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  1. Regen was at it's best when IH was a toggle and they where used as the tank for Hammi but that was a different era of coh
  2. Fire/shield is fast paced
  3. Ok looking at the set the and the dpa you need lots of recharge and you want to skip bash dpa Pulverize 75.27 Jawbreaker 73.72 clobber 163.33 shatter 67.34 this is the one to help it is good enough to put in the chain and since it is a 45 degree arc you can slot furry of the gladiator -res proc that will help some with the issue as while.
  4. Bio Armor is good a lot stronger with IO sets Kin is a good set but there are preference issues with kin on live it became know as jazz hands for its animations and the set really lacks that big hit feel overall it performs the task and the overall damage output is really good but from a play style and animations some dislike. I fall in the latter camp I tested it in beta and played it live I even got into the 40's on level but it was just meh to me.
  5. Ea scarpers have a taunt in the aura it is weak I played one on life and it had the taunt I was able to tank a tf with the aura
  6. I know the sets strong but it felt so clunky to me playing TW. Then again that is a personal preference issue not that the set is over or under powered issue.
  7. Do you have the link to the details
  8. I saw having to manage active defense no you don't with /sr and /shield etc etc you shift + left click and set for auto recharge when you hit 2 SO's with recharge you are perma
  9. Scrapper Secondaries OK I am going to break these down by several categories because they play different some scrapper sets have taunt auras so you can and do pull aggro some sets are stronger than others; non taunt aura sets and non taunt aura no Knock back protection. I also like to note a lot of the discussions on this form about builds if you read them later are about high IO builds and squeezing as much as you can out of the build for primaries and secondaries scrappers on these forums while lets say we get scrapper lock even when not fighting the enemies Taunt Aura Sets Bio Armor: Note I only play this a little on dev system it never made live and I have not played it yet here to but the basics is a clicky (any time you here clicky set a lot of pro active mitigation required) has some flexibility with adaption; we call these type sets layered protection resistance/regen/ type defense active clicks for regen Shield: This is probably the best secondary for boosting your damage note any two handed weapon set does not work with shields katana/staff etc layered positional defense/resistance /-damage status protection is a click so not permanent until higher levels with recharge put in most just set the auto click and you just need two slots and SO's for perma and the thing that makes it so popular damage buff aura and shield charge. No heal or regen from the set but this is still my favorite secondary Invulnerability: Old school still rock solid as always resistance/type defense based with dull pain heal + max HP increase also has + to hit not as popular as it was back in the day; not a s flashy as the newer stuff but is still rock solid of a set. Radiation Armor: Resistance/regen can be clicky with two main powers and one of the clicks has -regen then an aura that gives -tohit and a small recharge bonus I liek this set but I will clarify some things about the sets at the end. Energy Aura: type defense/heal/recharge bonus and endurance /- endurance power this set is weird it has a weak taunt aura (compared to the above sets) for the recharge and stealth I skip the stealth because I want the taunt to be more effective this is another set I enjoy Will Power: Resistance/type defense/regen/extra endurance this is the set we call set it and forget it set may be the most robust secondary for scrappers the taunt aura is weaker compared to the others people have accomplished a lot of dumb stuff with this secondary. Non Taunt Aura Sets Electric Armor: resistance based/heal/- endurance power to refill the endurance bar has a dot damage aura i found the set underwhelming Ice armor: type defense/heal+max hp/-dmg/slow/-recharge this set also has a damage aura but later in the build than most. Chilling embrace does not have a a taunt aura but can draw aggro this can cause problems early levels sometimes in a group just be aware of that since you get it at level 4. Super Reflexes : positional defense/scaling resistance best debuff resistance in the game like shield has a click mez protection see above notes +recharge and + run speed in quickness really need all the secondary powers but elude; easiest set to softcap use to be my favorite secondary until shields and I can no longer play scrapper sets with out taunt auras Ninjitsu: positional defense/toxic resistance/heal a lot like SR with utilities in the set no scaling resistance and ddr is not as good but still similar play style Regeneration: Regen/heal more regen and more heals/extra endurance this is probably one of the most clicky sets now (was different in the original days some stuff use to be a toggle) this set runs this line of alive or dead on the health bar is the best way to describe the set.; one can say the weakness of the set is tons of mobs it can be overwhelmed real easy by them but it plays fine and is the favorite of quite a few people. No Taunt/No Knock Back Protection Dark Armor: The utility tool box of the scrapper world. Resistance including the best psi resistance/ stealth and control with cof or gloom I use to use gloom but switch to cloak of fear only because it also has a -tohit debuff has damaging aura a great heal that does rely on hitting mobs needs IO's or acrobatics to fill lack of KB protection Fire Armor: resistance/heal/best damage aura and burn the issue with scrapper since fire lacks a taunt aura the burn patch under performs because the mobs run out of the patch due to fear unlike brutes maybe the worse secondary for scrappers because of that its power is in extra damage but the mobs run from the damage head bang. In fact the best paring for fire is probably the ice primary because of ice patch + burn is good. Also the KB hole plug required like Dark Armor These are some extra notes on scrappers secondaries to consider At high end of play most prefer defense it is easier to cap and remember on resistance based only sets we are capped at 75% resistance and a smaller Hit point pool compared to brutes/tanks That is why you see the post about high IO investment and getting the s/l defense to at least 45% or close even with out ddr because it helps take it over the top against 90% of the content. That is not to say it is all bad it just depends on what level of play you are going for if you are just running regular missions in groups you would never know the difference and take whats fun if you want to take it into the stratosphere of play while then the build becomes different . I hope that helps with some basics
