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  1. They could always turn off XP below fifty and decide not to slot sets.
  2. Yes to matching, no to taking away options or changing the color of team names. It's easier to spot green names vs cyan in the middle of a league battle.
  3. It should be possible to add a clientside mod so this shows up as a blue circle or something instead. I'm not sure how you'd go about figuring out which image asset is the relevant one, though.
  4. Paragraph 1: Scientists should be plural. Para 2: Indigenous should have an E. Para 3: Bretheren has an extra one.
  5. Seen in Port Oakes after I've run some villain alignment tips. Lymelight is female, and Franklin's text is cut off.
  6. You can find the global of the person who has the name by doing /getglobalname aracknight. You might get better results asking in game; not everyone frequents the forum.
  7. I'd be opposed to this. The server isnt currently specifically for RPers, and there's quite a few established non-RP SGs that can't be moved. Having a short note about each server on the selection screen would be good for new players, though. I've never actually seen behavior like this; people who have are more likely to post about it here than those who haven't.
  8. Could you tell us a little more about your character? Maybe someone here could point you toward an SG that would fit them.
  9. I view level as just a game mechanic, not something that actually exists in universe - especially now that zones aren't level-locked anymore. From what I've seen of the few groups I've had/have characters in, a mix of in-base and in-mission RP seems like the norm. Some people like one, or the other, or both, so give 'em a mix.
  10. It also resets the colors to black and white.
  11. Couldn't you just type ;signs Hello? Then it wouldn't matter if the player knew a sign language, just whether the character did.
  12. They mean the titles you can pick at a trainer. The Awesome Fantastic Superguy, etc.
  13. A GM would have to approve all the titles, though. Or the devs would have to implement automatic checks on whether they're compliant with the CoC and the GMs would have to deal with ones that slip through. And then there'd have to be a way to lock usage to an SG(s) or list of people. Why not just have a costume that alts can wear?
  14. /macro RP roleplaying to turn it into a button. You can also just hit H and select from the dropdown.
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