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Disrupt (stalker, NRG aura) needs a graphics overhaul


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I have 2 stalkers with Energy Aura for their secondary set. It's an awesome set and I recommend trying it if you haven't yet. There is one major drawback to it though. One of the best powers in the set (Disrupt) has the most obnoxious visuals I've ever seen in this game (and there are a lot to pick from). Disrupt has these really cool looking, overdone, super seizurey, fast moving, distracting, and in the way visuals. They are awesome to look at when the power first turns on. They are even cool looking for a short period of playing. The problem is that, since it's a toggle .... it NEVER chills out.


I just wanna see something that tones it down a bit so it's not in the way ALL THE TIME. Maybe a "minimal FX" option can be added to it or something, so it plays the regular animation when it activates, but then switches up to something that doesn't induce seizures after that (or at least doesn't make it super hard to see/play).

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