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  1. Something I would love to see is temporary costume powers being made available to the masses. On live my main toon was a cast out Carnival Mistress, and now on Homecoming its not even in the event Halloween costumes available. Having it as an option to buy costumes in the P2W would be my dream come true of reliving my old Live toons in Homecoming City of Heroes. On the topic of sidekicks suggested by @CrudeVileTerror that would be amazing! MM style pet that can go around fighting with you, but disabled in team play. Adds a lot of flavour ideas for characters and solo players!
  2. Hi everyone, I've been a long time Kheldian player and have quite a few of them as I can't get enough of tweaking and working on them till they're a diamond in the rough. That being said, I would like to address the state of the archtypes post the Christmas update with a few things I find as pet peevs playing them. First of all, Kheldians are relatively well balanced if you use them as intended as group support characters. I've personally managed to build a powerhouse tri-form/human only Warshade and Peacebringer on a single character build and can solo AVs as either playstyle. However, that being said, I do agree the Warshade is weaker in the respect that they cannot solo as well as any other archetype in the game, and really do need mobs to fuel it for it to be an amazing class, making it a long winded affair to fight singular AVs or EBs. I would suggest in this regard maybe changing the Kheldian mechanic of group play to something more in line with a Defender's archtype, where as a solo player you receive larger benefits, but in group play the Kheldian buffs are weaker, but wider ranging. For example a +10% damage and defense boost as a solo player; But a +2% resistance, defense, damage (ect.) boost in teams. Obviously not those values, but the concept overall. This would not only circumvent the frustration many players had in Live and now in Homecoming about a shortage of enhancement slots (I personally don't mind it but I agree more slots would always be nice! 😉 ), but it would also make the class more friendly for newer players. The main peev I personally have is the new long range teleport rework. I enjoyed being able to jump into a purple portal across entire zones, since it felt like a very 'Warshady' thing to do. The new rework takes away some of the joy playing as a teleport inherent Warshade since the cooldown and the gfx have made Warshade teleporting feel as if the archtype was left behind. I would request that the long range teleport either be brought back as an inherent power, or as a power in the set, since that would make it fun to jump around again. If that's not possible, then please reduce the cooldown on the new teleport for Warshades, and allow for the customization of the gfx to allow for the purple portals. Keeping the badge collecting feature for the teleport would actually work really well if you see it in the terms of the Warshade having to see a place first before being able to teleport there. Another rework for the Warshade that I would suggest is removing starless step. It isn't practical in a fight to be jumping all over the place, especially in a group setting given that for a majority of 'triformers' they'll be either in Dwarf or Nova anyway; As for Human-only, the powers are geared for ranged fighting, with a handful such as Essence drain or Gravity Well needing you to be in melee range. I saw that Unchained Essence and Quasar worked okayish with the to-hit buff, but after popping a sunless mire as either a triform or human-only player, do you really need the to hit bonus Starless Step gives? Perhaps a melee power or even a new pet (permanent or otherwise) would really be appreciated here. You could even use this power space to provide a boost for solo players through a toggle or pet to circumvent the problem outlined in the first paragraph. Peacebringers are much more player friendly. There is not much you can change about them as they really do feel like duct tape as a super hero. Need a tank? Be a Dwarf. Need a ranged blaster? Be a Nova. Need a swiss army knife? Be a human only or a PB with any combination of the shapeshifting powers. However, Combat Flight for Peacebringers could use a rework in its visuals, as it feels goofy 'flying' so slowly around in a Hover-type power. It would be nice if the power was at least customizable to be changed into the same look as regular Hover. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So in summation: Warshade: Rework Dark Sustenance to make it more solo player friendly, Bring back the Long Range Teleport or lower the cooldown on the new teleport power and add an option for Kheldian gfx, Remove starless step and add a melee or pet power that can either help human only players or circumvent the first problem. Peacebringer: Allow for the change of Combat Flight's gfx to that of Hover. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope y'all have a happy new years!
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