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PSA: Channel Everlasting TFs is at capacity


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A few days ago the channel Everlasting TFs hit the cap of 2500 members (and appears to be the first channel on Homecoming to do so).  While normally this would be a cause for celebration, 2500 is apparently a hardcoded limit in how CoH handles chat and cannot be easily raised without creating new problems.  So, we are setting a timeout on the channel to remedy the situation.


If someone has not logged in for 2 years they will be automatically removed from the channel, but they are free to rejoin if they decide to log back on afterwards.  If you know someone that hasn't logged on Homecoming in a very long time, they can use /chanjoin "Everlasting TFs" to get back in (or right click Chat Window -> Channel Search).


If the channel keeps hitting capacity after this, we will lower the inactivity limit overtime to ensure there is always room in the channel for new users.


Thanks to all who run raids and content on Everlasting!

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@Veracor - Veracor, Bio/TW Tanker on Everlasting.


Everlasting raid leader, Hamidon main tank, iTrial main tank -- hit me up if you have questions!

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