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Best MM Pet for Empathy Adrenaline Boost


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I’m working on a build that will focus on buffing the 3rd tier pet as much as possible with the single target Empathy buffs.  I’ve started a thugs/empathy guy already, but I’m not sure if the Bruiser is the best choice for the recharge buff that empathy gives.


My main question is, how does the Bruiser AI interact with a 100% recharge buff?  He has so many attacks - will he get stuck using the weaker attacks constantly with that much recharge, or will he use foot stomp and the other strong attacks first?  Would the assault bot benefit from recharge more since it has less filler attacks and will fire swarm missiles everywhere?


Are any of the other tier 3 pets worth considering?  

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Sad to say that +recharge does not work on pets whatsoever. They will still cycle through their attacks, like normal, with or without Adrenalin Boost. Only the +regen and +recovery buffs will help them. Fortitude is great for all pets and not difficult to cycle through with no downtime.

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