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Shardtober 2021 Next Month


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Just a reminder, although the Weekly Task/Strike Force calendar doesn't show it, that the month of October becomes SHARDTOBER, a time when the four shard realm TFs in City of Heroes are promoted for fun (yes, it's possible) and badging/XP.


Explorers and Exploiters (Dr. Quaterfield, Level 40-45)

The Legend of Ruladak (Sara Moore, Level 44-50)

The Saga of Faathim (Justin Augustine, Level 44-50)

The Saga of Lanaru (Faathim the Kind, Level 44-50)


In days of olde, these Task Forces were somewhat time-intensive, and involved traveling in zones - the dimensional Shadow Shard realms - that required Flight or Teleport to successfully navigate. In these enlightened days, when temporary Jet Packs can be easily obtained, and the zone-hopping teleport powers like Team Teleport, Ouroborous portal, temp Base Portal, and direct Mission Teleport are also available, a good team can run even the Dr. Q TF within an hour (okay, maybe 90 minutes on Q).


When these TFs are the Weekly TFs, you can add a 2XP boost to yourself in the 40s and increase your XP to level faster. When you're incarnate, these TFs can drop a lot of Incarnate Shards and Threads to craft your Incarnate powers.


Used to be - because of the lengthy play time - that you would need to set aside the time (weekends were best) and schedule a sign-up for teams to plan ahead. Nowadays, you should be able to form these Shard TFs pretty quickly. Just make sure every teammate has the TEAM TELEPORT power on hand to help speed up door missions between zones.


Hope to see you in Firebase Zulu (connected to Peregrine Island via the Portal Corp building) for SHARDTOBER!



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