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  1. In this scenario, I would use Ragnarok's KD chance IO in Photon Grenade and keep OF in Drones. If you don't need the IO set bonus, I would frankenslot PG with: Accuracy and Endurance. Ragnarok KD chance IO Superior Frozen Blast chance to Immobilize Annihilation chance for Resist Debuff Absolute Amazement chance for -tohit debuff That's a pretty cool power that I never really looked at. An AoE stun and can be slotted to KD, immob, apply -resist and -tohit debuffs. Winner winner, Rikti dinner!
  2. Dark is a secondary that will work well with any primary. It has all the tools to help keep pets/teammates alive. A strong heal (Twilight Grasp), massive AoE resist debuff (Tar Patch), 2 big -tohit debuff (Darkest Night/Fearsome Stare), a big AoE damage debuff (Darkest Night), an AoE rez/stun (Howling Twilight), an additional pet that heals/debuffs (Dark Servant), AoE +def and resist to E/N/P (Shadow Fall). Plus a decent ST hold (Petrifying Gaze). The only outlying power that I haven't found much use for is Black Hole. I think Dark would still perform great built on SOs. I would build for recharge to use Tar Patch, Howling Twilight and Gang War as often as possible. Pet defense should be at around +50% AoE def and +35% to melee/ranged/all types. So one cast of Darkest Night or Fearsome Stare will put all pets at softcap equivalent. Pet defense tally: +17% - Enforcer's Maneuvers x2 (+8.5% each Enforcer) +5% - Shadow Fall (Moderately slotted) +4% - Maneuvers (Moderately slotted) +5% - Edict unique IO +5% - Call to Arms unique IO +15% AoE - Superior Command of the Mastermind unique IO As for pet IOs, I'm a fan of frankenslotting pets to try increase their survivability and damage potential. Thugs: | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;841;397;794;HEX;| |78DA7592CB4EC2401486A71734081210A280E8D6A48B46A27B130111431312C1CB8| |A542C65622FA42D0696BE90EF608C020B1F4217262EBC24EABA1E3B0D250E9E74FA| |CF7CA7F39FD3C948FD62F4BA7CB583987841936DBB29C9B6A3583A36CE4392ACE21| |68720E661AC0499E6614FD74D43AC777AAABD3AC5777BEDB65894AD8BA684655B97| |51A2669A9A58312EB18DCFB0869D41CA23A57E57B1B0AE188EEC60D358F4E01E563| |B0E36D4085969BFCB64A98B5B62A1235BAAE2F736484337028CDB10F2C30DA14F90| |7C18B1DFA0691EB1473CAC79C43F72440BACA773A78437F8C95E7820BCD7CC18429| |9885F26E2978936884DF4066CC33C8A3DB05ED9D809E1F139CEE381CB085C12BE4B| |E289EC5AFA025D03BD274DA686BE8E882E8F89FE69680C5619C47856993A2998BD2| |39F669F016FF028774C786E404AADBF008FF1FFFFE5ACC851872450649322798A6C| |51649B22558A4801716B3067FC2CE365C37184383FFBBA0059663AFB4E91378A7C5| |0A42C0415F7A7E615617203DC036172F86E3509674C1CDC1F398911B7| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| Bots: | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;777;362;724;HEX;| |78DAF3AD70E159E7DE68CFC028E09C93585C1CEF9B585C925A949B9997C2EA9B989| |E99CCCC0004EC402C8590890F2ECDCDCDCFD30BCA4FCA2FC94C2E964692722A4D4B| |D373492CCA8EF7CD4C2CCE4D64100CC8CFCFD1F3CC2BCB2CCE4CCACCC92CA914018| |BB85614A41665E6A6E695249664E6E7F18205DD32D3334A32F3D2B921BC1C1057D8| |B5203359CF3923B1283D15EABC4A09A083348178172B0314FC6765F80CA40C39199| |8BE0269091606A63016209F8581E5213384766602D36C9110F15016B85E20020230| |8115EC035AC30DB5861B6A0D4F28C4189E97403E1F0B03DF23A0F19C403A02222EF| |005C89765C16D28181C009A2C0935593204A253EA28C4C1529F18C0B44C38445CE6| |3184963B0991FF4F0A90C1F0AD1686880186882186883186880986880F86882F42E| |47F0090CD08956504CB720A3030304365DF720165199165DF6388BCC310F98021E2| |A285B0D1550B1E7DFFDDB4E001FE9F451C188E105DFF0196AE0E99| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| Overwhelming Force is prefered over Sudden Acceleration on T1 pets. OF will give all attacks a chance to KD their target, while SA will only convert Heavy Beam Laser from KB to KD. Brawl, Laser Burst and Full Auto Laser can't KD without OF slotted.
