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  1. How much is it possible for HC to change the look/functionality?
  2. Running without Chrome open didn't fix the issue for me.
  3. This sounds similar to an issue I've been having for a while. The numrow keys will randomly stop working; the quickest fix seems to be tabbing out and back in. Lately (maybe for the last 2-3 weeks?), my shift key seems to be stuck on, even though I have the sticky keys shortcut disabled. Hitting a numrow key will activate a power in my second tray. This is in Win 10. I saw another thread that suggested disabling notifications, but that doesn't seem to have helped. Did you ever figure out what was going on?
  4. So, is white OK as a main color? It's not on the wheel.
  5. Back on live, the devs didn't want to give us long skirts/dresses because of the clipping issue they'd present. I haven't seen anything specific about whether HC is sticking with that, but I'd assume so.
  6. Maybe they mean the rest of the arc you're playing?
  7. Released: Nightspire Disco Belle Gloaming Shadetree Sunguard Snagged: Slamwitch
  8. Is there a specific name for the data structure used for AE and costume files? I've been working on a collaborative arc-writing system for AE arcs and I'm hoping someone's written someting to convert it into JSON and back.
  9. Languages I have experience with: HTML5/CSS3 Javascript Some experience with React (and Node, if you have plans to use that) Git I have a few years of front/back-end web development experience. I understand CSS, but my design skill is...not great; I'd want to help out with site functionality. I'd be happy to sign the agreement and communicate over Discord.
  10. A Hero's Epic Part Seven Positron called me. He wants to go with you to the Shadow World to determine exactly what Tyrant's, I mean Emperor Cole's, plan is. Go see Tina Macintyre, I'm giving her the heads up that you are both headed over there. The comma after Macintyre should be a period or semicolon. Shadow Earth is Black Swan's personal dimension. She created it using similar methods that the Midnight Squad created used to create the Shadow Shard to imprison Rulaaru. From Rescue Positron from Maria Jenkins: A few years back when we first uncovered Pra
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