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Ouroboros color of "They Call Me The Doctor"


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I played "They Call Me The Doctor" through Ouroboros, but for some reason it remained white after I finished it. I played it again but it made no difference. I forgot about it, but now I have played a few more missions from there ("The Envoy of Shadow" and "The arrival of the Oranbegans", I remember checking the list before that and noticing that it was still white) and now it shows up yellow, as it should. I'm very sure I didn't replay the mission and have no idea what triggered the change in color. Maybe it's looking at the wrong badge? (I got one for the Doctor and also for the Oranbegans.)

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Did u talk to the contact after finish in person or just quit it... i teleport to contact always to get my Star for it.. just to be sure.

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