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Secondary Mutation: Cooldown timer inaccurate (Also Inner Inspiration)


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Regarding the 20-minute cooldown on using the "Secondary Mutation" power:


Either the 20-minute timer runs a bit fast, or the random buff lasts a bit too long. Either way, the buff remains active for several seconds after the power becomes available again.


This is a problem because, if you click the Secondary Mutation power again, while the previous buff is still active, you get no new buff. The old buff then expires as normal, you have no new buff, and now you cannot activate the power again for another 20 minutes.


Similarly, the Inner Inspiration power's 30-minute timer often runs out, the power shows as being available to use again, but it can be another minute or two before you can actually use the power again. I've seen this multiple times - usually I'm in my SG base and I see the timer on Inner Inspiration run out and the button become active again, but clicking it immediately just results in a red "unavailable" ring appearing around the button. Waiting another minute or two before trying again results in the power working normally.

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