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  1. The novels are canon to my knowledge at least. "The Web of Arachnos" is set in the 20s/30s, up to Brass Monday, and nothing in game AFAIK contradicts anything in it. Similarly with "The Freedom Phalanx" being set in 1986, almost 20 years before the game starts, it contains nothing that contradicts anything in the game. In fact it provides some clarity on various bits and bobs of game lore found on plaques and so on. There are a few things that simply have to be taken on trust since the game cannot show them, such as Manticore's version of a "Batmobile"! Since the game came back I'
  2. I'll have to tag my future posts on Lore with a combination of "This is known", i.e. in game/novels/comics (though Going Rogue retconned a chunk of the comics) and speculation based on reasonable assumptions. And if you'll pardon the expression, I'm assuming my assumptions are reasonable! I'm always open to hear counter arguments though. I've pointedly NOT referenced the Lore AMA as "canon" here. Most of it probably is but the OG devs' statements on things that had yet to occur are now, thanks to HC, in a nebulous form unless and until the current devs implement any of them or st
  3. Does the contact not give you the usual option to auto complete? I'm just asking.
  4. Well, I showed up as myself, being a Loyalist Praetorian of Level 50 who never left. That's pretty mythical 🙂
  5. It's a fun place to be, whether you are a returner from before or new.
  6. Ah, gotta love that guy.
  7. I think I was on Defiant too. The old memory is playing up!
  8. So no one remembers teams of PVE going to Warburg for nukes (pre Incarnate when you really wanted those), a lone PVPer jumping out and then getting whupped? One on one you'll take us easily but you won't take 8 of us. Or was that just my lot?
  9. If you're being clever then you get one player to play the Doctor (or other Timelord) and the others the companions and after a couple of adventures or more something terrible happens and the Doctor regenerates and a companion leaves. And the roles move around. ROFL. Let's hope that the new player was paying attention to what the Doctor was doing before because those are their memories now! And here's a new companion!
  10. Torn. See, the captions kinda make it more comic book, and I like that. A lot. And there's more bad voice acting out there than good, there really is. And you all know it. I'm spoiled for voice acting since I'm a big fan of audio drama from Big Finish, and they know how to make "movies for the ears", but most VO is...ugh. For every series like Legacy of Kain (Simon Templeman!) there's...oh, pick one. There's too many. So, it ends with this player saying nah, don't want to see (hear) that.
  11. Were all the lowbie Galaxy City missions repurposed for Atlas? I know the contacts themselves were moved to Atlas but they don't all have missions anymore. I did know this but it escapes me presently.
  12. I'm having thoughts about this re cultural background. I have had a hell of a lot of "fun" at wakes. Great craic as my lot say. It can be very much the nuances that bind or divide us in many ways.
  13. Well, yes and no. It's First Ward's dark mirror essentially. The Underworld of First Ward. So it's still Praetoria, just effectively dead Praetoria. Dead in a different way to the rest of Praetoria now though!
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