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  1. Something I would love to see is temporary costume powers being made available to the masses. On live my main toon was a cast out Carnival Mistress, and now on Homecoming its not even in the event Halloween costumes available. Having it as an option to buy costumes in the P2W would be my dream come true of reliving my old Live toons in Homecoming City of Heroes. On the topic of sidekicks suggested by @CrudeVileTerror that would be amazing! MM style pet that can go around fighting with you, but disabled in team play. Adds a lot of flavour ideas for characters and solo players!
  2. Hi everyone, I've been a long time Kheldian player and have quite a few of them as I can't get enough of tweaking and working on them till they're a diamond in the rough. That being said, I would like to address the state of the archtypes post the Christmas update with a few things I find as pet peevs playing them. First of all, Kheldians are relatively well balanced if you use them as intended as group support characters. I've personally managed to build a powerhouse tri-form/human only Warshade and Peacebringer on a single character build and can solo AVs as either playsty
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