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  1. wanna go back to my love of stone.... but unsure of what toon. my first was a stone/ice tank loved him. but as a solo now alot(random hours plus lag probs) i plan an makig him a teleport agian cause it helps lol
  2. inf isnt a problem have like 700 mil to work with. the tank kinda draws me in cause my main on live was a stone/ice tank was thinking stalker or brute. let her have the dps an drop my inf into making it hard to take down
  3. so my step kid wants me to make a triple ice/cold... toon... i want it to be able to own 3/8 when she plays but be able to o 4/8 when i play (like the pushing my limits) no idea what to make. my goals are s/l def 45% and decent res. i can probly get her to accept say dark armour if i make it blue and white. but she wants an ice toon
  4. rockroom

    a few MM Qs

    ill start off by saying my first 50 on live was a robotic/ff(currently in process of remaking for old time sake) 1) someone baby me through how to set up number pad keybinds... no idea how to i did it all by clicking on live... 2) whats a good follow up to r/ff dont mind combo love MM for a long time 3) someone explian to me how /kin works on MM.. does it boost my pets or just my attacks..and is it probly a best played in team only build?? 4) this isnt a MM Q more of a i suffer from lag.. im on everlast and i get lag spikes.. would say transfers to touch who tends to have a healthy but less people on help?? 5) agian non MM Q. i tend to farm atm using 2 accounts both with a lvl 50 and try and double up on inf by having a stalker afk as my rad/fire does all the work. this a good idea or should i just run my brute
  5. ty for your input ill take it to mind. ill just keep farming and wait for more. wanna make a god lvl fender
  6. my first and much loved toon on classic was FF/sonic but i was in a team with 3 friends we built around it. sonic/ - seems like a good one cause most people aim for def not res. so i would help people. rad/ always loved it never used it kin/ had a fire/kin troll as a farmer on live. like to do a mix up of it posion/ cause i know nothing about it. but hear good things storm/ seems like a solid dam option no idea the /??? lean towards fire but that is my default for all my toons so wanna change it up. i have 600mil atm to work with. ill keep farming tell with your help i can find my combo and build (p.s currently i use to accounts with 50s with xp turned off in a group to double my drop and inf drops. this a good way to run things?)
  7. so corruptor seems pointless cause its whole thing would be useless with how easy kin can hit dam cap(unless im wrong) defender seems ok but agian hits cap so easy. troll seems best but i dont want to be a nother fire/kin
  8. if someone can clean up my fail that is me at mids. p.s any hints on incarn would be much loved | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1475;650;1300;HEX;| |78DA6593594F13611885BFA1536BD9DA4AA120940A95AEB494456F55760D2424126| |F4903034C52DBA62D895EFA4784C8AA182F8D7AA3FE0E0534DEA92CEA0FC0B7734E| |81D049274FE77CEF72BE6DFAC968FD9B89677794E61EC9A48BC5B9915CB654C8653| |246C13E9D5E32E755F971C81B3C1FA90425EF67322B453397AD085D176286571617| |93B3E663636E3A9D35F32B9974492255C34C4E12C7CDA5E592995DAAB7BEA68C745| |E3E6AAD8F8779C3587055F405A3505C36F39EB1BC392F598572B562C9283C6D154B| |21795735C5E75457A91AA5FA7555D34B26