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Your Final Mission


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Your Final Mission - 44589


Back in '12 when the shutdown was announced, quite a few people were, for lack of a better word, a bit upset that the world would be obliterated and all their characters vanish. To help people cope, I wrote an Architect mission where the protagonist deals with the upcoming apocalypse, personified by the games upcoming foe, the Battalion. Quite a few people wrote and claimed they were visited by onion cutting ninjas while playing.


I kept the files for all my old missions, and since it kinda fits the theme of 'rebirth', I've re-published Your Final Mission here. Now that our characters and city are here to stay, the emotional impact is lost, but hopefully people can still enjoy it.


This arc has difficult bosses. A level 50 is pretty much required; one with Incarnate powers and strong IO is a very good idea. The idea is that it's the 'final boss' for your main character. Even as EBs they're pretty hard. Don't play this with archvillains enabled unless you are on a team or have a very, very strong character.


It breaks the ocelot rule, in that it tells you what your character thinks in many places. Again, the idea is that you're playing with your "main". However, it does acknowledge the possibility that your character is either a hero or a vigilante, see below.


It gives you a choice! At the end of the first three missions, after you complete the primary objective, check your clues before exiting the mission. You can choose to execute the missions as either a do-gooder hero or a gritty vigilante. It doesn't affect the final outcome, of course.


There are no defeat alls. You never have to mop up random mobs, feel free to run past them


The glowies in mission one are optional, but they give some background on the scenario and the world.


In mission five, the NPC shout their 'see the player' barks as soon as they spawn, so you won't see them on the main screen. Check the NPC dialog tab.


Please let me know what you think!

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