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Dev's Choice Winner (August)

GM Vayek

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Hi everyone!


First of all, as always, I thoroughly enjoy all of the content you guys are creating! We really enjoy playing through all of them and seeing all the creative stories you guys come up with. Having said that, we've selected some more story arcs for Dev's Choice that we really enjoyed!


The author(s) will receive 1,000 Reward Merits and a Golden Title. I will be in contact with you shortly regarding your rewards!


Please keep in mind if you have previously submitted an arc it is still a potential Dev's contender, we have not yet been able to review them all and are working on an active list. We will continue to update you on selected arcs, so check back often!


Any previously awarded "Dev's Choice" arcs, will be moved to "Hall of Fame". After testing the current selection, be sure to filter for these to checkout some other great arcs!


The Eve of War

  • Arc ID: 41583
  • Created by: @Darmian
  • Number of Missions: 5
  • Description: "Praetoria's initial attack on Primal Earth had been repelled and the Resistance awats arrival of their new allies, but allies can appear from unexpected places. Belladonna Vetrano needs you to handle something vital. [A Praetorian SFMA prior to the Praetorian War] [Salvation 3]"


Dev Review: "There's tons of clues and flavor texts, and there's no clear divide in factions, names, mob types that make you feel like "Oh, that's the custom one!" as it it fits within the world. The maps are a mix of new and old style maps, so while there's likely to be a mission/map for everyone, all mission maps aren't for everyone and there's definitely an opportunity for "I hate this style map" on a mission or two based on preference. Darmian mixes a lot of linear progression and backtracking, so each mission does feel unique and not the same mission 5 times. It's not a "this is for everyone" arc but rather a "This is an arc focused on a specific story the game doesn't tell, and tries to be accurate to the logic, rather than a gameplay loop trope of a dungeon crawl."



Damnatio Memoriae

  • Arc ID: 41140
  • Created by: @Darmian
  • Number of Missions: 5
  • Description: "A full scale invasion of Praetoria by PPrimal Earth is imminent and the Resistance is ready for the fight. Almost. The Resistance has a leadership problem and Belladonna Vetrano wants it dealt with. Fast. [An SFMA set in Praetoria prior to the Praetorian War] [Salvation 2]"


Dev Review:  "This arc was a continuation of the Warden story arc from Praetoria. It takes place immediately after the destruction of the Enriche facility and has the player seeking out a missing Calvin Scott. It builds up into a direct conflict with Duray and concludes with his (hopeful) ultimate destruction. I really enjoyed the professional formatting of all the text, including the color coding and numerical organization of the clues, keyed to each individual mission. Clue organization is often one of the largest struggles when designing AE content, so it was a pleasant surprise to see an extremely simple and effective system. The arc itself is well paced and thought out, with multiple triggered objectives, making it feel like this arc could easily have been actually published as content back during Live if the Devs had chosen to take Praetoria all the way toward 50."



Check out these arcs and let us know what you think! 

Special thank you to all the GMs and Admins that help us test out each of these arcs! Your time is incredibly appreciated.

Additionally, if you have any arcs to review for Dev's Choice fell free to post any recommended arcs for us to review here: 


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