray shortcut or click, but if I try to activate that macro via pop menu with a /powexec_tray command, then for some reason, all the macro's bind commands are skipped while non-bind commands are executed. Where's the logic in that? I wish there was more consistency in how the code works so it does what you expect it to.


Or how I have 6 bind files to swap between 2 groups of trays, which changes depending on what form I'm in. Every file but Kheld_T_Dwarf-1.txt works just fine and the only thing wrong with that file is the command gets printed in pink text twice in the General chat window. Is that some kind of error? The txt file contains: 

T "goto_tray 4$$goto_tray_alt 5$$goto_tray_alt2 6$$bindloadfilesilent binds\Kheld_T_Dwarf-2.txt"


And Kheld_T_Dwarf-2.txt contains:

T "goto_tray 9$$goto_tray_alt 2$$goto_tray_alt2 3$$bindloadfilesilent binds\Kheld_T_Dwarf-1.txt"


So, why does one spam my chat window with pink text and the other doesn't when the only diff is a few numbers? 

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