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  1. StrikerFox


    I consider Howling Twilight to be one of the highlights of Dark Miasma. An AoE stun, slow and regen debuff. It can also rez dead league/teammates but don't wait for someone to die to use it. Build for recharge and use HT as often as possible.
  2. Nothing to contribute to your build but I remember testing Burnout + Hell on Earth during live. It didn't work when double casting HoE on a single pet. It had to be cast on two different pets to get 10+10 hellfire spawn.
  3. It even works in a power like Gang War:
  4. Not sure, possibly. It depends how strong they make the Soul Extracted zombies, and what power(s) they have. Also the radius of the AoE summon. I'll probably never get a chance to test it, barely have any time to log onto the HC servers nowadays. Hopefully someone on CoXG makes a video on it.
  5. Adrenalin Boost and Painbringer can counter the end crash caused by Serum. Also maybe Ageless incarnate. Any power that provides more than +1000% recovery. Powers like Recovery Aura and Chrono Shift wouldn't be enough.
  6. Anyone read the changes being made to Mercs on the CoXG server? It's listed on r/Cityofheroes. Here's a copy/paste: Mercenaries Update Soldiers: + New Costume based on Spec Ops design. + 1 extra Soldier, due to medic being moved to own power. - Removed Brawl + Gave Burst a 15-Arc Cone + Frag Grenade for early-level group control + Increased Resistances to soldier by ~12% & added Recovery + Health Regen Medic: + New costume + Medic is now summoned separately from Soldiers. (A third Soldier takes his place in Soldiers. - Removed Brawl + Medic has two heals, a single target heal and AoE heal, both on 10 sec cooldown. + Stimulant is now an AoE and places a Heal DoT on friendlies + Final Upgrade is Field Medic skill. - Medic has NO ATTACKS Spec Ops: + Web Grenade is now an AOE attack, 20 yds - Removed Brawl + Replaced Rifle Butt for BeanBag Mag 2.5 Stun + Increased Snipe's Damage by 1.2% + Replaced Stealth with Targeting Drone as it really didn't help and snipe needed the Accuracy Buff + Increased Resistances to soldier by ~12% & added Recovery + Health Regen Commando: + Increased Resistances to soldier by ~12% & added Recovery + Health Regen + Reduced Cooldown of Rocket Launcher to match Assault Bot Rockets + Reduced the frequency of Knockback/changed to Knockdown + Summon 2 Soldiers, they last 120 seconds and cooldown is 200 seconds. - Removed Brawl Equip Mercenary: + Passive Power, Once bought, every 5 seconds it Pulses to upgrade any new or re-summoned pets Tactical Upgrade: + Passive Power, Once bought, every 5 seconds it Pulses to upgrade any new or re-summoned pets Serum: + Increased range & turned into an AOE for pets + Duration set to 60 seconds - Endurance cost raised to 25 + Recharge time reduced to 100 seconds + Crash reduced to 50% of cur%pet powerpool - Bonuses from Serum reduced ~3.7% For us Necro fans, a change to Soul Extraction: Soul Extraction: +Toggle power, with minimal Drain (might change) +Fires off every 10 seconds with an AoE than Summons a Zombie per dead foe nearby, no more targeting required, There is no upper limit to how many you can have, but they only last ~25 seconds
  7. Open Mids' Reborn, click Options and press 'Check For Updates Now' to get the latest version. It has a pet window with info on their powers. Edit: v2.6.0.4 is a little buggy. Turning Accolades on, then making any changes to the build, turns the accolades off. Accolades window then needs to be opened, accolades deselect/reselect to get them to show again.
