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  1. Why I can no longer play scrapper sets with out a taunt aura after playing shield when it first came out I never been able to go back to scrapper secondaries without a taunt aura
  2. MY favorite is shield so my first was shield I liek EA had two on live I just had unfinished business with a katana/wp and my play time goes up and down not been able to play the last three weeks I recommended EA all the time
  3. On my katana/WP I took flashing steel for low levels and it is a decent filler for aoe on teams while lotus drop is recharging; if I had a damage aura I would have skipped flashing
  4. I been using those too as much as possible for a while know I always take the Body mastery pool so I been dropping Panacea there most the time and as soon as the power transfer heal came out I put it in my builds; I guess I was a little ahead of the curve
  5. You maybe able to do staff and make it glowing to look like the dual sword
  6. Energy Aura could work as while depends on how you see the sith and most powers can have the tint changed not sure how much for the one you are asking about but yes he has several options.
  7. My only thing is I can not play /sr scrapper any more; I am addicted to taunt auras and EA has one kind of weak compared to some but has one in entropic aura and scrapper /sr none
  8. How about the Kinetic melee jazz hands as suggested above and go with Energy Aura as the secondary you get faster recharge with enemies around it is a defensive set easy to soft cap all positional but negative energy, has a heal. This should be on the theme for your concept
  9. I 4x slot more for damage an IO bonuses and it works great as a mini nuke or if you need other IO set bonus leverage that part as while. Personally I use it as a nuke; bonus when I am in a group they get healed.
  10. May be double the current build sits at 34% e/n and 38% f/c time to play with IO's I guess
  11. Those are easy enough to skip with a good IO build. i really liked EA but as you see I got one to 50 in the old days when I remade my katana character I had some unfinished business with a level 28 katana/wp i never finished so that is my new project
  12. They will both do fine I played with both back on live Dark Armor you need acrobatics or IO's or combo deal with no Knock back resistance. The set is resistance base and you really still want to get softcapped s/l. The best scrapper set for Psionics and you have an option of cof or OG to help mitigate damage from minions. Energy Aura is a defensive set easy to cap everything but negative energy has a +recharge to help your attack note the set has a taunt in that aura weaker much like Will Powers in that power. I personally skipped the stealth power but that is an option They both have heals Dark Armor can be an endurance hog but can be worked around Energy aura less endurance intensive and an endurance renewal pbaoe Energy aura easier to add 5 LOTG's for global recharge ; Dark Armor has an aoe damage aura The end of the day it really comes down to preference they both work and work fine. I am to the point I would personally take energy over dark armor as a scrapper and I use to love dark armor had two level 50's DA on live in the old days.
  13. My maxed out into incarnte build is my dm/sd and carnies are a chore and Circle of thorns can be a chore with those earthquake mages gerr. ON Devouring Earth the crystal ones can get you chewed down with debuffs and the stone one make everything hard to kill. The Crystal is the most dangerous
  14. For me what it meant when I was playing on live I could set my mission at +4/x8 and solo most of the content and never worry about that setting; and that was before incarnates. Much like Werner said some groups just give you fits and slow you down and some AV's are just your kryptonite and have to be fought as EB's. Then add in inspiration makes it easier and incarnates make it even easier. Now; I do modify the settings depending on my goal if I am just clearing something for speed or farming I change the settings for efficiency but generally once I get my IO's maxed to a point I can just set +4/x8 and not blink most the time.
  15. If I remember correctly eagle claw can be skipped and the highest dps chain did not use eagle claw but it has been a long while someone else maybe able to confirm but I am pretty sure that is still the case
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