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Mind Control/Kin build


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How are you planning to play? Mostly teaming, mostly solo? 


I don't have a current build, but I played Mind/Kin for years, so happy to discuss? I feel a *Kin*ship with anyone playing Mind/Kin, it was my original main, and still a lot of fun to play. King of zero aggro control! It's one of the most tactical sets to play, you have a lot of tools at your disposal. 


You probably know all the below, but just in case you don't:


Mind is uber effective as a *controller* though it lacks AOE damage and struggles with AOE containment setting.


Soloing, you can run WAY above your level early on as long as you keep it to 1 (best) or 2 team size spawns. SUPER safe soloing. NOTHING moves except as you want.

Lean on Confuse.

standard spawn: Confuse a minion (to help you beat down the Lt.) hold the Lt. Dom -> Lev -> Mes is your standard chain, and I  recommend taking Arcane Bolt from Sorcery. Same with a boss. Always choose the right mob to confuse to help you damage the worst threat. 

Remember to use your secondary, it's largely not needed soloing, but Siphon Speed is always good. In the late game Transference makes you an anti-sapper.

TK is useful for fast hold of Paragon protectors (and other bosses) before they can get MoG triggered.  Remember Mes can sleep a boss. Mez + Mass Hyp (in that order) used to be able to sleep an A/V IIRC.


Terrify is your best out of the box AOE dmg, consider an Epic/Ancillary/Patron that has a cone attack. TD is your best durable containment setter for AOE, so consider slotting it mainly for recharge. Mass Hyp or Mass Confuse (can help them clump up better) -> Run in for Fulcrum Shift -> Back Out to line up cones -> Terrify -> TD -> Epic/Ancillary/ so you get most of the exp. Terrify keeps them largely cowering so you get plenty of damage in, each time you hit them, they hit each other. 🙂
If using TD to set containment, consider /Icy as your epic, Ice Storm does MASSIVE damage in 15 sec which can maximize your TD containment bonus. A FS boosted Ice Storm will probably obliterate a 
spawn pretty much by itself, my Fire/Storm/Ice does about 500 dmg in a big targeted AOE with Ice storm and I have no meaningful damage buffs. Of course he's an engine of elemental destruction for all the other reasons, /Storm's KD and pseudo pets pair very well with Fire. 🙂

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Thanks for the reply, Argentae! Very good tips to keep in mind. 🙂 I suppose the main reason I am looking for build help with Mids is because there are so many seemingly counterintuitive slotting setups that I would have never considered but make for outstanding builds. My brute and tank are 2 examples. I started to DL Mids but my antivirus said it was unsafe, so I backed off for now. Thank you again!

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Sorry for the very delayed follow-up.
Took me a bit to get my Mind/Kin leveled up to 50 so I can start tweaking build details. 

As I now have a new gaming laptop that can run Mids (MacBook Air M1 plays CoH amazingly well, but the Mids import/export and saving doesn't work), I sat down over the weekend and worked up a draft of Argentae 2.0, it's posted on 

Not sure if it will be much help to you at this point, but thought you might find the perspective interesting/useful... 🙂

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