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  1. An update: I want to update Lua 5.1 to 5.4 but apparently doing so will break a lot of things because of all the changes made to Lua after 5.1. I'll give it a try, but it's going to set me back, which is annoying since I want to get back to adding new features. I'm not sure if I can use the latest IUP 3.30 with outdated Lua 5.1... If I can, that could solve things a lot easier.
  2. I've been working on adapting the Power Binder for use in macros too (and in the future, it'd be cool to use it for making pop menus) but haven't been able to figure out how to access a certain variable buried in the function used to create the Power Binder. Then I had to backtrack to figure out how to update the languages so I can use newer features (like add a Copy button) to do some of the stuff I want and I still need to figure out how to get citybinder.c to correctly point at the IUP libraries. It's been a long, twisted rabbit hole of research and downloads and tutorials... but I've learn
  3. Back to the original topic... Can anyone tell me if those powers work or don't work with powexeclocation?
  4. If anyone likes teleporting, here are some pop menus I use. This one is for a Teleporting character: // Menu Teleport { Title "Teleport" Divider Option "&A Combat Teleport to Target" <&powexec_location target Combat Teleport&> Option "&S Retreat" <&powexec_location back:60 Combat Teleport$$face&> // Since I plan on using this in combat, // I want the bonus that this version of Combat Teleport gives. This is for when you port right to an enemy, execute a melee attack like Sands of Mu,
  5. It does involve writing binds in a txt file, though there's a little bit of a different format, and then you bind the popmenu to a key. When you press it, a little custom menu populated with the items you put in the txt file, er, pops up wherever your cursor is at in the game. You can assign keys to each menu item that only fire when the menu is open, so when I want to teleport backwards, I hit "E" to open my custom menu, then "S" (which will not conflict with it's normal use for backwards motion) and BAM! It takes me a second to hit the keys and I TP backwards. You can find info about it her
  6. I use popmenus for my teleporting characters. For example, I hit "E" to bring up the menu, then "A" for Combat TP to target, "S" to Combat TP backwards (to jump in and out of mobs), "D" to teleport target to me, "F" to TP to target (for when target is out of range for Combat TP. Good for getting back to a team if I get separated), and "Q" for "bug out" which is max distance TP for an emergency escape. If I just want to use the normal aiming, I have the TPs in the tray so I just hit "2" for Combat and "3" for regular.
  7. I'm working on updating CityBinder and to add powexeclocation, I've been making a list of powers it works with, but some I'm not sure about. Do these powers use one of those white targeting circles? Spring Attack Soul Extraction Dark Extraction Gang War Corrosive Vial Lightning Rod Gremlins Ignite Bullet Rain Irradiated Ground Savage Leap Shield Charge Omega Maneuver Team Teleport Here's the list I've got so far (not counting Lore pets). Have I made any mistakes? Earth Quicksand
  8. I'm still working on some updates for the next version and I've been posting information on the blog at the SourceForge project page (https://sourceforge.net/p/citybinder-for-homecoming/blog/), but figured I might as well post some updates here. I started trying to hook up a "macro maker" feature, but it's a lot more complicated when utilizing elements created by functions written by someone far more experienced than me than when I was starting from scratch making the files in the CoX_Macro_Maker folder in the CB4Hv0.1 download. I'd like to add an icon selection feature for image m
  9. I've found CB very useful, even though I've manually made plenty of my own macros and pop menus too. It's so much faster to tick some boxes in order to set up a bunch of binds for stuff like controlling MM pets or consuming inspirations. I also want to use the app's Power Binder to add a feature for creating macros faster. I have a small prototype app that allows selecting from icon images to save time spent looking up the file names for image macros b/c I've personally found it to be a bit of a PITA to go looking when I make those for costume changes. It's also been an interesting challenge t
  10. For previews on future updates and other news, you can follow the project blog here: https://sourceforge.net/p/citybinder-for-homecoming/blog/ Here's the latest info: It was grueling, but I finally got my addition of camera commands to the Power Binder working. In order to avoid cluttering the command list with camera commands, I wanted to put the options under "Camera Settings." Since these commands have different ways of being written (ex. "mouselook" can be used via holding a key, toggled, set to on or off, while camera distance requires a number, while other commands just
  11. I've been working on creating a wiki to help explain some things, but it's still a WIP. You can check out the contents here: https://sourceforge.net/p/citybinder-for-homecoming/wiki/Home/ Of particular interest may be "Getting Started" and "FAQs" (which needs a different name since it's now mostly explaining features of the Profile window). "Modules" contains a page for each module-- I need to go thru each of those and fill them in, but "Typing Message", "Buffer Binds", "Ultra Binds", "Inspiration Popper" (particularly detailed), "Henchmen Bindings", and "Speed On Demand" have some
  12. I've made my first CityBind module! Camera settings will be available in the next update. Soon, I'll have to figure out how to fit all the modules I have planned since there isn't much space left for buttons if I were to continue stacking them vertically. Another problem is that I haven't figured out how to control the order in which they appear.
  13. I've finally released an update to CityBinder v0.76 since it's been years since the original was updated. CB makes it easy to create all kinds of key binds, both simple and complex multi-file ones! Updated features: ATs Powers emotes costume change emotes commands UI improvements a folder containing sample complex/simple binds you can import into your profile (teleport to/from target, activate travel powers with secondary abilities, taunt with insults, cycle through dance emotes, etc) You can download the files here: https://sour
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