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Open RP - Welcome Hero One - Welcome to Paragon City Heroes New and Old.


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Welcome Hero One.

Most of my life I wasn’t a hero or a villain. I was a law abiding citizen with very little to write in my autobiography. True I had served in the military for 10 years but it wasn’t as glorious as the movies make it out to be. I wasn’t spec ops or infantry. I was a basic radio technician for the USAF. THe best claim to fame I had was that I got to eat dinner with Dwight Yokum, Cedric the Entertainer, Jay Leno and a few Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. After the military I worked in the private sector as Project Manager. I had a wife, kid and pets. My life was pretty plain. After my wife and son died, I got serious and made some great financial decisions. By the time I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, from years of smoking, I knew that it was now time to make the decision about how I wanted to live the rest of life. I did it. I contacted Paragon. The flight out to their Data center in Colorado was great. I spoiled myself and flew first class. I even enjoyed the movie on the flight. The car ride wasn’t bad either. It was a nice limo with champagne and caviar. Although I did not eat any of the caviar. When I got to Paragon, I was surprised how plain the building looked for the amount of technology that it had in it. 


The receptionist was not great as she handed me the forms to fill out. I am guessing the oxygen tank and wheelchair threw her off. I had my aide fill out my forms as I watched the fish swim in their fish tank. I thought to myself, I wonder if the fish had known any other life than their fish tank existence. My aide finished the paperwork and the Execs of Paragon were out into the waiting area apologizing for my mistreatment. It was good to have money, my life would have been much different had I been born with the amount of money that I had now. They rushed me and my aide to their VIP area, asking what they could do to make my wiat more enjoyable. I could have told them anything and they probably would have done. They let me know that their top neurosurgeon would be handling my case. I expected no less. By the time I had finally arrived in the small room with all the equipment, I could only guess if my bank account was larger than the amount of times I had been apologized to. My aide helped me undress and the doctors and nurses were quick in attaching me to all the equipment. I asked for one last smoke before I went under and all the doctors and nurses laughed. My aide reminded me that it would kill me as he wiped a tear from his eye.  The execs came back into my room to let me know that all the money and paperwork was in order. They also wanted to know if I had any last words and last requests before I transferred my consciousness. 


“Make sure you burn this body. I don’t want to shit myself in front of anyone.” were my last words that came out of my mouth.

When I woke up the world looked just like I remembered it. My hands were not as wrinkled and nothing hurt, so I guessed the operation had been a successful one. I could see the statue of Atlas from where I stood and Paragon city hall had never looked so clean. I moved forward and found that my new legs worked without the pain of gout in them. I walked up the steps and stood in front of Miss Liberty. She was as pretty as I had asked the programmers to make her. 


“Welcome Hero One” she said with a young heroic voice. 



This is an open Roleplay based on WestWorld - Uploaded. Your main corporal form has been destroyed. The process of storing your mind is expensive but you will be basically immortal. Your character can know of their previous existence and that they are in an imaginary world or you can choose to ignore that fact. Your character has all the basic powers of the Arch Type they choose. 

Any questions let me know I will try to moderate this and have a final say. If you have any questions let me know via direct messages. Happy Roleplaying. 

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