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  1. More taunt auras ok Ok I am greedy
  2. I think we should have taunt auras on every set if they get rif of all taunt auras from scrappers I just quit the game I am not a tanker and I hate the brute play style. Now I think they should be the same across the board strong and not weak but still under tanks and brutes. The hard issue is where to put it I said the presence pool since the pool is useless anyways and you can have it scale by AT etc. Do they move all taunt auras to the primary eliminating the ST taunt aura in the primaries make them all toggle paoes with same mag etc and endurance cost and remove
  3. EA and Will power can but it is not as good as the above listed I have tanked with an EA scrappers in TF's key is to skip energy cloak
  4. On top of Kinetic being a pretty meh set the Jazz Hands make it real hard. I wanted t like Kin when it came out ; on live got one to like 40 and it just became to brutal to play. Between the play style which feels like you are a bee trying to kill something with a 1000 little stings and the horrific jazz hand animations I gave up on the toon. The set is pretty much unchanged that anyone got any kin to 50 is a miracle.
  5. Thank You! I assumed that but wanted to make sure.
  6. I mostly play scrappers so I get attack chains and I build high end expensive builds so not worried about any of that type stuff. What I am trying to figure out if I am running the Achilles -res proc in Pistols and Executioner's shot does turning on Incendiary Ammo turn off the proc from happening
  7. On live I tanked many of Task force with the aura not high enough to tank with my current ea that build is on hold for other characters in flight
  8. EA has the taunt aura it had it on live and I tested about a month ago on Homecoming . I went and stood next to grey bad guys no attacks turned on the aura got attacked and this on a scrapper. I can confirm taunt aura is still in place for EA. Just most people never knew it existed on scrappers; it is why i always skipped stealth on EA
  9. This is exactly why every scrapper I build I play has to be Bio, EA, Shield, Rad, Inv or WP. This started with me back on live when shield came out and I made a fire/sd right away. Pretty simple what happen after playing shield I have never been able to go back to a non taunt aura secondary. I wish the presence pool had a taunt aura you could take in the first two powers but at last that will probably never happen.
  10. Bill probably just had an orgasm with that post ! Sorry Bill could not resist it was just sitting there waiting for a joke.
  11. I have a build now mine is a mix of offense and high survival ability I tank for a group sometimes in TF etc. Scrapper - Dark Melee -tof- Shield Defense.mxd
  12. The only reason i take t9 on my scrapper is for an IO mule and it never gets put in my tray and never gets used. they are terrible and the crashs are just terrible
  13. Yes Frost would be a filler at the lower levels for any gaps in the attack chain and lining up stuff I am old school DM the triangle was are jam and I got two of them to 50 pre-IOs ok so I am a masochist when it comes to early COH years.
  14. MY plan is a ice/shield scrapper hence the question I know high end you want like Moonbeam or zap if you want lightning ball for high end attack chains for ST. Mine is more about the lower and middle levels. I sidekick down with a group that does not build like I do for TF's etc. Looking at that level am I better off in the lower range using Crosspunch after taking boxing & kick for ST attack chains on AV's over Greater Ice Sword I lose the crit but the dpa seems to be better with the boxing and kick taken. In theory at the lower levels I use like FT>IS>CP
  15. It maybe I think mids shows 1339 been to long for my brain
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