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  1. my dm/sd solos most AV's no issue stupid psi My katana/Rad solos AV's and solos ITFs kata/wp can cruise through a lot of av'S On live my main AV killer was fire/sd and fire has fallen to the wayside in today's coh On live my DB/EA chewed up a lot of av's A lot of scrappers sets with the right type of build can solo av's
  2. I took my Katana/Rad solo on the ITF and it was fun only had my alpha slot and it was level 1 when I decided why not since it is my favorite TF. I crushed it and it was so much fun taking out the computer with all the robots on me and I just ignored them and took down the computer pretty sure that was my favorite part.
  3. Ice melee/pick one I did shield but now you are a scrap troller laying down ice patch and doing what ever you want
  4. You should so go Kinetic melee bahaha I jest I jest. I have not played EM yet but I do have a mace/wp and it is very crunchy with big hits
  5. My issue with Ice armor is I am mainly a scrapper and no taunt aura on it so I am limited to all the better sets than ice armor /bio, /sd andf Rad are still miles better than ice armor on scrappers. Ice does not really come off any better than EA or Invul or WP my other options with taunt aura so no reason for me to go outside those sets as a scapper ever. I built a tank recently but Dark Armor pulled me in I played two /da's on live before ED, IO's or incarnates I know crazy. On ice melee I can see a lot of people quit with the early levels it can be rough going w
  6. If you bid an honest price you probably get IO's cheaper heck I became a marketer about 2.5 weeks ago and I have amassed 4 billion influence in that time. I am not in the habitat of losing money. Depending on how my conversion go I list all my rares at 500k and 1mil and they sell for what they sell for but I have had tons of rares never sell at 500k a fair price for a rare when it cost you 500k for a orange salvage so is it us greedy bastards or people not bidding a fair price. I don't let things sit forever I am a high volume guy; if it does not sale I pull it converter it to a high ticket
  7. Look in the last three pages were all the updated builds are listed
  8. I soloed the entire ITF with a Katana/Rad scrapper with only my alpha slot and it was at first level agility boost. Now my IO build at the time would be around a billion he was level 50. My global recharge from IO without hasten was roughly 73-75% (I don't use hasten in this build). Rad also has -regen in it's heal Radiation Therapy. I run the achilies proc in Gambler's cut and in beta decay and no they don't stack just better odds of having -res. Now if I was fully optimized when I ran the itf I should have ran a purple set in Golden Dragon fly and put the Gladiator -res proc in
  9. Make sure you passives and your main are properly slotted first. You do not need to 3 slot your passives by any means but they need some slotting.
  10. /sr should have no issues with -def it has the highest DDR should be at 95% if properly slotted. SR should only be struggling with attacks that are type only and no positional defense cough cough PSI and I think a few toxic attacks have the same thing
  11. I used Frost in my single target along with GIS and IS when I was leveling.
  12. I only run, Shield, Rad, Inv, WP,EA or BIO for a reason they all have a taunt aura
  13. I enjoyed the set even with the issues and had a lot of fun with Ice patch in groups and solo. Sometimes it was frustrating leveling with GIS and it be nice to smooth that out. I am fine with a minor buff to either GIF or FF to help smooth out leveling not looking for an all world buff. Any future change will only help me when I exemplar down now that I hit 50 this weekend and other people that will level one in the future. On the top end with my purples etc it is doing a lot better and yes it is a little underrated after playing the set.
  14. I have no complaints about Frost and Frozen aura with ice patch and the damage at the top end is all find and dandy. My issue was leveling I went from 1 to 49 without using any double xp I grinded it out all fashion style mission, teaming and TF's no farms etc etc. The issue was Frozen Fist is terrible at lower levels for leveling and while I used GIS starting at 18 it was clunky while leveling from 18 to 49.
  15. Whats your ice melee chain for attacks
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