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  1. MMs have it rough in that scenario, rushing from point A to B. I accepted the fact that pets are expendable and a resummon is inevitable when keeping up in a speed mission. Couple things you can try are: 1. Take incarnate Incandescence Destiny ability. It's like Team TP and only has a 2 minute CD. But some players may object to this, though they can turn TP off. 2. Cast your buffs, set pets to Passive-Stay and just run for it, leaving them behind. Pets will reappear close to you when you're about 170 yards away. Not sure if that distance is different on an indoor map or if elevators/multi-floor missions affect this. If you're lucky, you won't be passing through a mob when your pets pop up. When pets appear, they will auto set to Follow. Command them to Stay again and keep running. Try a combination of the two. Buff, Passive-Stay, run. If your pet's hp bar is decreasing, they appeared close to a mob. Run to a safe spot, Incandescence, click Stay, and run again. Hopefully make it 170 yards away before the aggro'd group catches up to your pets.
  2. Positrons Blast and Bombardment procs would be preferred for their exotic damage types (energy and fire). There's also Javelin's Volley and Impeded Swifteness (lethal and smashing). Annihilation for the -res debuff and Ragnarok/Overwhelming Force to KD targets so they lay in the caltrops for a longer period of time. I imagine they all have an equal chance to activate. If it works like a proc bomb, I would slot them all except for Ragnarok.
  3. It's pretty far off from my build but yours is way more survivable. It will serve you very well. If you go to OPTIONS, click CONFIGURATION, go to EFFECTS & MATH, and on the right hand side under SUPPRESSION, checkmark ATTACKED, and press OK. The display totals will show your defense with Hide suppressed. Just need to do it once and the setting saves.
  4. There's a few builds I keep to myself and StJ/SR is one of them. But someone could likely figure it out just by analyzing the video. Most powers are laid out in the tray, damage procs pop up in the window when activated. Even damage bonus is showing in the Combat Window, +58%. Not only can someone figure it out, dps-wise, they will probably improve it.
  5. Slot for end reduction in powers while leveling. Three slot Stamina as soon as possible. Look for IO set bonuses that provide +rec, +max end and end discount. Logout in Arena to earn the Duelist Badge (+6 end for 2 hrs). Carry endurance inspirations. Level 7: Slot Panacea proc in Health Level 17: Slot Miracle unique in Health Level 18: Slot Performance Shifter proc in Stamina Level 23: Start working on the Atlas Medallion accolade, and finish it asap. Level 27: Slot Numina proc in Health Level 38: Take Superior Conditioning from the Body Mastery pool and slot a Performance Shifter proc Level 40: Start working on the Portal Jockey accolade, and finish it asap. Level 41: Take Physical Perfection from the Body Mastery pool and slot a Performance Shifter proc Level 50: Consider taking Musculature Radial or Agility Alpha for end modification Level 50: Consider taking Cardiac or Vigor Alpha for end reduction Level 50: Consider taking Ageless Destiny for end recovery boost Level 50: Consider taking a radial Lore pet that provides a +end boost Once you're fully IO'd with incarnates, end isn't an issue anymore. Kill things quickly/efficiently and end bumps up while moving to the next target. Normal gameplay, I keep all toggles on (Including Sprint and Ninja Run) without endurance problems.
  6. Pretty sure it's been like that since live. Back in 2012, I had to make the StJ chain 12 seconds long to get the ATO to trigger exactly when needed, before CU (60 seconds/5 PPM=12 seconds). Nowadays, it actually works great with an 11 second chain, but really buggy with a 10 second chain. BU is used at the beginning and before any AS instead of IS. BU cast time isn't calculated into the chain time. 12s chain: [BU}-AS-CU-SB-[IS/BU]-AS-SC-SB-[IS/BU]-repeat. 11s chain: [BU]-AS-CU-SB-[BU]-AS-SC-SB-[IS/BU]-repeat. 10s chain: [BU]-AS-CU-SB-[BU]-AS-SC-SB-repeat. The 10s chain, ATO still procs once per cycle but often switch to critting Sweeping Cross instead of CU.
