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  1. No first hand testing on the subject but since HoE works on Traps, I would imagine it works on any that appears in the pet window like Dark Servant. Also including temp pet powers like Vanguard Heavy, Shivan, Warwolves etc.
  2. Not really sure. There was a thread talking about which incarnate powers work with pets. It sounded like only Hybrid Support and Assault do. But my memory could be a little hazy and/or I may not have finished reading the whole thread. I don't see the Beta option in the Tequila launcher, I would like to test that.
  3. No particular reason. There's no set bonus that comes with slotting the acc/dam IO, any one of them would work (Blood Mandate, Expedient Reinforcement). Preferably a level 50 IO. If influence isn't a problem, HamiO or Superior Command of the MM would be ideal.
  4. Slot Enforcers with: Sovereign Right - acc/dam Superior Mark of Supremacy - dam/end Shield Breaker proc Lady Grey proc Superior Mark of Supremacy - acc/dam/end Gaussian's proc Above slotting is meant to work with Musculature Core/Radial or Intuition Radial. Swap the Gaussian's proc for the Achilles' proc if you solo often or have no other way apply the debuff.
  5. Atlanteans, aliens, superheroes/villains. Some type of pets that fly naturally on their own like angels, giant insects or avian pets. Clowns. I still want that. Summon and a small car pulls up with a stream of clowns tumbling out of all doors/trunk. Wrestlers. When summoned, they come running with tables, ladders and chairs. I also want an upgrade to Robotics. Swap their T7, Repair power with "Assemble." They merge into one massive bot. Also an upgrade to Beasts where they shoot bees out of their mouths when they howl.
  6. Time, Cold and FF can softcap Ninjas though they probably need Power Boost to get them there. Doesn't all MM pets have trouble in the Hami Raid unless we feed them EoE? I usually set them to passive/stay in the back until the mitos are almost gone, to give them time to run over. Attack the Hami, watch pets die during bloom, resummon and repeat.
  7. I've been looking at NA a lot more lately, thanks to SmalltalkJava using it for dps testing. Nice -tohit debuff, damage buff, -dam resist debuff and a whole bunch of heals. I would build for recharge to try to get Overgrowth perma. Aim for 32.5% def in S/L/E. Grave Knight slotted with Achilles', Lady Grey and Shield Breaker procs, Lich slotted with Cloud Senses proc. There's other damage procs that could be slotted but used so infrequently, likely they wouldn't be worth it. This is the build I would probably roll with: | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1567;758;1516;HEX;| |78DA6594494C136114C7BFE94C292D054A4B59BB825098CAC0B81E4C44C525514A3| |028A0976652A63849B7B490C8D1A37BA2078F6E1764F3EAD58BCBC19B51A3273D81| |0A62908307531FDF7BB49374D2E6F77D6FF9BEF7FE7DD3D8D593CE9533D70699E01| |A4A6985423CA61566F47CDAC84C5963DAB49110193C36F8FACA9EF8D86C3A9DCD28| |237A229F4D6B99C45CD0E43C319B4C2A23DACC6C5E8F1F4F268D8C3133C71CA3D96| |C4A19CBE9FA543D5F0EEBDA949E2F5C3172CEDD7DCEC84CBBF9E674369FD0E3D964| |7CC248A57CA7724642315D10D3C089FBB916A84C81EFBC95D153B4B22D806A6796E| |D1D4ACC322E714A5F45E49085B3EA12DA3F77967205D686395561E417F009E89304| |1FE657FB8901A423480C21AF438E28602DA28AB6BA7EA46B1FB11902FC12EBDEC6B| |DFA17B9007D602B4566A51A3A407E1B9E27D8A2D89B9B7803EEB263BC683F0C9044| |E65E80FE3C126B5C242E2197E0E01AD2A86613CF6EBA881A34BDC4989677A84DCB2| |4DADBAA445E6703D4504B3DD5BA047E775BA3C0637