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  1. Paragonwiki is years out of date as well as flat out wrong in places from before the game even shutdown. For example it doesn't include info from later dialogue options from Prometheus regarding Ascension. Additionally those paragraphs are all pre-play descriptions/advertisements of what the factions are meant to be like. The actual content of the factions vaguely aligns with those brief bios but very often there are actual events that occur which you would expect to be from the opposite side of the alignment division Crusaders repeatedly bomb civilian targets. This isn't in the brochure for obvious reasons. These aren't Cole aligned civilians but quite literally just random residents of Imperial City and Nova Praetoria that have nothing to do with either the Administration or the Resistance. Nova Praetoria has attempts to bomb a hospital. Imperial City has attempts to bomb most of the island underground in addition to setting off a Neutron bomb on Nova Praetoria that would kill every single living thing there. Also years out of date and wrong in places even when the game was live. There is at least a new fork where users are attempting to update and fix various mistakes including those that existed on live/PW, [Look up Reactive Def 2 set bonuses for such an example. Beta/test notes were a DEF bonus which was never updated on PW after the live released ended up going with a RES bonus instead]. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page
  2. Giant death robots stomping Paragon confirmed! Lines isn't wrong though. Crusaders repeatedly attempt to bomb civilian targets despite the losses it would cause. Wardens are trying to uncover more info without causing more damage to the city. This includes stopping Crusader plans relating to the aforementioned bombings. Powers are mostly making sure they are the one in the spotlight and even then the closest they come to how redside is regarding that is some of the dialogue options with Dr Hetzfeld after said doctor screws up and the player "takes control" of what the missions will involve. Responsibility arcs are about stopping threats to the city/Praetoria at large, the Syndicate being the one that recurs the most, while also investigating other threats like PPD corruption, the Clockwork malfunctions/Metronome, Longbow/Arachnos invasions. Can attest to this. My main in SWTOR was a Lightside Sith Warrior:Juggernaut and most of my Imps were LS. It makes the story extremely interesting with no "evil just for evil's sake". Just making choices on what would end up being the best for both myself and The Empire. The number of npc deaths that you end up with going DS is exactly the reason Imps repeatedly lose conflicts more to infighting than in actual open conflict with Pub forces. Similar situation with other Imp toons like my SI:Assassin who ended up with the ingame title of Darth Imperius [LS] for working towards goals that benefited the Empire and not just myself [which would have been Darth Nox [DS], or even Darth Occlus [neutral]. Again many DS choices put the Empire in a worse situation strategically because of the infighting. Interestingly enough the BH LS options still include killing targets as the alternative DS option is to bring someone in alive who knows after they are handed over they are going to be tortured, so the LS decision is to prevent that. Having said that, some of the DS choices are hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WrCGMfNg7o&feature=youtu.be&t=29 Imperial Agent is the most diverse regarding alignment options due to how many different things can affect it throughout the 3 chapters. It's rightly so considered the best story in the game by many players regardless of how you end up.
  3. Yeah as an option for a "mute" Harbinger really doesn't work which was why nobody was ever going to get that as the correct option. She just fell in with the rest of the other Sutter AVs, bar Riptide the fish who seems to have been skipped. Lowbie wise; Mortimer Kal and the [Fire and the] Flames of Prometheus. Otherwise: Barracuda SF as it's the reds that actually release Reichsman in the first place.
  4. The ambushes are fairly limited for the ICON missions, 1 spawn per player doing the mission and the mobs only scale up to 40 anyway due to the age of the mission itself. The involved hunt can be done with the surrounding mobs which was my main concern whether that npc placement [and any additional artifacts] may clash with.
  5. Steel Canyon going to be busy for a while when that launches given where that npc is. Will be interesting to know how it may affect the Tsoo spawn around there for the lowest blueside costume hunt mission just offscreen to the left. <sigh> Again forums quotes copy the wrong thing. This was meant to be the image in the above post.
  6. This could also refer to Kurse who is a fairly small npc compared to the rest of The Lost he appears with since Piecemeal has highlighted "little" in his above quote. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Kurse
  7. 1 - The Magician (Numina in Mystic Fortune, Dark Watcher in Praetorian Penny's arc) Praetorian Duray is the Commander of the 2nd IDF. > Colonel Duray is the military commander in charge of the 2nd Imperial Defense Force Regiment Pazuzu also goes by "The Magician" before his identity/memory is restored during the Night Ward arcs. Whether it is intended for there to be a similar appearance to Devon/The Dark Watcher isn't clear. Additionally Pazuzu/The Magician's arc in Night Ward is called "The Gate that Cannot Open". https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/The_Magician_(Contact)#The_Gate_that_Cannot_Open
  8. What about the ability to rhyme the following lyrics: "How could they raise the stones so high, Completely without the technology, We have today?" youtube.com/watch?v=mbyzgeee2mg
  9. Still holding out for the BP/Cimerora loincloths. Have a BP/DA npc costume for RP reasons on a couple of toons and the only things missing are the correct cape options [although the scarf works well enough if monochrome], and the loincloth on both the front and back. Also the missing IDF armour, but that's a separate request. Vahz/Freak team up using Rikti tech to counter the growing issue of Incarnates in a similar vein to how Malta teamed up with Battle Maiden for NANITES, SON! nanite upgrades from her halberd? Tell that to Mender Derek when he needs to find pizza!
  10. Still not working.
  11. That's because I'm running 3 of them and I assume those 3 procs at once are just the 1.5 PPM cycles syncing up once in a blue moon.
  12. LQT

    Snipe damage missing.

    Still happening. Had it yesterday on a ranged toon I didn't bother recording the combat log for, and just now on an archery/TA blaster during LGTF. Snipe roll hits, does no damage, proc does damage. Wastes Sniper Shot effect entirely, just as it happens with AS.
  13. Have a similar situation. 3 PT procs on a brute with Energy Mastery. One in STA [also slotted with a pure endmod PT IO], one in PP, and one in SC. Was watching the combat log and I'd get 6 procs in a minute most of the time, or even just 5, even though according to the IO tooltip each IO should be firing 3 times a minute. So one of the 3 IOs isn't triggering. 2 minutes of combat log below, events grouped by timestamp and stat gain. 13:33:08-13:35:08 Power Transfer IO proc goes off every 10 seconds, however with 3 PPM and using 3 IOs you'd expect 9 procs total, not 6.
  14. We all know Sentinels want to be blasters but this might be a bit too much :P
  15. Bug report: When throwing together a Sentinel build for someone the epic pool Psionic Mastery permits Blaster ATOs to be placed in the Mind Probe melee power.
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