  10. I will post on the stuff I know some sets I do not know enough about (note a lot of us on this forum do max builds) Primaries I can speak about Katana: really good single target ok aoe I use flashing to get cone for early level aoe some skip it all preference. Gamblers Cut always take as your first attack if you stick an Achilles proc in it you can get -res on the bad guys doing more damage. Divine Avalanche is an attack it gives you +def when it hits to melee and lethal you can mix it into your attack chain to be more survivable as it requires. Rock solid set from top to bottom and utility Broad Sword: Worse version of katana but can be used with shield but overall most people see it as the step child to Katana but is still playable Claws: is generally consider a really fun set smooth and fast; the aoe spin is really good and the attack chain uses follow up which buffs the other attacks instead of having build up a lot of people have been fans of claws for a long time Dark Melee: really good single target got a slight boost on shadow maul for aoe but really lacks a great aoe but heals itself as part of the attack chain you can use soul drain and dark consumption as aoe attacks workable but not some amazing omg damage Dual Blades is really good set and you can just use the attack vitals chain and hit really good dps and the finisher is an aoe I personally also take typhoon edge because I like the extra aoe attack 1k cuts and nimble slice are skip able. Now you can crank up the dps but using a lot and I mean a lot of recharge and not use the attack vitals chain but that is for the guys that love to push the dps to the ultimate edge but not needed. Oh and the set looks really flashy Electric Melee: Great aoe and I mean stupid amounts of aoe really really bad single target damage; but man paired with shield and shield charge can be a blast in a large group and tons of mobs Fire Melee: Damage more damage flexibility in attack chains that are really close together Fire Circle Sword is a great aoe burn baby burn (One of my favorite sets for just raw power) Martial Arts: Kind of in the middle some where the cool thing pretty sure it has not changed you can use a 4 attack chain no worries about a lot of recharge and you can skip eagle claw think it was Arcana on live that crunch all the numbers on MA but basically storm kick> crippling axe kick >cobra strike> crane kick {basically cobra and crane are interchangeable} is all you need for your ST chain dragons tail is consider pretty underwhelming but an aoe Radiation I only played for a bit but it played a lot like Dark Melee with an eventual paboe pay off in atom smasher never made it that far like I said felt a lot like playing Dark Melee I have gotten 3 dark melee characters to 50 in COH Spines is a fun set; single target got a boost when Barb Swipe was re done on live so way better single target then it use to have; quills ripper and throw spines are glorious fun aoe Kinetic Melee also know as jazz hands I wanted to like the set a lot it does good single target damage but I think what it lacks is that hit that makes you go heck yea some people love the set but it plays and feels like I kill you with 1000 little stings hope that makes sense Titian weapons I have not played it much I gave up on it real quick it felt to clunky for me. Yes the set is all the rage for damage etc but I really did not care for the momentum mechanic myself. I have not done Battle Axe or Mace but they seem pretty straight forward weapon attacks with knock downs, up and in mace case stuns Psionics have not played but some people say late game it can really suck when you start hitting all the robots may have to get better info from some one that has played the set Savage and Street justice I can not help out on either hope someone else can chime in on those sets Ice is another I can only tell you Ice path is funny when dropped in a room of minions Secondaries I will have to wait for another day and will be a separate post in this thread
  11. The best way to look at single target is damage per activation to try and find out what you want to try and use on those pesky bosses Here is the basic break down of the attacks by dpa for staff and on bosses/av the goal is to use the higher dpa attacks as often as you can on them they die faster. I like to note using guarded spin on a boss may reduce damage output but remember you get a defense buff which can be worth the the trade because you increased your survive ability in the fight so this is just looking at things in the bubble at raw power just be aware status effects can be worth a trade off. These are eh base #'s Name Damage Activation DPA Mercurial Blow 57.81 1 57.81 Precise Strike 90.84 1.13 80.39 Guarded Spin 81.16 1.83 44.35 Eye of the Storm 84.65 2.57 32.94 Serpent's Reach 123.9 1.77 70.00 Innocuous Strikes 114.2 2.17 52.63 Sky Splitter 189.9 2.83 67.10
  12. hejtmane


    I have not done claws but I have done db/ea in the past and EA is a very good set and I have always liked the secondary
  13. @InvaderStych Thanks I am always looking for little tweaks to make it better; I like to be able to solo AV's before incarnates so i try and run this fine line of as much dps as I can and survive ability; i wanted my katana/rad to be a little more resilient.
  14. Sorry I just now saw this I have a fire/rad at 50 he is IO out; no incarnates and I took him on a couple av runs soloed the av's just fine the goal is to get your smash/lethal defense to 45% or better this will help you through the majority of the content. I pulled all his IO's the other day I am leveling two new scrappers that are becoming my primaries to play. My new rad is katana/rad . I can post those two builds one that I was running at 50 and my eventual planed build. There should be room to tweak IO's etc . Note I ran ground zero on my fire one but I am going to skip it on katana build it's a nice power just pointing that out it is not about the power being bad just decided to skip it on katana. katana/rad http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1453&c=691&a=1382&f=HEX&dc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ire/rad http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1456&c=684&a=1368&f=HEX&dc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