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  1. Gear = enhancements Traditionally, if you did not know, gear enhance or modify your selected powers/abilities. A toggle, say like Leadership/Tactics, is a power, not a piece of gear. Gear/enhancements is what you place or have on (wear in other games) in the slots Toggling on Tactics just toggle the tactics to activate and function. The IOs, they enhance the toggle or modify and so on The combination of IOs and their bonuses, especially when all of them are combined, that enhances your character significantly, and the character could become very potent. They can enhan
  2. No , your gear is what you put ON The only thing you put on in CoX are your enhancements You put those on and you take those off. When you put those on, your character transforms potentially into a much greater powerhouse When you take that gear off, your character is gimped. That's a fact That's gear Powers are increased or modified by your gear , being your Enhancements or bonuses etc. That's gear Your powers , defenses, offenses are enhanced by your gear and so on ______________________________________ I have no interest in changing the subject matter on
  3. This one came up in my search for RO Eventhough it's 1-2 years later... Here I am @voltak
  4. The game already has content that poses a great challenge to any build that reaches the soft cap via IOs or power choices Those challenges will most likely not be overcome without support or without other combinations in the team make up or otherwise Vast majority of players avoid that content or does not even know And, not only players can now or have already created the content, but the Devs can add new challenges to face the rise, a rise created by design, and from the natural outcome from playing and progress The solution here is to do what is normally done ---> Bring new
  5. First, the fact, the vastly more important fact, which contradicts the call for a nerf ON THE BASIS that the game content is too easy when content is paired vs IOs , the fact that contradicts that is that the mission, the challenge could not succeed without heavy support Once it is established that uber builds with uber IO combinations cannot complete a challenge without support, then the whole claim that the game is broken due to IO sets being too powerful vs content is dead and defeated Even defense capped characters died. We even resorted to having some players die on purpose s
  6. The statement specifically said --> "Those games often don't have mitigation caps reached by their gear alone..." Gear in CoX is IOs. IN fact it is the only gear you have Those IOs you placed in your powers and they get slotted Sort of like you are wearing them, then. when you unslot them you don't "wear" them anymore That is gear THat's what I mean by it. So, no, the statement I quote is wrong. Power choices have to be made in order to reach that level
  7. I have been saying this since the beginning. The challenges that players should face now is content. I just got done right now with another great SG/network run in AE. We did some very difficult content that without the support there, there was going to be massive wipeout, wipeouts of complete uber builds You know what held that task and made it possible ? The support characters with ZERO uber builds Two Defenders and one corrupter incredibly busy Now, did we have a strong challenge ? Hell yeah we did Was anyone nerfed during the game play ? NO !! Is
  8. You are wrong if you think that only gear gets you mitigation caps. power choices are made.... to help get to the cap How many builds in COH don't take Weave or Maneuvers or something to help the IOs get them to reach a good sort of mitigation ? Oh, and yes, other games do have gear that provide some kind of mitigation specialty that you otherwise cannot get via power choices included The answer again to the state of being "too easy" is content content and more content, more challenging content, not nerfs, like other games do it normally.
  9. If you read the facts I wrote about, you will see those are not opinions, they are indeed facts - games adding more challenging content as players/gear grow as a whole, as intended, as designed, in every game where gear is an important or integral part of the game. The fact that AE already poses major challenges to any build with IOs Those, among the others I listed, are not opinions. Those are facts.
  10. Thank you so very much for speaking on behalf of my empathy defender, and many other characters, because he still finds great challenges in the game, vastly more than melee characters and others.
  11. I agree There is certainly ONE side who refuses to accept the facts and sacrifice the idea posted in the OP by admitting the facts presented. Those facts are irrefutable. The correct way to approach this issue is doing what all other games, where gear and level progress are an integral part of the game, do. That is introduce new challenges without nerfing what was already earned and achieved by playing a long time or doing whatever you had to do to reach your level of performance, using the instruments provided by game design and purpose. Now it is time for new challenges t
  12. And that was done ...... --> WITHOUT NERFING gear or the characters or power sets or builds That's my point That's one of the correct ways to approach the issue, exactly what I have been saying
  13. I agree with the sentiment and I also agree that tastes vary I agree even more that over 10 years with the game and the game is still way better FOR ME than other games having said that .. If the game/gear has become powerful and players are powerful ... THE CORRECT SOLUTION as done by other games, even the most successful of all games or MMOs, is to introduce new and more challenging content The incorrect thing to do is to nerf the players or their gear which is so loved and took a lot of work or time to get Right now players have already in game solutions t
  14. This is exactly my feeling I agree 100% with @PeregrineFalcon I also wanted to bring out some facts that challenges even some of the feelings about IO sets, bonuses, and defense soft caps acquired via IOs ---> Soft cap defenses already mean little or nothing with faced with Devouring Earth and other critters Go ahead, place your soft cap character at +4 x 8 vs Devouring Earth, watch those evil little things get placed on the ground and tell me how your soft capped defenses saved your hide. Even Nemesis, when the vengeance has stacked, if they will hit my Widow which has
  15. If the notoriety option is to nerf players and their acquired gear, gear designed to work as intended, then that is the wrong solution, and, in fact, pretty lazy or inconsistent with what successful games do when faced with the situation I wrote about in my post above. The right solution is to present more challenging content. Players can already do this shift to difficulty. AE can present some real challenges to any build with any type of IO sets or bonuses WITHOUT ALTERING the notoriety system at all -- ZERO
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