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CoH_VRML_EXP.DLE plugin for Max 2011?

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I been trying to figure out how to make a custom hat/helmet mesh in the game City of Heroes and to import it into the game so my character could wear it. does anyone know how i could do that? is there a tutorial for that or something?

i know only i'd be able to see it, and that's alright with me, but how do i get it into the game? 




i found this: https://wiki.ourodev.com/view/Costume_Creation_Process
seems a bit complicated but i should be able to figure it out. 




apparently i have to download a plug in from this site: https://git.ourodev.com/users/sign_in
i signed up for it and created a password there but it's not sending the confirmation email. does anyone know where else i could download the files needed? 

  • CoH_VRML_EXP.DLE plugin for Max 2011

  • ScrapYarder M, F, and/or H Master Files


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