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Halloween themed "Monster Mash" base!!! - Torch


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Welcome to The Monster Mash Base

On TorchBearer, Base code:  MONSTER-11721


Just in time for the start of the Halloween event this year.  I invite all to come visit the Monster Mash base.  Do come in and stay awhile.  Please ignore the bumps and screams off in the distance.  It could be the house settling or maybe just the dead or soon to be...  Keep all hands and legs inside the base at all times.  There are things out there that may try to take a nibble,  It’s also highly advisable to NOT eat any of the mushrooms you may find in the base.  They tend to make some feel trapped!



Stop by Mr Pumpkin-Bot for a candied-treat.  At least, I think it’s candy.  No razor blades here!  I promise!!  maybe….



In the mood for a party?  Join the Sacrifi…..  Err.  Bonfire in the central courtyard.  It’ll be a blazin’ hot time for all!



Or if you prefer a quiet time with a quality tome, Enjoy light spell reading by the “not haunted tm” fireplace in the lounge.  Previous door lock has been..  removed.


Maybe you are an outdoorsy type?  Enjoy the hedge maze which leads to the forest.  Do try to not get lost..  Or do..  Your choice 



Be careful if you go into the woods.  Some say it’s enchanted with wild animals!! Little Red Hoods optional.


Maybe you prefer to partake in some local fishing down in the polluted bayou swamp.  Many tasty things can be caught there.  You run fast, yes? Laissez les bon temps rouler



If you are looking to extend your life, stop by Eternal Life Industries.  They can shockingly give you a hand by replacing any body part that has been removed, bitten, withered or rotted away. Or even upgrade to a whole new model.  BYOD (Bring your own dead)





If looking for a piratey adventures.  Look no further!  Climb aboard the pirate ship and cast off to look for some doubloons!  AArrrrr!!



Did your ancestors stick you in a tomb?  Did they cast spells to keep you alive?  Did some random “Archeologist” disturb your slumber?  Need a pyramid to visit to take a load off your bandage wrapped feet?  At AIRpnb (air pyramid and breakfast), we have you covered.



We do have portals to all accessible areas off the coast of Paragon.  This strange craft came down from the skies and hovers over top of the portals.  They seem somewhat peaceful and don’t abduct too many people.



And if you do happen to meet your demise, pick out a lovely plot in our “Bone Depot”.  We won’t sell your parts off to some lowly miscreant.  We will charge top dollar!! 



And finally, before you go, do stop by “Sundries”, our gift shop.  Need a new leather riding crop?  A witch hat? Maybe some dynamite?  Or maybe just spare body bags.  Sundries has it all.  Stop in today!


Much more to see in the base.  Fun and spooky treats around every corner.  Stop in and stroll around for a while.


And to all a Spooky and Happy Halloween!!


Builders:  @Kaasha and @Major Pain



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