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want to form a group we play a few times a week..


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back story i jioned this game on live thanks to my best friends(twin brothers) there older bro and all our GF at the time and we would play a few times a week on a group of toons we made just for it.. 


we did this before brutes could be hero side. 


so i was the tank

we had 2 defenders (if i remeber right) a cold and sonic

2 controller

1 blaster

2 scrappers



id love to make a new team. we meet a few times a week the full 8 of use and work our way through anything we feel like that day.


(ill admit i cant used speak app. old pc.)


but anyone willing we will work out times and who wants to play what role.


i do want 2 defenders or corrupters 2 controllers or doms(prefure controllers cause if you mix the fenders and controller buffs we can have tons of def and resist without sets. MM are cool also) NOT SET IN STONE!!


im up for any team of any making. wanna live the good old days and make new friends


im down to be the tank or brute agian. do love the play style. but if someone loves it more im ok with that

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