  7. Sounds like the chain could have potential. The biggest problem is the ATO triggering and MB misses. AS will turn into the long version. CU would probably need a lot of recharge to make the chain seamless. Which could be detrimental if power picks, damage procs, +damage bonuses and incarnate picks are sacrificed to squeeze in more +recharge.
  8. This is probably how I would slot them. It needs Musculature Alpha to have decent damage buffs: | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;834;391;782;HEX;| |78DAF3AD70E159E7DE68CFC028E09C93585C1CEF9B585C925A949B9997C2EA9B989| |E99CCCC0004EC402C8590890F2ECDCDCDCFD30BCA4FCA2FC94C2E964792722A4D4B| |D30B2EC92FCA85AACACC4B67100CC8CFCFD1F3CC2BCB2CCE4CCACCC92CA9E4058BB| |865A6679400157043783920AE10849D5F949C1A9F9F161F9E999323EC5A9099ACE7| |9C9158949E0A7560A504D0499A40BC8B95010AFEB3327C0652869C0C4C5F81B4040| |B0353180B90CFC2C0F29019423B338169B6488878010B5C2F10010198C00AF601AD| |E1865AC30DB5862714620CCF23A0B19C2C0C7C2F81E27C403A02222E20CA08A6FFE| |3050780264B424D960C81E8943A0A71B0D42706302D130E119779CC02F6985C25C4| |4634A3CA81B24A50A394A04A95ED99C08E553E08D1A2FC0548CBB230A83841C4554| |E32E377A40C4620696188186088186288186388986088F86088F82244FE0700D98C| |505946B02CA70003033354F62D1750961159F63D86C83B0C910F18222E5A081B5DB| |5E0B1FEDF4D0B1E4FFF7D84816106D1F51F00896310CF| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  9. None. No pets can be resurrected, only resummon.
  10. I did the same thing at one point during live. Right when Stalker's AS/AF was implemented. Just to get from point A to B, with minimal movement suppression, was pretty amazing. Being able to AS the next target, one group over, before losing AF stacks was a lot of fun. Tanks hated me though. Haha!
  11. The Stalker version of Sweep worked like that for a long time during live. I think Sweep was coded similar to the Scrapper version, even if it used a ST attack as the finisher. Iirc, surrounding targets would get KD, receive proc damage but only one target would get regular damage. Devs fixed it around i22 with only a ST being affected by KD, regular damage and proc damage. I made a short vid of the change, showing no more AoE KD/proc damage back in 2012.
  12. The build looks good, just needs some fine tuning. Examples: The single Unbreakable Guard IO in Tough isn't really doing anything since your build has +75% to S/L resistance without it. Split 3 Aegis and 3 Impervium Armor to increase psionic def/resist. Apocalypse proc in Electric Shackles does more damage than the other procs. Or the Devastation hold proc would increase ES' mag to 7. Move Shield Wall and Reactive Defense to Maneuvers in case you exemplar down. Gladiator's Armor unique isn't doing anything in Charged Armor. Move that over to Shadow Fall for +3 KB protection. Even if KB protection is less important while flying, it's a free set bonus by moving a single slot/IO, with no additional cost and 0 impact to your current build. Regardless, your build is strong. You will be able to get through most content whether you make changes or not. I haven't played Bots since 2012. Do Protector Bots bubble reliably?
  13. I like Dark Servant and would drop Fly for Assault. DS has a heal, a hold, -tohit debuffs, -dam debuffs, an immobilize, does some minor damage and can slot the Cloud Sense damage proc and some debuffs like -rech and -rec procs. DS is also an extra target for enemies to attack instead of you. Steam Jump or Jump Pack makes Hover move at max Fly speed. They each have a 30s uptime and recharges in 25ish secs at level 50. So you can alternate between them to make the effect perma. There's little reason to keep Fly since Hover also provides +def. Unless it's for a character background/theme thing.