  3. I dislike DB combos on Stalkers. Weaken combo, which might be useful early levels, requires the T9 power to achieve (Stalkers can perform Weaken at level 32, other AT's can use it at level 6). Attack Vitals on Stalkers uses 2 of DB's worst dps attacks in the set (Nimble and Vengeful), negating it's dps potential. Sweep combo has BU in the combo, so it can't be used as frequently as other ATs (Unless relying on random BU recharge from the Stalker ATO2). DB Stalkers does have a great attack chain but requires a lot of recharge to achieve. [BU]-AS-Ab-SS-Ab-repeat. It's a really fast chain, only 5 seconds long. Uses DB's 3 strongest dps attacks. Ab and SS can both slot -res procs (Achilles' and Fury of the Gladiator). Fast stacks of AF. Empower combo (BU-AS-Plac) can easily be integrated, and Sweep combo (BU-AS-Ab) occurs naturally as part of the chain. Actually if you have that much recharge in the build to run that chain, any of the Ancillary snipes could probably be integrated as well. That's if the no redraw feature works with DB. Alternatively, there's also [BU]-AS-Ab-SS-NS/PS-repeat. It would require significantly less recharge to run. Slots saved from chasing recharge IO sets could be used for damage procs. -Res procs are still slottable, Empower/Sweep combos are still on the table as well.
  4. Typo. Change CU to CS. AS-CS-SB-[BU]-AS-SB-MB-SB.
  5. Is QS-BB-SB-AS still the best KM attack chain? I vaguely remember that being the case near the end of live, back in 2012. Nowadays CS and Moonbeam can both be made into proc monsters. BU can be single slotted with the Gaussian's unique getting a double BU for 5s. I average 125s pylon times starting with BU, followed by: AS-CU-SB-[BU]-AS-SB-MB-SB-repeat. Running with Assault Radial Alpha, Degenerative Core, Ageless (For endurance), and Assault Hybrid passive (Untoggled).
  6. How did you get -18% tohit debuff with Flash Arrow? I tossed together a build on beta and FA's base is -6.75% tohit. Slotted aggressively, it would probably have around -10%. Was that including Jounin's Blinding Powder? Edit: Nevermind, I see where I made a mistake. It's -6.75% resistable + -6.75% unresistable. So a total of -13.5% to most enemies, unenhanced. That change alone will improve TA by a lot.
  7. 1. The aura follows the MM. I believe they're all now a 20' radius from the MM. 2. All procs only work on the pet it's slotted into. If you were to slot Achilles' Heel into Soldiers, both Soldiers and Medic have a chance to proc it. Both Spec Ops and Commando do not. 3. As for what procs to slot... Beasts: Wolves: Achilles', Lady Grey, Shield Breaker Lions: None. Dire Wolf: Impeded Swiftness Demons: Demonlings: Maybe Impeded Swiftness? Demons: None. Demon Prince: Impeded Swiftness Mercs: Soldiers: Achilles', Lady Grey, Shield Breaker Spec Ops: Achilles', Lady Grey, Shield Breaker Commando: Explosive Strike Note: I recommend only one Achilles' between Soldier and Spec Ops. Necro: Zombie: None. Grave Knight: Achilles', Lady Grey, Shield Breaker Lich: Cloud Senses Ninjas: Genin: Overwhelming Force Jounin: Achilles', Lady Grey, Shield Breaker Oni: Maybe Unbreakable Constraint? Bots: Drones: None. Protector: None. Assault: Explosive Strike, Sudden Acceleration Thugs: Thugs: None. Enforcers: Achilles', Lady Grey, Shield Breaker, Gausssian's Bruiser: Explosive Strike I recommend slotting Overwhelming Force, Soulbound Allegiance, Edict of the Master, Soverign Right, Call to Arms, Expedient Reinforcements, Superior Command of the MM and Superior Mark of Supremacy in all MM builds. They all make pets sturdier, giving them a better chance for survival. I usually double slot SMoS in each pet to provide +30% recharge for the MM. Set bonuses do not affect pets, only the MM. Here's a screenshot of a full set of SCotMM slotted into Bruiser. Everything highlighted in red affects the MM; everything highlighted in blue affects all your pets; everything highlighted in purple only affects the Bruiser. 4. Sovereign Right only affects pets within a 20' radius from the MM. The MM does not get the resist bonus. All pet unique IOs affect your pets with exception to Soulbound Allegiance. That only affect the pet it's slotted into. None of the uniques benefit the MM.
