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  1. This base from the Redside Kuzmin missions. That would be a welcome addition, It's not big but it has some character.
  2. One of the things facing the current Devs is obviously how to leverage existing assets to produce "new" things. Lots of time and work involved in that. And while there is a debate elsewhere on how to revitalize hazard zones (needed I feel) I still think a new 40-50 Hazard Zone could be added to Praetoria itself. Mainly an Underground for First Ward (and crossing into Night Ward). Since the Underground tile sets are all there already + the map sets from the Underground Incarnate trial, I think it could be possible. Fill it with all sorts of monstrosities and so on! Imagine running around a corner and into a pod of Seedlings!
  3. What about typos that aren't actually typos, just completely wrong? The Broken Mind exploration badge in Underground Imperial has the following text: "Deep beneath the Mother of Mercy Hospital, the moans of misbegotten Seers echo through these forgotten corridors. Their sorrow seeps into the minds of those who hear them, disrupting thought and disturbing the emotions. Tarry too long and your mind shall be broken as theirs" Except the Mother of Mercy Hospital is in First Ward and nowhere near where this badge is. Okay, obviously it was initially meant to be I'd say, because it's under the BAF and the BAF probably wasn't the original intention, rather the Asylum was. Except the badge text got overlooked. So I'd suggest a change in text for that to echo that it is the BAF that is above it.
  4. Really? Nah. That's half of Paragon for me. Imperial is full of mad little things, like the Lodestone Technologies Building used to be a theater! Stuff like that.
  5. Pondering your lovely work on these maps - and ignoring First Ward, because despite there being a CTA station and missions into the Underground, there is no Underground First Ward map - and allowing for the OG Devs not even thinking about it this way, it looks like there could be even more areas of Underground that we never see, like the bits that actually have trains in them! I'm thinking in world here, rather than any real world reason. Though a First Ward Underground map would be a great addition. Imagine the horrors to find down there? And like the Abandoned sewers it could almost operate as a 40 to 50 hazard zone for Gold Side, especially if it crossed into a horrific Night Ward version!
  6. You can team, but like you mention with all the content, you have to be smart about it, or you'll just outlevel your material. AMAZING place though, from Nova to Night Ward. Oddly enough we DO get Gold teams (3 to 4 members) on a reasonably regular basis on Reunion.
  7. You can test this! Take a team with one person who can enter the lounge and leave the other outside. Once your Loyalist aligned toon is in the Lounge then have the other select them for a green square and you can see where they are, what floor. Plus if the person outside flies up to that floor, while they cannot see in, those inside can see the other player flying around outside.
  8. I wrote an AE with an Ally whose "Lost" and "Reaquired" speech has him ranting about the elevators in Paragon.
  9. As a Necromancer MM if your guys drop when you enter a mission/zone, instantly cast Soul Extraction on your Lich! For two mins roughly you now have two Liches! And the Soul Extracted one will hang about AFTER you die and may (depends on longevity plus if it is in combat etc) rez YOU, because it has Howling Twilight,
  10. Well, the Underground doesn't have to align exactly, I mean we don't really know how far down or in what angle we are climbing once those tunnels are entered. And another thing! Where are all the trains?
  11. For a moment I was confused by the fact the Underground goes beyond the shore line, but then I remembered that essentially this is an artificially created waterway, so sure, parts could extend beneath the sea there.
  12. At least it gave you full XP 🙂 If you circle around Atlas Plaza/City Hall you can see all the Meteors out chatting to the press.
  13. I've requested (and had the HCwiki updated re my ex-Praetorian experience, since if you have started as Praetorian and done the Olympian Guard arc then Anders just won't talk to you, he already hates your guts, so it's fight time and no bargaining.
  14. Cool, more reviews! I was watching for @cranebump's Under The Radar Reviews but he's pretty busy right now. Good to see more!
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