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Locked out of mission doors during a Posi 2 TF


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Today was a weird one. I organized a Positron 2 TF on Everlasting and it wouldn't let me in the mission doors, everyone else was fine. I noticed that it said Architect Options above on my UI, but also it was listing me as lvl 34.


I'm lvl 50+, and I should of been exempted to Posi 2 lvl 16ish. I also wasn't on a lvl 34 team or on an AE team before hand as I made lunch and did yard work. A little confused.


I tried to take a screenshot but i must of had a setting on with no UI for the screenshot. The team finished the TF. I was awarded 15 reward merits, no badge for completion, and after the team broke apart I'm back to lvl 50+ and not tagged for the AE.


Anyone seen/heard of anything like this?


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