  8. For BS/Regen, I would probably roll with something like this to try to make regen the star of the set again. 70 hp/s passive regen, using perma Dull Pain and accolades for maxed hp. Instant Heal with a 50% up/down time, Melee Radial Hybrid with a 50% up/down time, Rebirth Radial with a 2 min uptime with diminishing return. It has the standard softcap to L/M with a single Parry. A small purple inspira will softcap E/N/R. Pretty average damage resist for a regen Scrapper. 45 seconds of god-mode with Shadow Meld and MoG. Has Moonbeam for runners and to add dps. MB might be the second highest dps attack in the build, next to AS, thanks to instant-snipe. Build created with Mids' Reborn v2.6.0.3. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1553;763;1526;HEX;| |78DA65944B4F135114C7EF74A6424B6B8152A0D0022D50A0A585FA58080A4611A3D| |204282FD184543BC048D392B62824BAF02B68A22B135DBA71E3924443FC0C4617C6| |C74E4D5013359218AD87FB3FD09A4E32F9DD73CE3DCF3B7363EB23B627676F0F0BC| |57E3A95C8E516E2F9446A45CF56C6D6F289BC9149AB829E0A7ADD6C5988E9295D8F| |9CCA6612C985F88D4C36E9D9B38CE88B7A3AA74726F5253DAD67A5BFB08E6732A94| |87C55D79376B91C359696F3467AA9464AE7D2D78D9C71C54819F90D87D48CE989A4| |9ECD2D1BABEE33ABC6D5C85EF478662DB5104BE4F27A76A3910A0AD3BBE910FC14C| |CE20DD51AD58469CB248493F816B2F68EF91E3CF0019CB2909B227D3551478BA845| |1C7029D256F987D45EE205ECB57E07A7C947818F59F1B06D48917B6D2D906DADE0C| |136A60F9C215F15B52A6A1C791AA7C067D48799E39A5F627F639749B2A9DB246B6B| |EA81EC0942F684203F77E080C857543C866E967259104FB14C22470BE7F2D3E62AB| |65585848CD5C254C866E779DA1705FC96C0B665A6C1BC06FA56C039CAE9E01E1C13| |C8E5E3DC3EEEB79D6B689F66CE805BD4438D1C6CC15CB3AE495D4700BD74FC25751| |7D1A448066EC21EB8055EA4BC4EE4559D0DBB67611181439861D72F55F6D5B503AA| |D49F8B7B77FD64DB0F50235B03DB1AAAF13DF4B8403BD9DC6C73FF67D3C43CE56FC| |6CC4CCD71B64D81C1185843FE5EF6F71E2568AA0872EC17D47B2BCFBC751875078F| |A1F7DE019C75EF20CBC721874F40FE48DBFDF0D5FC0F700EE187CC47605F3FF6F64| |5C1CB546F277F2F9D2ECC74C7264437EBBA0750DF278A1D824E0DBD32C96FBCEF35| |188D2056B40FFC4C7B23FC6D4786D87612BC44F9FA3976FF36FA6BD6F6FFDB82A7B| |8DE150B05112CD3F49769A2659AC3659A23659AB152CD20FA1CD7F81A209D227759| |AAE94FC56915B6ADFB7FBC50C298E8576BF92D50ED65F22D50CBB7402DDF0275E73| |1E92FA5F1BA11EF5B51A72A7730B5BABB60FD3DE67D70C22A6B97B5CD96ACE74AD6| |F325EBD10672E35E9E3A69CDFA4D7F51FFBBBEB8FE07A3C3F228| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  9. It would be awesome if Accurate Defense Debuff IOs can be added to MM Grave Knight, Jounin, and all Merc pets. They can equip it as well as Enforcers. Thank you.
  10. Imo, three power picks + X amount of slots is a lot to sacrifice to add a layer of mitigation. I recommend dropping the Medicine Pool at 50+, and taking Destiny, T4 Rebirth Radial power when you're doing incarnate content. Massive heal, 2 min uptime, regen with diminishing return over time. If you have a spare slot, add the Preventive Medicine +absorb IO into Health.
  11. Bonfire seems pretty redundant on a /Storm MM when Gale has a 100% chance to KB/KD. Gale has a short CD and can slot the same IO sets Bonfire can. It's a more viable power on fast teams that can steamroll through groups.
  12. StrikerFox


    Rikti Drones seem to detect my Stalker with Hide + Stealth + Stealth IO active.
  13. I don't have Moonbeam but tested Epic PP crits from Hide and with ATO (Slotted in AS), using Laser Beam Eyes. It does seem to crit all the time. I assume Moonbeam would do the same.
  14. StrikerFox


    Mainly recharge to get Tar Patch/Howling Twilight up as often as possible. Everything else is built just enough to get by. 32.5% def to S/L/E. 1.8 end/s gain.
  15. StrikerFox


    Slotting meant to be used with T4 Musculature Core/Radial or T4 Intuition Radial. Lich: Superior Mark of Supremacy - Dam Superior Command of the Mastermind - Dam/End Endoplasm Exposure - Acc/Mez Superior Mark of Supremacy - Acc/End Cloud Sense proc Superior Command of the Mastermind - Rech/+AoE Defense Aura Dark Servant: Full set of Cloud Sense IOs, mainly for the set bonuses and majority of its powers have -tohit debuff.
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