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Master Accolade Guide (4 Passive and 4 Activation)


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Along these lines, I have a popmenu I made a few weeks ago that helps to find all of the exploration badges for the passive accolades.  Pretty sure it has them all...  Its fairly small, so doesn't have multiple submenus ad infinitum.  I was able to get a flying carpet, and zip my level 2 around and get all of them in about 10 minutes, although I didn't time that run.  I'd pop through the base, zone, and set the marker for that particular zone.  Really easy.


To install, put this file in your [game directory]/data/texts/english/menus folder.  As I understand, if you are in a different language, your folder will be your language.


Once you restart your game, you will have a popmenu that you can access by typing:


/popmenu accolade


If you prefer not to go from keyboard to mouse, and would rather have a clicky macro, you can type:


/macro X "popmenu accolade"


Which will give you a macro button with a "X" on it and will open up the menu.  It doesn't really matter what you call it, so substitute your preferred macro name if you wish.  Delete it after you have them all, unless you want to guide people to badges/plaques.


This popmenu will be available for all of the toons on your account, and you can access it at will.


Hope it help!






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I didn't realize someone else had already created an accolade menu. I created one of my own for the accolades that I am interested in, with explorations in hero and villain zones. The zip file is attached. Enjoy.


Edit: Updated coordinates of a couple plaques, as a workaround for waypoint issues on the map.




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Updated zip file. Now combined into one .mnu file.
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