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  1. only real downside to shield is learning to use a teleport skill. (gives me motion sickness.) but still love it
  2. i ended up building 2 therm toons im happy with. after talking to some people ingame in my SG and in the TF i was runing. therm seems way more preferred over sonic.(with some TF expectations) now its down to one of these 2. so its down to thermal/sonic. towns of - res. or therm/dark add "def" to team ill admit i dont know what key powers are for ether 2ndary so i took a shot at what would help a team. tryed to aim for S/L def out side of my nukes dont realy plan on going into melee and there no resion i should be getting shot at i
  3. so mains are 1) thermal 2) sonic both do alot for a teams even at end game since most people aim for def soft caps and res is lacking. one offers -res all the time while other well make EB and AV melt. 2ndarys are 1)sonic 2)rad 3)dark sonic i know will drop res easly. rad my SG mat swears by so giving it a chance and dark would add -tohit to make up for the lack of def i add.. I 90% of the time team. thanks to an active SG that always leveling new toon. only time i solo is when im on at a weird time
  4. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1531;731;1462;HEX;| |78DA6593C94F137114C77FBF992995522C95B6400B941690A5ED14FC07086131B22| |8096743C632A14DB06DDA9AE8D19B47351A2F8272733FB9E172302E7F81060F9E3D| |A8088A4B5C487D9DEFEB9238C9CCE7FDDEEF6DBF37EF377B72DC79E7E0E911215D6| |3CB463EBF309E399E4A1B854CCE3E9F4899E984294A8F9DDE60656B612C932EE432| |CBFA84912B24CBAB9AFDD17CDE38B15CD0275366EE5479E53E944E9A39335DD0CB8| |2632E4341E6B3A6B9E8B4C419D3C8A6D24B8DD66232B5942CD0CA55DE5A3473F964| |2
  5. so i rolled like 5 doms.. i fell in love with my earth/earth anyone got a cheap 50 build.(only lvl 32 long way to go) but i would like to invest in the toon having alot of fun.
  6. https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1508&c=697&a=1394&f=HEX&dc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
  7. help me out with a plant/thorn build?? SG mate said dark/dark(he is helping me with build) ill play both. get a feel for the class
  8. so i want to try one soo bad.. but I'm used to the endless blue bar off blasters or the cant kill nature of tanks. dom is outside my confort zone. not the dam of blasters. not the cant kill nature of tanks. but you can do crazy dam and be hard to kill by using other ways. doing a first time dom. what top ones you say to wet my toes with. i do love when im teamed with a earth troll/dom so open to one. same as thanks to who made me fall in love with this game let me roll around with his grav/storm so grav has a place in my heart
  9. yeah i think only MM are lower hp. so you cant take many hits. so building your def and res up early on helps alot.
  10. widow works also.. just good how low that hp
  11. i have never hover/mf killed.. but have 7 costume with wings i waaaant to use soo badly... ok the basic i hope for are -solo from 1-50 decent(will TF cause there fun) -can solo some av/tf/gm one dsay(p2w items to help ok) -something new to me. play tank/scrap/blaps and my farmer extra info -self funded.. so no farmer help at all(with 500mil bonus when i ding 50 lol) -plan on turning xp on and off as i go to finish zones. -open to make a few and find my one or two (have 22 tanks, play 3 99% of the time so yeah)
  12. simple one and strong in teams is ice/storm -recharge tanks love you and /storm gives you even more dam. seen a dark/kin just reck everything. but its alot of work to do so. but the -hit helps with the lack of def kin gives past heals. DP/time (same as i said in your fender post) just watch the vid there and pic the one you feel fits you.
  13. above. forgot to tag you sorry think of him as warping time. to just know what the enemy will do before even they do,.
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