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Alternate power animations


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Hi everyone! I wanted to start this topic to suggest any powers that people want to see have alternate animations in the costume designer and in-game. 


Personally I would love to see 'Envenom' from the poison set have the option to not be a projectile vomit animation. While it'd be really cool for a zombie-esque toon, my ninja/poison alchemist toon looks silly spitting at foes. Maybe just give an option for it to look like 'Weaken' from the same set? (And then maybe an option for Weaken to look like Envenom for people that want to go all out on the zombie theme!).


Another suggestion is have a Peacebringer's Combat Flight have an option to look like 'Hover'. It's cool to have a default fly animation for it at higher levels when you can zip around with it, but the alternate animation would look really cool at low levels and for people that want their Peacebringer to have that -power pose- before beating u-... I mean arresting... enemies.


If there's a similar thread to this let me know! Otherwise what alternate power animations would you like to see? 🙂

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Stone Melee, Ice Melee, Fire Melee.

I want to be able to pick whether to have a weapon, or not have a weapon across my powers.

To a lesser extent Psi melee - either a psi blade set or not.

It just bothers me thematically.

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