  14. -Darkest Night also provides a -damage debuff to targets. Just a single end redux IO is good enough. -Use the last slot on pets to buff their stats. Acc, dam and end redux. -Add the Overwhelming Force KD IO to Drones. -Tough/Charged Armor are over slotted. Switched their slotting to get Energy resist to +75% as well. See data chunk below. -Add Miracle unique to Health. -I usually slot Dark Servant with Cloud Sense IOs. -I like building Howling Twilight and Tar Patch for recharge. Howling Twilight with a big AoE stun; Tar Patch with a dam res debuff makes sure things die quicker. -If you're always hovering/flying, I would skip the KB protection. When KB'd in the air, you just flip around on the spot and recover quickly. Incarnates really just boils down to personal preference: -I like Musculature Alpha or Intuition Radial Alpha to improve damage. -Hybrid, either Assault Radial or Support Core for MMs. Though Assault has a drawback, often needing to be activated first before summoning pets for it to work on them. -I would go Clarion Destiny for your build. -Reactive Radial Interface for more damage. -Judgement, anything except for Vorpal since you're softcap already. Also smashing damage is a more common resist type. -I have no idea which Lore to take. I see a lot of players using Banished Pantheon. If theme is a consideration, Clockwork, Warworks, Robotic Drones, Longbow or Arachnos for more bots. Maybe Demons, Rularuu, Phantoms etc to play off your Dark secondary. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1457;680;1360;HEX;| |78DA65934B4F13611885BF99B6625B90425BCAFD26D702A515D4A5899442942684A| |B971852A1C0C4B6432824B274E11F70E31FF0BA31716B90E87F30D144D4E8CE4494| |4448944D7D3BE7C43699499B67E6BCDFF9DE33EFCC24EFC62B5F4CDCBBA434DF582| |695CF2F2553F9ADF466D6C8AD78E6D2CBEB393363AEED38941C15F26F2C959766B7| |B359331799316F9B5BC672BEA9AC74797B7535124F6DDE594A1AA97C36A5AAA74D3| |313994AA756D29BF97563C36B5D2732C6DAFA96C73A9FDD48A757AA20175523B7D6| |38BE612C47CAB64D6E33DE4EBD64E997FF2B97E25170A979A75231A7D2AF913F944| |5E77761AFF018D7A7BE3A2C1697D3EB540168A782A02744FAC19E3A70413C1A3C4A| |7BA959DAA2680E0D9AA32087DA95542EAE7275A06B8D8CAF02ABF48A209CA77D640| |02C0677D3E7B676DA936DBC70B9BC74557275E502EEF3CC75F2109D7C96D32FFDAA| |E8AC7AA45B95FAC7E413B0E329D8F58C7C0E1637ACA6B79A5D7DCC5ACBEE81614C2| |4700EAC0B89DEE2546EE95BC3FBACA1B796DED6DF587B43F6F773F2FE8FA8F5EF83| |E14FE46770E80BD829FB0639E5E000EE54172D442D741FD9DFC8C41AF84634CC613| |28D8BE418D6347FD3ADACCD47B86EB52676531635D1D974824A7B9C1C27139CDC04| |39093A24490B92385AA248DC334A8E80BDE7C1B792B08D4FB98D6FC7AE0CA693FEC| |EBF98D2D923F2B848B7EAFA83EB5B92B39BFE6E2BF96B29F43179DF34120DCE8343| |33E42C18BB405E049D927C009D9D030974189C24AF80C357C1189FE79E5C46D04F8| |FBCC32C87DF931F40AFEC1B65CAE83EE75EFAE2E4574C1EB629519B12B329233665| |D4A64CD9946449294C977FC756D5ED93AF98D5038F54B5F2EAAF92A26B0798467F0| |7B980A9FCB4B90ECB5D0F3083DE87643B9E7C3C5C4A352EE75E9E27C2FFDFE3C249| |9D2CC53E857F4156FFD4| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  15. As a mule for LotG 7.5%, Shield Wall/Reactive Defense unique. At times it's worth it to sacrifice a power pick to save a slot.
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