  8. I went the Tough and Weave route. Weave and the def unique IOs adds around +11% def, and allows us to slot attacks for more damage rather chasing sets for random def bonuses. If you pvp, Stealth is pretty decent. Hide + Stealth + Celerity unique makes Stalkers really hard to see.
  9. Mercs really does needs a secondary that allows pet IOs, which unfortunately is only Storm. There's just not enough slots to get all the damage procs, pet uniques and still maintain a decent amount of acc, dam and end redux. Mercs benefit with the Alpha Incarnate pick, moreso than other MM primaries. Slotting such a large quantity of damage procs, on top of the pet uniques, they really need the Alpha pick to get their stats into the green, yellow or red. While pets like Genin, Zombies, Thugs etc, with little to no damage procs, can focus more on slotting IOs for stats. I think if Alpha, and maybe Interface, was added in, the order would still be the same but the totals would be closer. Except for Bots. They would probably be even further behind. Thank you for all the testing. That's amazing work!
  10. I think Ice Arrow can be a good proc monster.
  11. I haven't played Staff since live and haven't tried Bio yet. So no real advice to give. Do you have Mids' Hero Design? If not, click the below link. It's a program used to make City of Heroes builds: There's a thread talking about Staff/Bio already. Some have posted builds on there: I remember Staff's best single target attack chain is Assassin's Staff-Serpent's-Mercurial-Precise-repeat. I think staff is pretty great and can pair with anything. Good damage/AoE, Guarded Spin adds Lethal and Melee defense. Bio is all the rage nowadays. You probably can't go wrong with this combo.
  12. What's the cast time of an ancillary snipe? Is it just the regular cast minus the interrupt time?
  13. A lot of players say no to Destiny but I personally do not mind if it's used. It has a 100% uptime with diminishing return over 2 mins. Some peeps say if Destiny is used, it's cast time should be included in the pylon kill time. What are the outlying powers in the attack chains listed by Croax at the top of this page? MB which is easily integrated without altering IO slotting of a build. SS, maybe SC, but I think most builds take them anyways just because they're AoE. Croax posted a build that could run his chain, Microcosm, your second chain and my chain. You posted a reply saying you altered it by switching procs and splitting ATOs. If you want to find out which chain is better, more should be tested rather than just your own, on any given build. I don't know. Maybe the build just needs to be worked on. 113s and 119s seem pretty average for a Stalker.
  14. It seems like testing results is getting skewed. It should be more systematic. If a build is created, all chains should be tested with that one build. Testing one chain with one build, then testing a different chain with a different build, isn't an apples to apples comparison. Only Alpha and Interface should be active while pylon testing. Hybrid toggled has a 50% up/down time so it doesn't add consistent dps. The results with Hybrid on is only achievable half the time. Variances of 102s-130s pylon times should be explainable. Misclicks or miscellaneous rng. Misses, damage/debuff procs not firing, less instant BU from one run to the next etc. They all tack on time. We can't post videos from HC but record/view it for your own analysis. The main thing to look for is that CU always crits. I also recommend going in game to MENU, OPTIONS, WINDOWS tab, CHAT and enable LOG CHAT. Create a new chat window that only displays DAMAGE INFLICTED. It will create a log in your CoH folder and display damage data. It also provides a more accurate time than using a stop watch. Start time is the initial power used and finishing time is the, "You have defeated Rikti Pylon," line. Subtract the initial time from the end time. The below example shows a pylon being defeated in 2:02/122s. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2020-04-16 23:44:46 You activated the Build Up power. 2020-04-16 23:44:46 HIT Halley Comet! Your Build Up power is autohit. 2020-04-16 23:44:46 Halley Comet HITS you! Build Up power was autohit. 2020-04-16 23:44:47 Readying Assassin's Strike. 2020-04-16 23:44:47 You start Assassin's Strike. 2020-04-16 23:44:49 Readying Concentrated Strike. 2020-04-16 23:44:49 You activated the Assassin's Strike power. *SNIP* 2020-04-16 23:46:48 You hit Rikti Pylon with your Hecatomb: Chance for Negative Energy Damage for 85.66 points of Negative Energy damage. 2020-04-16 23:46:48 You hit Rikti Pylon with your Degenerative Interface for 8.56 points of Toxic damage over time. 2020-04-16 23:46:48 You have defeated Rikti Pylon ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for all the testing. In my head, I don't see the 10s chain being better but I've been proven wrong many times before.
  15. Consider taking Zapp from Mu Mastery instead of Moonbeam. Mids' is incorrect and all snipes from the Ancillary Pools do the same amount of damage. Zapp has an end drain as a secondary effect. It might be enough so that you can stray away from Agility Alpha.
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