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Carnies ArchVillain vs Dark/Dark/Soul Dominator


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No temp powers, no P2W, no vendor summons, NO Psy Mastery.

Lvl 54 ArchVillain proved to be overwhelming (in dmg) vs a Dom with no Psy resists nor Psy defense of any sort, especially when trying to keep inspirations use down to a minimum.


But I will keep trying and I will post if and when successful.

Lvl 54 Carnies ordinary mobs are not a problem at all, survival is not your issue.  The phasing of illusionists eats up your time, and you must keep an eye on Ring Mistresses at all times since even only a Boss hits with extremely strong damage on what appears to be higher accurate attacks.

I have videos on Lvl 54s x 8 Carnies which I will share in the future. 

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