C5EE23FC66303E7B097C016F2| |26D4588FB9523D691820ED42A45D88B40B8591CB506B03D5DAF0CDC2CF0DAFC1360| |27C8531E1D7C8CE37C4B7C85B709F87723DABE45B43EEF94EFC41FC89EC5E47BAA1| |4F2FD6CABCA4BF076CCD646B3E881AAF407DAD7447EB05D4AAFB10FA22BF2D5C9FC| |804DA23ABA86DEF1FD4F636D4D74E33D54E7AF4D24CF5922E32E922932ECFE03E3F| |E5F8E7F15C7901B97791B8445C463E879C20CD52907AB9037777D0BC74BC475DFB3| |E103F123F21EF426C17DDD9F5106BEF7F447C4C7C82549F225F40B93D34AB3D3427| |2A9F8F6AB6E1642C4AF544A3347FA0AD42DA2A5E8C6F04DB00C50DECCE96547A47E| |1030F932B2C031516B5C2B2BFC272A0C2326CB61CC1DF3456B61547A5D27F021378| |86DD056F3C79D71DE0A58E843EECF257D9260867053EC5CE71EC6CC31CDF83F19B6| |59B45B887CA3AEF23EB1E20772E2E1E95CB651D934BAF7771502E8D67F1BC83FFB1| |F1F584693D695A5F36AD87E1DD5169FD1F08A4028B| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  8. Got Around to doing Bots and Thugs pylon runs. For Bots, went with T4 Reactive Radial since they have -regen debuffs covered. Bots: 3:35, 215 secs, 306 DPS Thugs: 2:54, 174 secs, 348 DPS
  9. That's a great idea to test it. With 3 damage IOs and T4 Musculature Alpha slotted, does Chilling Howl bump up to 90 points of damage?
  10. A tanker would be a huge help but I'm in PST, around 9 hours behind UTC. It would be 4am in your area when I'm online.
  11. Did a run with Ninjas using Tar Patch and Smoke Flash (On Jounin) and slaughtered the pylon in 1:24/84 seconds for 584 dps. Also trying to test Necro but can't keep the pylon's attention. I guess Siphon Life gives them extra aggro because of the heal.
  12. I didn't realize the Beast MM needs to use his primary attacks to build Pack Mentality. So new dps test, though the build is missing Call Ravens. There were a few crits in there as well. Pylon time of 3:57/237 seconds for 290 dps. It did worse than before... Haha! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I did notice the Dire Wolf doesn't seem to receive the Musculature Alpha damage buff. I scroll over his stats at the end of the video and it's at +97% damage while the T1 and T2 pets are +125% or more. I didn't even notice one of the wolves died. Will retest in a bit. New run. 3:15, 195 seconds, 324 dps.
  13. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure why there are no crits or no stacks of PM. I'm going to look it over and retest when I get home.
  14. I don't know. I threw together some barebone MM builds on Beta, paired with Dark, to test their dps. Only the pets, defense powers and Provoke are IO'd. No Tar Patch was used. Incarnates are: T4 Musculature Core Alpha T4 Degenerative Radial Interface T4 Assault Radial Hybrid (Untoggled) T4 Rebirth Radial Destiny (MM Survival) Mercs: 3:31/221 secs, 301 dps. No Serum used. Beasts: 3:45/225 secs, 298 dps. No Fortify Pack used. Ninja: 2:06/126 secs, 432 dps. No Smoke Flash used. Demons: 2:57/177 secs, 344 dps. No HoE/whip attacks used. I really have no idea how to get Beasts to the top of the MM food chain. They seem to be on par with Mercs. Dark is a probably better secondary to test with. Iirc, procs do not benefit from damage buffs so NA's Overgrowth probably does less for Mercs, Lich etc than it would do for harder hitting pets like Bruiser, Beasts etc.
  15. Murcielago did. The thread he started had the first 10 pages of this Pylon Damage Thread consolidated into the first post. You will probably have to do some digging to find it though. Haven't seen it in awhile so the post will be missing a lot of the more recent pylon times.
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