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Marley's Revenge: The CHAIN ASSAULT Powerset

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GET OVER HERE!!! It's time for some Macabre/Horror/SPOOOOOKY Powerset ideas...!



Available to: Dominators

Set Color: Dark Red-on-Dark Grey


You torment your foes with one or more wicked spiked chains. While you do not quite have the range of other Assault sets, the chain's weight and your skill make it more accurate.


1] Score – a straightforward ranged strike that leaves a deep, nasty wound that bleeds for additional damage over time. Damage: Minor Lethal Recharge: Fast


2] Garrote – a melee strangling attack that deprives the victim of some endurance and slows its endurance recovery. Damage: Moderate Lethal Recharge: Fast


3] Sweep of Scorn – a powerful melee attack that knocks your target far away from you. Damage: Moderate Lethal Recharge: Moderate


4] Scarring Strike – a stronger ranged attack that leaves a hideous wound that bleeds for additional damage over time. Damage: Moderate Lethal Recharge: Fast


5] Torment – a cruel follow-up attack of moderate range that increases your accuracy and damage for your next few attacks. Damage: Minor Lethal Recharge: Slow


6] Constrict – attempts to squeeze the life out of your target, dealing a great deal of damage over time and leaving it gasping for breath, deprived of a great deal of endurance and with its future endurance recovery slowed. Damage: Superior Lethal (DoT) Recharge: Slow


7] Scorpion Lunge – you harpoon your target and yank it into melee range. This traumatic maneuver usually leaves the victim disoriented. Damage: Moderate Lethal Recharge: Moderate


8] Touch of Hades – a short-ranged attack that enervates your victim, depriving it of endurance and lowering its recovery and damage. Damage: Superior Lethal Recharge: Moderate


9] Dancing Chain – a section of your chain animates of its own accord, taking a stationary position where placed and making independent attacks against enemies within range. Damage: Moderate Lethal Recharge: Very Long


Example Character Concept: The Relentless Cania! (Vigilante Ice Control/Chain Assault Magic Dominator)



- Special kudos to the Homecoming team for (I've been informed) having devised a functional "pulling" mechanic, without which this set (which predates my discovery of Homecoming by a wide margin) would have a lot less going for it!

- I'd originally intended for Touch of Hades to have a chance to do additional Negative Energy damage, but I understand that might get in the way of more character concepts than it would've opened the doors for - and there's always IO sets for that, right? Thoughts?

- An ALTERNATIVE way to do Dancing Chain would be to make it a character-centered toggle power, sort of like a "damage aura" but doing much more damage to just one nearby opponent per interval. The peanut gallery is open to which would be better (but I think I'd actually prefer this way).

Edited by AspieAnarchy
spacing; color-coded attack damage-types

...If you're not willing to risk your life or what you hold dear to accomplish your goal, then maybe you should re-think what you really want. Power, control, security; all of those are just fancy ways of saying that you're afraid, and you want to not be afraid anymore. People will do a lot to avoid fear, even become the monsters they're afraid of. - Crimson



The game lags because you touch yourself at night - @Zem


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