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DB/ Rad scrapper

Cold Hard Cash

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I like the rad secondary a lot I have not paired it with DB in fact I not played DB since live when I was running DB/EA been working on other projects.


My 50 scrappers right now are DM/SD, Katana/Rad and Titian/Bio I have a retired fire/rad 50 currently working on Mace/WP and Ice/SD


DB is in a solid spot DPS wise still and /Rad is a great secondary IMO and it will work just fine paired together

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FlashBack to old days: Pinnacle

Langar Thurs-Katana/SR 50; Hejtmane-DM/DA 50

Rogue Spear-Spines/DA 50; Hypnosis-Ill/Rad 50

Sir Thomas Theroux-DM/SR 50; Melted Copper-Fire/Shield 50; Byzantine Warrior-DB/ELA 50; Blade Tempo-50 DB/EA

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