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Difficulty Setting bug by entering not fixed in Page 3


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  • Fix a longstanding bug where missions would be launched with the wrong difficulty settings if the mission owner was not in the same zone as the door and another teammate entered it first.


This Bug has NOT been fixed.


We just have done a Manticore TF  (Reunion Server) and upon entering the "Rescue Councilman Birch" Mission in Kings Row it was reset to+0 cause leader was still in Atlas Park  zone, so this longstanding bug has not been fixed. The TF was set to +2 which we had on all Missions when leader was in zone before we entered.

Former Player on Server:

Protector, Guardian, Virtue, Liberty, Freedom, Union and Defiant (Hero Side) and part Time Infinity

Justice, Pinnacle, Victory (Villain Side)

Currently Reunion is the Main Server

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