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  2. Isn't that still going to be limited as the Staging shards don't have console commands active to bump new toons to 50, so any Elec Affs tested would need to be newly created and therefore extremely limited in their power usage at first even if they were to be sidekicked by transfered over 50s.
  3. As mentioned from the in game chat about this, the wording of that is the same as Incandescence,: "-80.00%% resistance to healing for 2m 0s on target" and that power specifically mentions increasing heals received throughout use: "Targeted Wide AoE League Teleport, +Healing Received. Foe Knockback, Stun." At least Incan should be affecting other players correctly if they are the targets, but the similar tooltips and different power usage does create some confusion.
  4. LQT

    Snipe damage missing.

    Will do. However I've also encountered something else which may be more to do with the Fire Blast set itself, so making a separate post for that. Scratch that, pvp issue. Will check test server for snipe/AS issues. Edit: Ran around, sniped stuff. Didn't seem to get the same issue, but then I wasn't 100% on the exact conditions needed to replicate it outside of AIM+OOC snipe.
  5. Is Artillery going active as a rare set or uncommon? Atm there are 2 UC sets [10-50, 20-50], 2 rares [both 20-50], the purple [50], the pvp [10-50] and the 2 winters [10+, 50] for tAoEs, and given how similar Artillery is to now looking as an tAoE Thunderstike [UC 30-50], would it not be more suitable to match this as an UC set instead of rare?
  6. This may not be a Beta bug but as it's something I observed on the Beta server I thought I'd post it here for now. Setting: xpboosted PB with full t4 Incarnate powers [+3] in iDA. Mobs are level 54, range in con colours from yellow to red. However every now and again there's a brief split second where every mob drops down 2 colours [not the easiest thing to catch in a screenshot!]. Red becomes yellow, orange becomes white, yellow becomes blue. This mob levels are not changing from 54 and I'm remaining idle bar sustaining Light Form manually and Hasten on auto fire. I would guess that something is maybe briefly duplicating the [+2] incarnate level shifts due to the zone since that would be a value of 2, however this is entirely speculation and could be completely off the mark of whatever is causing this.
  7. Have encountered this bug a couple of times now, and possibly more that I've not noticed. Out of combat [OOC] snipe hits a target and no damage is done except for a damage proc IO present. First time noticed was back in January on the 19th when playing an EN/Kin corruptor during the blueside Midnighter intro arc. Combat log text as follows: [10:08:45] You activated the Aim power.[10:08:46] HIT Qel-Thyros! Your Aim power is autohit.[10:08:46] Qel-Thyros HITS you! Aim power was autohit.[10:08:46] You take a moment to concentrate and are much more accurate for a short while.[10:08:46] Your attack strength has increased temporarily.[10:08:46] Readying Sniper Blast.[10:08:46] You start Sniper Blast.[10:08:48] You activated the Sniper Blast power.[10:08:49] HIT Ci'dion! Your Sniper Blast power had a 95.00% chance to hit, you rolled a 59.39.[10:08:49] Ci'dion takes 69.18 points of bonus toxic damage! As you can see from the image only the toxic damage [from Sting of the Manticore] was recorded. The next attack missed yet triggered the Streakbreaker effect, possibly suggesting that the snipe didn't actually hit despite the combat text. Second time was yesterday on a Fire/Dev blaster playing the first mission in the Smoke and Mirrors arc from Ouro. Again an OOC snipe on the named boss of the mission. Combat text as follows: [12:21:22] You start Blazing Bolt.[12:21:23] You activated the Blazing Bolt power.[12:21:24] HIT Malico! Your Blazing Bolt power had a 95.00% chance to hit, you rolled a 46.39.[12:21:24] You hit Malico with your Apocalypse: Chance for Negative Energy Damage for 92.9 points of Negative Energy damage.[12:21:24] Fire Thorn Caster MISSES! Fire Ball power had a 18.10% chance to hit, but rolled a 25.97.[12:21:25] Nerva Spectral Daemon MISSES! Ice Bolt power had a 5.00% chance to hit, but rolled a 97.55.[12:21:25] Malico MISSES! Falchion power had a 5.75% chance to hit, but rolled a 42.40. Again the only damage recorded was a damage IO proc, in this case Apocalypse. An OOC snipe should have almost one shot the named npc due to mission notoriety [-1/1] in addition to an OOC snipe affected by Targeting Drone [+60% damage] Worth noting that the snipe was also slotted with 5 Sting of the Manticore [1, 2, 3, 5, 6] which included the damage proc IO but this didn't trigger.
