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  1. A PC. I begrudge "phones" their very existence. I imagine my Primal characters (who aren't psychics or aliens or whatever) mostly have normal mid'-'000s (which I pronounce "ooze") cell phones. My Praetorians (Loyalists especially), on the other hand...I have no trouble thinking those damned things are the order of the day there (each bearing the Sinclair Seal of Approval!).
  2. First, apologies, if this is not the ideal Forum for such a query; I welcome being moved elsewhere if so. I just want things like "8)" AKA "😎" or ":P" "😜" et cetera et cetera to not automatically turn into smiley-faces or whatever when I type them in here; That's all. If you could tell me how to turn it off - or failing that, even do something behind the scenes for me if necessary and not too much work - I would appreciate it.
  3. Admittedly, I came up with this in the LIVE era, before it was at all possible for Brutes to be good guys. Sometimes I wonder whether lifting as many of the old restrictions as they have hasn't actually restricted some potential future creativity. Deregulation is known to have consequences, after all.... Maybe they should institute some way to make case-by-case exceptions (pcture the Freedom Phalanx or the Grandville 5 showing up to personally judge you, but it's really a couple of fully in-character DMs) - or perhaps (and this is the part of me speaking that made my father so
  4. Because it's "send in the CLOWNS", not "send in the CLONES" - why would I want a "clone" when I could do something ORIGINAL? No other Summon set to date has a tier-7 power like this one - and shouldn't EVERY tier-7 Summon set power aspire to be unique among its kin? Besides, the clown car can still be featured by being the literal vehicle by which the Augustes show up; I think that would be fun-on-a-bun.
  5. Might I ask for details? I could guess, but I wouldn't want to 'lead' you. :)
  6. This is an older idea, and one I'm particularly proud of - 'out there' in more ways than one, definitely channeling H. P. Lovecraft and other "space-mystics": ASTRONOMY (Buff) Available to: Defenders, Corrupters, Controllers, Masterminds Set Color: Hot White-on-Dark Indigo You can conduct the Music of the Spheres to empower your allies and scour your enemies. Though their power is vast, the heavens are distant and indifferent allies, and most of the powers they grant do not come easily, costing a great deal of either time or endurance. 1) Swiftness
  7. As you might be able to tell, I had this idea before any alignment could become any Archetype and Masterminds were Villains-only; I'm not sure how well this would work now (a problem that could be said for many powerset ideas - might it be that opening some doors can close others?), but I think I did a pretty good job with it, considering. Submitted for your approval, then.... CULT (Summon) Available to: Masterminds Set Color: Yellow-on-Very Light Blue Cultists are weaker offensively than other minions (with the exception of Penitents), but their faith makes t
  8. Also, is there some way I can turn off "auto-emoticons"? "8)" keeps morphing needlessly into a happyface (not that this would be innappropriate, but given that this is the format I've been using for all my Powerset ideas, it could get...annoying).
  9. If you saw the Whip set I just posted, you may have noticed I said it was available to every currently-extant Melee AT save one - why? Because there's nothing "Brutish" about Whips; they're a finesse weapon. So what do Brutes, and Brutes alone, get instead? Let me tell you: CHAINSAW (Melee) Available to: Brutes Set Color: Black-on-Dark Yellow The Chainsaw is a slow and unwieldy weapon with a penalty to accuracy, but the damage it deals is second to none. It leaves hideous wounds that heal poorly (inflicting cumulative Gore counters that both retard regeneratio
  10. My take on that which every player wants for Statesmas, but all of Santa-Statesman's techno-elves dread: WHIP (Melee) Available to: Stalkers, Scrappers, Tankers Set Color: Brown-on-Beige Whips do inferior damage compared to other Melee sets, but make up for it in speed, low endurance cost, and limited range – the whip has the greatest reach of any Melee powerset, but note that it does not benefit from range Enhancements. 1) Snap – a quick, basic attack with your whip. The stinging pain will temporarily reduce the target's damage resistance. D
  11. First of all, this is my first post on here, so I hope I'm doing this right/posting it in the right place, etc. Without further ado...I've been sitting on this idea since before I was aware of Homecoming, and it's not just a joke anymore!!! CLOWNS (Summon) Available to: Masterminds Set Color: Neon Orange-on-Dark Fuchsia The King of Fools. The Psycho Circus. The Greatest Show on Earth. That's you. Whether they're escaped lunatics, deviant thugs, or honest-to-goodness professional performance artists who have turned to the dark side, you lead a coterie of c
  12. I have recieved the following message: "[email protected] Disconnected The [email protected] software on your computer has most likely stopped. Please restart it, then reload this page." How do I do that? The only [email protected] icon I see does nothing but take me to the website.
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