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  1. As a dedicated Praetorian player I can tell you that yes, if you log in in Studio 55 then the place is empty. It's a thing, sadly.
  2. Ah, where we finally discover that Atlantis is under the Mare Crisium.
  3. Yeah, that's a bit odd, that they don't. I had some fun with the Resistance ones, especially with the finale and tying it to the iTrials and Praetorian related TFs. And I really wanted to use Disconnect somewhere 🙂 Thanks for playing.
  4. Stilt Walker Travel Power! With springs! Like Astro City's Jack-in-the-Box.
  5. OOOH! My AEs are so memorable you forgot you nominated one already! No, I am just joking. Appreciate the plays and the nominations, And "Zombie Ninja Pirates" is just fun!
  6. The first rule of Rikti Monkey Fight Club is...stay way from the Rikti Monkeys!
  7. Another, and I think reasonably valid, reason for revamping PDP+RMFC+Studio 55 (especially the first two) is in the present situation it's important to leverage as much as we can out of existing spaces.
  8. I does look a little like the base of a Business Class version of an AE.
  9. I submit "W.I.S.D.O.M. Task Force: Kings of the Apocalypse" by @Aurora Sol, arc id 39589, for consideration as a Dev Choice.
  10. In case no one knows who these are: You normally see them chatting to the press around Atlas Park City Hall, along with the other three.
  11. Nope. You can do all the undercover work on either side you like with alignment missions, but you're still Resistance or Loyalist. The Alignment missions just tell you what SORT of Resistance or Loyalist you are., From Power to Responsibility to Warden to Crusader. You want that last badge? You take the Rift mission and head to Primal. That Gold or Blue icon beside your health bar won't change until you cross the Rift.
  12. Yep. You just need to be the right level in the right zone for ToT. Though I've not tested the tip drops in Praetoria. Normally tips only drop from level 20 on*, and that would leave only First Ward available (Night Ward doesn't seem to do Hallowe'en, weirdly). But tips also don't normally drop in coop zones...like First Ward. So, some testing is in order. Besides that it is impossible for a 24 carat Gold to get all the badges from Whispered Rumor, because they cannot swap alignments. *Exploration Tips were designed to bypass this.
  13. HEY! HEY! I'm walking here! The Praetorians SG on Reunion visit that a lot 🙂 Then again, Reunion has a Gold side thing, the amount of Level 50 Golds (who didn't leave) is a lot higher than you'd think! Also, I am still plugging my AE/Full Mission Halfway House Pie-in-the-Sky program above! LOL. Having a bunch of "off duty" contacts there with a variety of missions, from tip style to mini arcs would make PDP a different sort of club to Pocket D. Same for the other two clubs.
  14. Much appreciated it. I hope the middle one worked for you! I was aiming at a "Reverse Portal Corps" feel.
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