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Defeating Hamidon/mitos badge?

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I would like to propose "Broke the Mold" as a reward for "pushing back"/defeating Hamidon, some amount of times. Once, ten times (like U'kon Gr'ai?), more? "Mold" since it is sometimes described as Jello (tm) (i.e. Jello mold) and "Broke the mold" is a great expression to state that a person is one-of-a-kind.


I got some LOLs at a recent Hami raid when I suggested it in league chat.


Not sure about the blue/green/yellow mitos, but there are plenty of expressions with those colors in them that might be badge-worthy. Also unsure about a combined badge for defeating all mito types & doing participating in defeating the nucleus. Since defeating Hami in the LGTF gives you super-duper Hami-infused power, perhaps an accolade click that duplicates an EoE/Ambrosia would be in order too for such an accolade.


Thanks for reading and critiques/comments.

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