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Solo Master LR SF, No inspirations, +4 x 8, no temps, no temp summons, zero deaths.


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Before the New Year comes !

I have searched all places I know. The only videos I have seen are from Dominators using inspirations, or temp powers or temporary summons.  Those give you a strong help to do the task force.

For my Master challenge all such things were disabled. 

This is my first time ever to attempt the Lord Recluse Strike Force with my dominators on Homecoming.
I have not done it even in teams with this Dominator. 
So my experience with this is not good at all with Dominators. 
I have done the SF but on very different characters, none resembling a dominator.


Another thing, the time it took to complete does NOT reflect actual playing time at the computer.  I had many other things to do in real life.  

Actual playing was about 3 hours 15 mins or so.



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