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Change to logout timer while inside instances


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Logging out in instances currently always sets the logout timer to 19/20 seconds. Previously [months ago] while inside an instance it could be between 0 and 20 as experienced in the open world which is currently how the open world still functions.

As of the last 10 patch notes, which is up to the start of this year, there are no notes regarding any changes to this. Even checking every patch note post on the first page of the subforum, back to April 2020, there are no such notes indicating this has changed.


I've run across changes that were undisclosed before, either intentionally or otherwise like the Cavern of Transcendence recipe drop issue, so these kinds of changes are a thing which have snuck by before. As this isn't a game breaking issue it wouldn't surprise me if this has been noticed before but dismissed as happenstance with no testing of conditions. Overall the matter does little beyond extend waiting times to change toons so it's more a QoL issue than anything else but that can end up more significant for some than others.


Any clarification on this would be appreciated.

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