C02B49F06A1FF8DC2BE11A735E6B9616D| |E0563DBE40E987809AE694C911C6D92F546C1DA31721C6C9C00D7A48F0D7D6CB60F| |D0F4B7E43B7A7B4FAFB2C676D6B7C7A02542605F988C9051705D6A3B505F399AE17| |3557A3AA9391FC89FB0AE5AA4761DB49A3AC6D57B493768939806E6350CD82CED85| |D472D1936B179AFB15B9055EDF2677C04DA9E1618EE71F7C5E3B264FC0963FE45FA| |E85F46EA2BF26FAF3D29F97FED6C54B33EB368FA257E75DF21E390CDE1801BBA5AE| |8F757D716569AD97E8939836D4556D36F8D9905EEDCC6BA79F0EFAE9A09F2D819F7| |EFC07D0825FC09B5FC93D721F2C1FAD0072EC811F3ABCEE494FBFF03BD8B54F1E90| |DF408FF8ECA6A76E7A0AD253B0E2497CF7F05CF704B006A12EB283F483E14EEE97E| |4445837F2597A35E92AFA89FC086E48689C738DDFC61AF50E9083E410CFEC2D7053| |72923CFBC9F226C81CFA7BB1E697B921C329EE41AAB2DEFAD9BD969F3CE50215E53| |456359AAA52FAAB94C12A65A84A99AA5266F4B39BAF344B71BAE55ED3C9AC8C3A39| |EAB4460F6B259E37494B6086C717B54798E1D1452D82B893734DD78E70421A7F82E| |15F60F437183B04FF033714E721| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  9. so basic info i have 375mil inf to work with. probly more by the time i hit 50 with him. ill wing his build till i ding 50. i tryed to have some psi def/res and avioded purple IOs. but up to see a build with them. may just need to farm alot to make it happen. yes i know stealth is pointless but just want it over hasten tired of hasten in every build. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1496;660;1320;HEX;| |78DA6594DB6E12511486F73083480B05E45CA01468390A827A6FA2ADA62D286DD5D| |B06DB298C2540002BB49AD87B2F3446E3E1DA5BAF7D0C8F8FE1E10D7039EB079A0E| |C9E49B59FB9FB5BFBD6786CA60C5F6E9D6C93521D96F346BBDDECE76BFD63C50BBE| |64AADAEEDCA827E163AE651DEA9A84D552DACB6D46E7DC817D1F1D08ABAAFB67A6A| |61AD75F8A84981DA03ADA9F587C25E6DB79B859B5ABDD1D75A75977E4519ADA771C| |0A157CA6A6D4FEDF61A5AC736BEEE503CB8DAD1760BD7DB7B345BADD757BBC3B161| |80B4D274BCB20AFC46B2A812E28A503699E7B7C06DE65A6A923509AF24444911250| |FE864BEA67E92A467CCD24F59AFCDFC00BF302F7C05BF31E7BF33D7A9BFCCF74AF2| |65AE297E2A4414B14163661E339933749252C4B934B8C47C43735B30B7E5A9C2BD9| |F301706E0103C622E1E33257A4EBC1523C97A82353D63DA696C1673CF62DD36ACDB| |8675CB94B1236387DF1CFCE6E0F7392384031907324E649CC8BC2309177B985DC78| |21D8FC04366EC313800874C1739B8D1DF0D4F0F3C3DF0BC4DFBE845C60B071F1C7C| |70F0511F3F327EDC1F40BF00FA7C20CF203C83073C7FE22173691FAC830D665263D| |E218710F75742E81BC63C61F4BFE402DD4C3F3945783E11914D7AED3D3944E11085| |43120E4938A4E09082430A0E557288638D713824E0908083420F621999E5973C67E| |60533FB9C69A14C1AEF5C1A99EC994CFE1EF7CB6F624D5BCC3239E4D85FC92DF2FB| |7E310C46C005663E8A6F86F6A1C0F389428CD7F296F6A188BD29E6B8165226DFEA2| |83C3DFF7F391A898DEC74346B182D1A2A2543E58AA172D550291B2A55AA48A8487A| |C5EAA46F1E267795C93728ACFAE8AF99C9BF09F27FA6159314E33D31DDE7FD34ADF| |3FBFBDB70D7DFD3779D7992193CA58FA7F6E41F09D5E62B| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  10. so the walls of text just confused me more then anything lol. if one of you cna maybe give me a bot/dark and bot time with at most the class IO,s ill use that.. this was my first atempt at a build.. i like demons more the bot. but have a soft spot for bot cause my first 50 ever in the old days was a bot/ff
