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Flashback Mission Menu Dropdown Window Not Loading

The Dead Sun Saga

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I recently encountered this issue in-game, and submitted a bug report about it. GM Kiwi very promptly replied and let me know that this is the proper, ahem, forum to disclose these issues. In short:


"Working my way through Red aligned flashback missions. Came to Venture Militarism (Pandora's Box Chapter 1), and the dropdown menu window will not load. Other mission windows open and provide missions normally. Is this a known issue? Thank you!"


That pretty well sums it up. The toon is my main/badge hunter, with whom I have worked my way through Blue and Gold Flashbacks without major issue and most of the way through Red as well. The dropdown menu window gives me the little loading message and the loading wheel that normally disappear a half-second later when the window expands to the dialogue box...except that never happens. I can leave the room, get a drink and come back and the window is still insisting it's about to load.


Windows for previous missions have no difficulties, nor do subsequent ones. I opened the window for Chapter 2 and played through the arc with zero difficulties, then acquired Chapter 3 with no problems. I have logged the toon, restarted CoX, and restarted my computer, all with no effect on this issue.


Hope this information is useful, it's my first bug report! Thanks to everyone working so hard to bring back this game and its memories for us all, and apologies to GM Kiwi for being clueless!

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well Pandoras Box is an SSA, i didnt even know that SSA's are on ouro. You should be able to run em normally without ouro, did u try to start mish nr 1 regulary by visting that contact?





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