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  1. DM probably works well with any secondary. One of it's top dpa attacks has a self heal that would be used once every 6ish seconds. I would go with Shield. Just damage buff on top of damage buffs and SD would just appreciate the self heal more since it has none.
  2. I like the resist percentages you squeezed from your slotting. Can probably get similar numbers with less slots devoted, by adding Shield Wall and Reactive Defense uniques to your build.
  3. Ugh. Found the old log from one of those pylon runs. The 70s pylon time, there were 18 crits. About 1 crit every 3.9s, for a total of 1982.85 crit damage. It equals out to about 28.33 dps. For some reason I was expecting double that especially with perma Tar Patch active and Achilles' triggering frequently. Secondaries without a -res debuff can probably expect less dps.
  4. Yay, unless running one of your infamous, petless Masterminds. I used it frequently when pylon testing 1.5 years ago. It seemed to help. It's endurance cost will be its biggest drawback. If you can manage that, there's little reason not to take it.
  5. I put IM's attacks into Obitus' old dps calculator from live. Around +200% recharge, GIS-FT-IS-FF-repeat is the best chain. +300% recharge, GIS-FT-IS-repeat is the best. Only used the attack's base damage (According to Mids') in the data. No procs, damage buffs, IO damage bonuses, incarnates, snipes etc were included. GIS-FT-IS-FF-repeat could probably pull ahead since FT can be proc'd out and still recharge fast enough for that chain. Also the chain length is 6.864s, a snipe could be integrated seamlessly.
  6. Imo, Provoke is required. I don't think an MM can be called a Tankermind without it. Any MM can sponge the alpha but there's probably no primary, secondary or epic/ancillary power that can hold the aggro away from pets for a long period of time.
  7. If going strictly for dps, I would probably skip Nimble and Vengeful. Run the top attack chain (Blinding-Ablating-Sweeping-Ablating) for ST damage. Take 1k Cuts and Typhoon's just for some AoE. Power over Nimble just so the Sweep Combo can be used. While leveling, take all attacks. Weaken can be used by level 6, Empower can be used by level 8. Attack Vitals at 26 and Sweep at 32. Respec after 32 if you feel you'd like to weed a combo out. If playing DB for the fun factor, I would probably take all attacks. Though some would only have a few slots in them, just so their u
  8. After issue 12, newer powersets had some gimmicks to set them apart from older sets. DB and StJ with their combo systems, TW with it's momentum system, Staff with it's form types, Savage with it's speed/end redux buffs etc. I think Paragon Studios were charging for the newer sets and these gimmicks made them more appealing to the playerbase. DB/ElecA held the record for the fastest pylon time for a long time back during live. Attack Vitals is pretty good in terms of dps but DB's best attack chain is Blinding-Ablating-Sweeping-Ablating-repeat. Though I think Blinding-Sweeping-Nimble
  9. Team TP or Group Fly to help with patches, but would probably annoy some teammates. Also"Stay" doesn't break Bodyguard mode. When in Defensive, Bodyguard is active with all commands except "Attack My Target."
  10. Regen cap on Scrappers is +3000%. I built aggressively before and got around +950% passive regen (Around 95 hp/s). That's with perma Dull Pain active, but not including Instant Heal.
  11. My guess is Tough isn't toggled on. After respec, adding powers to the tray and Tough was unintentionally left out. Does Sudden Acceleration in Thunder Strike do anything? TS has a 0.64 KB mag. It shouldn't KB anything unless hitting something several levels lower.
  12. No uber bots build to provide but would love to join an all MM SG. Have three MMs that are SG-less. All are on Excelsior but willing to swap servers. Hit me up if you need a member.
  13. I had a conversation with someone about this a long time ago. He explained that PB will boost click powers for the click power's full duration. It doesn't work the same on toggles since toggles perform a check every 10 seconds. This is the reason PB works with Farsight but not Maneuvers and Tactics. I tested this with a Dark Miasma MM. He seems to be right as PB on Darkest Night only lasted for 10s, while PB on Fearsome Stare lasted for FS' full duration of 20s. Also tested Web Envelope on a level 36 lieut. Without PB, mag 3 immobilize that lasted for 65s; with PB, mag 3 immobilize tha
  14. My MM is the granddaughter of Michael Woodman, principal of Buchanan Highschool. Thugs are called, "The Sweathogs." Named them after the characters from the Welcome Back Kotter TV show. Thugs are Kotter and De LaBarre, Arsonist is Horshack. Enforcers are Washington and Epstein. The Bruiser is Barbarino. I want to somehow bind a phrase to each pet, so that they say it when using a certain power. Like Barbarino would say, "Up your nose with a rubber hose," when using KO Blow. Horshack would say, "Ooohh, ooohh, ooohh! Hellooohhhh. How are ya?" when using Fire Bomb. Haven't gotten around
  15. We can slot five +7.5% recharge bonuses twice. LotG +7.5% has it's own separate "rule of 5" from IO set bonuses like Panacea, Basilisk's, Power Transfer etc. That helps a ton building for chains like that. Chains looks/feels seamless with a 0.1s gap. So SS and BF cast time is 1.452s, get Abl down to 1.552s or less. +300% is totally possible. Haven't built a DB Scrapper since live but I made a DB Stalker build with enough recharge to run AS-Abl-SS-Abl-repeat, seamless. Abl recharged in 1.28s; AS recharges in 1.188s. I was doing pylon times with it on Beta. It was pretty nuts, Ha
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