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Thugs Henchmen not keeping visual upgrades through zones


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This has been an extremely consistent issue I've noticed for some time- At least since I've recently been actively playing my thugs mastermind.




Exactly as the title states- They're not keeping their visual rank 2 upgrades like they should. They keep the actual powers, this is purely an aesthetic issue, albeit an annoying one. Applying another upgrade fixes it, at least until the next zone. As far as I can tell, this is unique to Thugs; I have not seen this issue with any other Mastermind primary I regularly play.

Every now and then, in a weird thing that is possibly related, I'll zone in and see the Upgrade Equipment bag floating and spinning in the air when I load into a zone, but because I want to get a screenshot of that to provide more information to this post it is of course not happening.

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