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  1. Vaguely remember Paragon Studios devs mentioned MMs were meant to be the tank class of CoV. Not Brutes. There was some bizarre Hami Raid strategy where MMs would hold aggro by sending streams of pets to their doom.
  2. I was commenting more from the Stalker's point of view. Willpower on Stalkers is lacking since it does not have RttC. Bio seems like the regen king.
  3. Imo, just making IH a toggle again would be great. The original Regen nerf happened during i5, ED happened in i6. ED would have dropped IH effectiveness a large amount without the initial nerf. It felt like Regen got hit hard two issues in a row. It also bothers me that it's called Regeneration but doesn't seem to be the best at regenerating.
  4. I do but the only way to achieve the slotting was pairing Mercs with Storm. Tornado can slot pet IOs. I did end up dropping the def debuff procs in Commando to give Tornado better damage, recharge and end redux. When I tested 1.5 years ago, the def debuff procs added about +5% dps each to Commando; Explosive Strike proc alone added about +12% dps. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;749;380;760;HEX;| |78DAF3AD70E159E7DE68CFC028E09C93585C1CEF9B585C9
  5. I tested Explosive Strike a long time ago in all tiers, and it seemed to be only worthwhile in the Assault Bot. But with the improvements to the Stay command, it would be worth testing again since Brawl would be bypassed most of the time. One less power to cycle through would mean their Heavy Burst Laser would be used more frequently.
  6. Do you usually get incarnate powers? The build would change drastically if so. Moved some slotting, swapped IOs around with Spritual Alpha/Melee Hybrid in mind. It has a passive regen of +986%, around to 99 hp/s. Five of every regen bonus is packed in except for +16%. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1518;694;1388;HEX;| |78DA65935B6F124114C767CA2285160AC5DE4B29D4222D740BD1187DD1447B55AA5| |4DAFA64EA968E7513B21040631F8DD144FD1E26BEF805FC065EE217D0775FAA3526
  7. Data links don't work for me. Need the data chunk.
  8. Soldiers: Shield Breaker, Lady Grey, Overwhelming and Soulbound. Spec Ops: Achilles', Shield Breaker and Lady Grey Commando: Explosive Strike, Shield Breaker and Lady Grey I would like Achilles' in Soldiers but wanted Overwhelming and Soulbound slotted on them too. When I tested 1.5 years ago, Explosive Strike performed a lot better than the def debuff procs on Commando. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;714;354;708;HEX;| |78DAF3AD70E159E7DE68C
  9. Lol! What? I didn't confirm that at all. I was trying to confirm if the change to Full Auto would make a significant impact on Merc dps. Anyone who did a lot of testing with proc-less, old Mercs and saved the data, would need to retest with the update to know for sure. The only data I have are proc heavy pets. My Merc dps is very rng dependent with 2-3 damage procs slotted on each pet. I have screenshots of each proc doing anywhere between 6-25% of a pet's total damage. I also have screenshots of the Medic doing more damage than Soldiers and Spec-Ops thanks to proc rng. The same pylon
  10. It was just a single run, rng likely plays a big part in it. The run with the Full Auto change actually did worse. The old run posted, only one pet was in Leadership range so 5 of 6 didn't get the buffs.
  11. For some reason I can't open both builds posted in this thread. But for a pure regen build, make Dull Pain perma and keep it on auto. Slot Dull Pain with as little as possible and with it active, should be just enough to cap your HP (2410 hp). After basic stuff like recharge and endurance management, pour the rest of the slots/IOs into regen bonuses. Try to get five +10% and +12% regen bonuses. As many +16% as possible (Will need to split Apocalypse set). Pounding Slugfest and Power Transfer are great for +6% and +8% bonuses. I would skip the +4% bonus but you can probably squeeze
  12. Merc damage seems pretty much the same with the change to Full Auto. Just did a run on Beta, only Merc pets. Got the same dps as 1.5 years ago while testing. Both 211 secs, 310 dps. New: Old:
  13. I remember making a similar build, the goal to run AS-Ab-SS-Ab seamlessly. Ab needed to have a recharge of 1.28 seconds. Global recharge of around 240% + 100% recharge through slotting, got it there. In the end, the dps was lower than I expected. Sacrificing procs for recharge resulted with less damage. Running AS-Ab-SS-NS might produce equal or better results. Less recharge is required to run so more procs can be slotted.
  14. Yeah, Traps is pretty awesome though I would disregard it from Group Fly + range pets style of play (If that's what the OP is planning with his Bots). Several Trap powers can't be activated more than a couple feet off the ground.
  15. Weird. Both your builds crash my Mids'. I'm using v2.6.1.25, database issue 26, 20.0515.
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