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Cimerora Contest Winner

GM Sparky

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This contest was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. We had so many amazing submissions that it really made things hard for us to pick the winner. But pick a winner, we did.



Close to the Sun

Arc ID: 43275

Publisher: Psychopithicus

Arc Description:

Feeling that something is amiss with the timeline, Montague Castanella asks for capable individuals to venture into the ancient land of Cimerora to investigate. It soon becomes clear, however, that something is happening that could irreparably warp the future, and must be stopped before it starts.


"This arc focused on Montague’s power to sense changes in timelines. In these missions, you’ll tango with what should have been against what is. As past and future fold in on themselves, all you can do is enjoy the ride!"


Congratz to our winner! and a huge thank you to everyone who submit your amazing arcs. Everything was so much fun to play through. You are all rockstars at content creation! Please keep up the amazing work, and please keep giving us more great stuff to dive into!

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