  11. there no way these numbers are right... and tbh dont know how to check pets numbers in mids | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | [code]| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1572;721;1442;HEX;| |78DA6594CB4F535110C6EFE5DE026D415ADA427953905781DA0AAE4D14303190A03| |CD415A950E0267D85B689AE14FD0F5CE8DE85468D2E5CF820C640E27BAD828A60DC| |E323A23B5387FB7D691B7BD3E63767E6CC9C99398FB1734315F78E2D1F5654C7D16| |838959A190BA7D291A598119FB38C85178C5965EF2B937F7DDE32339189C512F1C0| |C9C4D944DA984DF90A4C4732F3F38149231691487123998986D34622AE548E2712D| |1C088B1B09836E20B768CA27BC32A531E8D84E7224BA945236933C713C94864AE71| |3869CC060AD74D64A2CCF0BC57720AC87FC5A2F0CB5A94DD124509E94AC9576193F| |08B668E4B37C92DB07C1B5CF7889B4ADFFBAAA9F3DF504DDFBE9B18F7DF216F91B7| |C10DF155E15BA24E41577E02B44D08BB74E583CCD13047D3569093FE887C0CDA1E8| |04FA40E0BE62A965E057594A1F77BBAB21EE8ACA2B0729ED583F59E8AAF9D75D84F| |EBA6AEE20C3909EE9B22A741C72950937895F4ADAC45ED8E83E84FDF0019044335B| |087BCA02EBE55EC411573A976930EF093F4C0891A34E7066A6D7D4BBE037DEF41A7| |C473319E8BF1DC8CE766BC3699E3E11C0FFB54F31F3765CD5AAE59CBB5BC5CCBCBB| |5EAD7C155E95D1DCF4FDD6BD459FF0ADCFF8C7C4EBE003B5F829F659D06E4A23730| |BF46E6DDC8BC7D4EB21AFC283E4DDCBFA61DC459931C5AA86B610DAB626AE3D9693| |B04DFF641324886C02D89D9C13DEC5893BA5C92A3AA99F57596825D25A4465AC06D| |F1EDA66FF71F9C899EDFE40FF227E8FF45EE8276D98B5E9ECFDE76E4FDA342EE257| |B12B88CFC0E5C202F92CB60E812582171828C13FCCBFEE9B97B2D3FF9147F912658| |A4091569068A3483459AD122CD989E7B19B2E33A45B1AAA6D5EA907B0D4D76EF7A5| |969B59AD61D5BEE6550D47E74E5BBADE0B5F061D79BA75169F371BC16DF0AFDBAD9| |CD42BF6B78DD9AAF80AD57C1217F2EFBECB0C876CA23FEDCC9CEBE912B18623D2E7| |75E7EE8CACB770BE4EB6D79F91F8D2302EF| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| have 300mil so this is within what i can afford.. but is this real or am i missing something. cause god dam
  12. map 133 is the S/L version of 125
  13. cool ty. your build not that far off mine. but better. still new to mids.
  14. if anyone can improve on this plz do. trying to dodge purple IOs and class/event IOs. pretty sure this is solid but unsure | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1504;648;1296;HEX;| |78DA6594C97212511486EFED6E4426213226010224416446E3DA5263DC84AA94C31| |ABB421B5A29A018347163596E2DCBE12174E5CED98D8FE02B38AE1C36AEC9A1CF9F| |60D1B7AAEBEBFB9FE19E737AA8EFAE7B5F5EBA7F5648CF85B63E1834CEF74743C35| |1D777CC6D55D072D2B568898DBAD1368CF265BD69EA43B3DBE17D8C6DEBC60DA333| |30CA1BA6D1DF6B9C1BF575E1DBEA76DB24ECB4866667C76FED360DBD69F4072DB3E| |73DD8F7C8E8B636577A86D10C5FEC99DB651C386AD4F5C19032C6A88A025D0FB302| |6B2C449A50D3C4ABC9565A9A22D6A4A56955B0C67C3D71611F4DDEE5B823B7C13BC| |CA3BBE01EF30D41E5B354F514E77123AF1B79BD2BEC2B694C0EF6958E07B0DD63CE| |91CDC967ABCE306BC7426080B9805EDE125CE8C515A19B8426025130C68C503E0FF| |B480FF21D4F72BC4A361FD7A1F8308B386A4EA2668D7CFC9885FF201EE7C750D702| |EA8A23EF139AFB1CC738E630BF34E697C6FC9631BF65CC2FFF491122A889F7B40D4| |AD5EA3F58605B6886B1143343B585D17F18B6C80CDF11A2F0899E416FE835895E9F| |52BDF37876F30ED59A5B4D820AA8323F4CDE70CC6311BDA5D05B0ABDA5D05B1ABD3| |DA6FC09CEAF25DA0AF7DD62AE98E04DF016F319C52C61864B38278B73B238278B73| |4ECCCCF03A959A416CE6A7CA3E3FC02FCC935FC16FE077E6478A5AE558B18A19EA6| |4CA215F0EF9F2C85744BE22F21591AF847CCFE9052B20B680D812624B88AD20B682| |D80A621FD10CCAA8A58C5AA2F4CCABF8A6AB39D6E2DA7FDFF99896C8DB94AA4DA9D| |994D33665CDA66C4C14796DA28C376DD62D0D3F1752A4A5B80287FF85F155B2BA60| |7559D65FEEC33F0DFCFFD894DF36E5EF545124BE056586FF2204F6E1150C4D85CFC| |1E9FD8BCCF47E1F5FADF745| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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