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The Dark Coven - All Hallow's Eve Event - October 24th


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Dark Coven, the resurrected Gothic themed
nightclub is hosting a One Night Only Event
celebrating it's favorite holiday: Halloween!

Featuring: Helene T. Sanguine as DJ
Primary Genres: Metal and Industrial Metal


Blind Costume Contest - 100 Mil Influence Per Category
Five Ghoulish Categories!
Wear your best costumes!


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24th, 7:00PM - 9:30PM EST
Base Code: DARKCOVEN-5519

(Visit any of your local base portals to attend)

All are invited.
Vampires drink free.*

Must be 21 or over to enter


*Vampires are entitled to (1) glass of B+, and no more. Dark Coven is not
liable or responsible for any patrons who have become a victim of a feeding.
Though Dark Coven is a privately sanctioned ground, feedings that turn violent
are subject to swift action and a permanent ban from grounds.

Furthermore: Swift action could lead up to, but not limited to,

sanctioned rights to be revoked and/or Dawn Exposure.

This is a Role play-centric event, as are most Nightclubs on Everlasting. Come! Invite your friends along to Dark Coven.
Anyone who stays past the event's hours are more than welcome to an open-house exploration of the base,
as some sections of the base are not fully open to the public for the duration of the event.

A new code will not be generated for the foreseeable future or for this event.


A VERY special thanks to Club Gehenna for providing members as guest staff to help make this event possible!



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On 10/11/2021 at 1:45 AM, Magairlín said:

What's a blind costume contest?

A blind costume contest is where the public shows up to the event, but don't know the actual categories of the contest that will be voted upon. They are secret until the actual reveal of the judges' results! People seemed to enjoy it a lot last time, so we're doing another one, but with different categories than last time.

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  • ScarredSilencer changed the title to TONIGHT - The Dark Coven - All Hallow's Eve Event - October 24th
  • ScarredSilencer changed the title to The Dark Coven - All Hallow's Eve Event - October 24th

A Formal message from the Baroness:

I would like to extend my personal thanks to everyone,
Black Hand Society, Frank's Bar & Grill, and Club Gehenna
for providing guest staffing throughout the year.
None of the events with the Dark Coven club would
have been possible without the efforts of everyone involved.

Dark Coven is a location solely run by me, and it
is a lot of time, effort, stress, and planning on my behalf to run

said events and gather the staff necessary to run them.
Secondly, thank you everyone who has attended any events

within Dark Coven in the past year, we of the dark salute

you, and have much gratitude to give for coming to said events.

With that said, this is not goodbye, but there will not
be any more Dark Coven events for the remainder of this year.
Know that this club is always public. We never change the locks
on our door. Should you feel that familiar, dark, and carnal urge,
we encourage you to come visit again and bring your friends.

Our doors always will remain open.

And perhaps... you might discover some
secret, additions later on, in the future.

Thank you again, club goers. We're glad we could provide you with enjoyment and fun.
We look forward to the day when we can meet again next year.



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