  8. Seems like the old description before the decision was made around version/page 3/4 of the patch notes to change it from a range based buff set to a non damage based one.
  9. Agreed. Fire is thematic for bombardment and something rare damage proc wise in game so it's a nice change from all the S/L and occasional Energy damage procs scattered throughout sets. Having more damage types would also be good for the future, including Cold in general [possibly themed in a slow set], Energy in more than just tAoEs and PBAoEs like Posi Blast and Eradication respectively, and Negative outside of the two purple sets or the two debuff and accurate healing sets it occurs in.
  10. If a list was written up would it be possible to add some of the missing aura options such as Fiery: Body and Eyes? Both options exist separately and even in partial states like Head [Hair + Eyes] and Fists, but there some combinations for some aura types "missing". There was a discussion on Reddit a while back where someone was messing about with auras and when I asked them about such they described it as being something akin to matching the known aura types in game to create the final design, so literally Body + Eyes from the existing picks. I can't say how accurate this may actually be but it would be nice to round out some of the missing areas that some auras cover. Or more accurately dont cover.
  11. Was looking through recipes on an alt and this name stuck out. It should be "Encouraged Accuracy: To Hit Buff".
  12. That's a power in the Flight Power Pool.
  13. I get that as it's the existing values. What I was meaning was the 1.25 as the 4 set bonus and the 2.5 for the 6 set [with the appropriate e/n def values 2.5 at 4 and 1.25 at 6 as Thunderstrike does] seems like a more balanced choice for those who may only want [or are limited] to slot some of the set. "Artillery" isn't used AFAIK and is generic enough to refer to "launch munitions far beyond the range and power of infantry firearms". As the type of munitions does vary the concept of artillery itself would encompass the act of the set rather than whatever powerset may be using it. Additionally S/L in a range set sounds like something that may benefit existing melee ATs [def based ones especially] more than the ranged ATs since melee are able to stack more from their melee [and pbaoe] powers then smooth out any gaps with epic/patron pools and TAOEs using such a bonus. For ranged it would probably requiring shoehorning into cold/mace epic sets for the majority of a S/L build to then benefit from set bonuses granting additional values, which again would be more limiting on one "half" of the ATs than the other. Admittedly this is a choice someone makes when making designing their toon. If ranged def is too high, as you've mentioned, then would lowering it be an option? Reduce 3.75 to something more balanced for the set but still keep at least one of the new TAOE set ideas with ranged def since both are now looking to go the way of another positional type when having ranged was one of the big appeals when it was first announced. This would likely only work under similar restrictions, so requiring one of the IOs to be unique as per Gaussian's and the BU proc. Otherwise every taoe a build has would probably be 6 slotted. Although it does bring up the idea of maybe the unique/proc IO being entirely about range. It would prevent [extensive] Frankenslotting and carry the cost of missing out on the 6 set if someone did want to Frankenslot it into something else. As for what that power internal value would be the only suggestion I'd have there is for it to definitely exceed 16~% at 50 since that's what [the non unique] Posi Blast grants from it's Dam/Range IO, and probably to exceed the 25.5% a level 50 range IO grants if it were to be literally entirely about boosting range on the power and as well as being a unique IO.
  14. Range enhancement already exists like that as Posi Blast: Dam/Range [26.5/15.9375 @50]. It's the 4th IO in the set and was probably part of the interest many had in Bombardment due to the set bonus being a global effect [something only existing in ATOs and PVP sets - making the increased end cost justified as well as balancing out the acc/rec values] rather than mirroring Posi Blast that way. Repeating a range IO will likely just lead to 5 slotting whichever taoe set and either Posi Dam/Range or Bombard/Shrapnel x/Range, whichever of the two ends up that way.
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