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Older player LF SG/VG


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Hello all


I am looking to get back into the game, but want to find a new SG/VG to focus with. Currently looking at Everlasting server since it's labeled as the roleplay server. I'm a novice at RP, but tend to have more success with the player base on RP realms.


What I'm looking for:

-My play times vary due to real life. I can set time aside most evenings during the week, I may log on anywhere from 5 mins to a few hours on the fly. So scheduled group content is a plus.

-Older player base. I'm in my 40's now, would like to be around others in this age range if possible.

-RP forgiveness, (if RP is required) I'm learning/trying but will have many typos or slow reactions.

-Alt friendly, I can potentially make too many characters on both sides.



What I wish to avoid:

-Voice Chat. Just not a fan of any voice chat. Plus real life tends to get noisy around my household these days.

-Themed groups, would prefer to have individual creative freedom vs, team power sets/prebuilds.

-Power leveling. I'm not looking to dive into end game.


Contact me via @Kahm in game. Or on this site.


Thanks for reading!


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@Kahm, Chaos United may serve your needs. We have players from all over the world, so there's active players in the wee hours of the morning (American time). Our members are age-diverse: I know of a few that are under 21, many in their 30s and 40s, and even a couple in their 50s or beyond (ahem, that's me). Voice chat is available but never required, we have our own Discord, specific themes or even roleplaying are not mandatory. We welcome those folks afflicted with alt-itis (I my own self have over 60 characters on Everlasting, but I'm told those are rookie numbers). There are a number of folks who farm and/or powerlevel others, but that's a personal choice, and we have folks who do neither. Lastly, I too am a roleplaying novice, trying to get back into it. Our own Crystal Dragon has been given basic roleplaying classes these past several weeks, mostly focusing on the mechanics and definitions, but it's prized information nonetheless.

I am a member, as opposed to a SG officer, so in-game, if you'd like to know more and/or try us out, talk to @CU Krow. Others to contact include: @GE, @GoddessDiana, @wjm67x, and @Phephe,. If you have any questions here, I'll be glad to answer them.

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Oh! Forgot to mention: we have at least 3 Chaos-United SGs (for member alts) and a large coalition, so lots of opportunities to make new friends. We also have 2 channels ingame, one of them anyone can join: Chaos United Channel.

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