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Map failed to start

Ace Jones

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I searched the forums and found a couple of posts with a similar issue but after resetting etc I still seem to have an error where I seem to be 'locked out' of Mercy. The game's been working fine. Today I made a new Villain character and when I went to enter the game I was kicked back to the login screen with an error message reading 'Map failed to Start' (see 'error1' attachment).


After logging back in it seems:

  • If I try and create any new villains, I get the same behaviour (kicked to the login scree, with this error message).
  • If I select an existing villain, who is in Mercy, the same thing happens.
  • If I select an existing villain who is on a different map, the game logs in fine. However, if that character then tries to head to Mercy (in the example of attached 'error2' I'm trying to use the ferry in Cap Au Diable to head to Mercy I get the 'Map failed to start' error - though I'm not kicked from the game.


It also seems to be specific to Reunion, I tried creating a new Villain on Indomitable and that seemed to work fine. Likewise all my Hero characters on are working fine on Reunion.


Any ideas appreciated?








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Tuesday is the normal Server maintenance/restart Date.


Probably the Server restart fixed it.



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Former Player on Server:

Protector, Guardian, Virtue, Liberty, Freedom, Union and Defiant (Hero Side) and part Time Infinity

Justice, Pinnacle, Victory (Villain Side)

Currently Reunion is the Main Server

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