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  1. I've had some Bonfires end up under the floor at times because of this. Manual targeting was fine and both the graphic and combat log showed the power was in effect, however using the powexec_location options the traveling "fireball" would land short of the target and fail to cause any damage or Knock effects.
  2. This isn't a bug, it's the OF proc overlapping with the SA modifier to KB. KD is magnitude 0.67 KB. Slotting SA or OF into Bonfire [and any other KD power] will change every tick of KB into KD by changing whatever mag is in play from IOs to mag 0.67. The problem you are encountering is that OF has a proc in addition to converting KB>KD for non KB powers you might want a KD in like pbaoes for example when you already used an Avalanche IO. In the case of powers that already with a KB component [Bonfire, Nova, Dawn Strike, Quasar, etc] this 0.67 mag proc will now and again stack
  3. Still not working. Still no comment about why/when it was changed.
  4. This has now been answered multiple times. It's really not that complicated an answer but I'll say it again since it keeps getting missed or possibly even intentionally skipped by some to downplay things: It's never been explained. As per the links I posted on page 11 it was brought up while still in testing therefore dismissing claims like this from PeregrineFalcon: Players did exactly that and yet got zero feedback all throughout the testing and implementation phases and are still asking the question why it was changed. tl;dr: Feedback was requested multiple ti
  5. Still not working. Decided to check some attuned tAoEs I have for conversion purposes and out of 10 Detonation conversions I ended up with 5 Air Burst, 2 Posi, 2 Anni, and 1 Bombardment IOs. So that's 50% of the IOs unable to continue converting by category and now relying on RNG to land elsewhere on the table of flipping results.
  6. This arc has issues. Pigging backing off @Pengy's comment about using the temp power sometimes the temp power doesn't even get granted so you're stuck.
  7. As per the patch notes; Atlas Park & Mercy Island Enemies in Atlas Park and Mercy Island should no longer reproduce like rabbits and spawn in on top of players Open world mobs required during the Officer Fields and Aaron Thiery missions are now extremely sparse. - Sewers used for Officer Fields are 3 rooms with the central room previously spawning in at least half a dozen pairs of Vahz. There is now a single pair in the entire room with a couple of others in the sides rooms for what is meant to be a hunt 10. - Likewise hunting Arachnos C
  8. That was one of the ones I thought might have similar issues. Looks to be only on missions that exemp you after you've entered and toggles were running before.
  9. Unsure how much this might be a bug but thought to make a mention of it anyway. Despite various objects in Mayhem Missions being targets and destructible [cars, bus stops, cardboard boxes, letter boxes, etc] players cannot run through them with Speed Phase active as they can vs mobs and other entities in game.
  10. Speed Phase remained active after entering a mission with an auto-exemplar effect. Was unable to disable Speed Phase after entering a Mayhem mission from Lord Schweinzer. Auto exemped for the Atlas Park mission from level 41 with all toggles running [including SS and Speed Phase] and when inside the mission all toggles expected to disable did except Speed Phase which remained active and inaccessible for disabling without exiting the mission. Even after exiting the mission Speed Phase remained active despite SS not running. Other missi
  11. This was asked over a month ago back in Build 1 of the Power changes. There was no reply.
  12. Because so far no reasoning has been given by the devs despite this being originally asked all the way back during the test notes on the 13th of March. That's the problem. There's been no official word on it despite it being asked several times now and repeated posts by multiple devs after those very questions meaning it's being skipped over as a topic which causes even more frustration.
  13. Noticed this on the ski slopes in Pocket D last night and instantly realised the chaos it would cause in the Shadow Shards :p hopefully a warning gets put in or the power accepts the grav wells.
  14. Power customisation colours are defaulting to the red/null variants when making changes in different pools again. Have tried changing Speed Phase on a few toons now and lost either some or all power custom colours in Primary and Secondary sets for different toons [2 Primary powers on my fire/dev blaster, ALL my Secondary powers on my stone/EA brute]. While easy to sort for some examples the differences in colour palettes used between powers like stone melee and EA for example means re-synchronising these can be difficult when the entire pool power colour is wiped as has happened here.
  15. $$score1 had an alternative version of standing at ease which was always nice to use if waiting for something/RP reasons. Would include it there too.
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