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Looking for SG. I am on both blue and red sides of the fence


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Played live from issue 1 and was online when the plug was pulled. :(


Had a presence on Virtue, Justice, and Infinity along with one of the new ones they made near the end whose name I have forgotten.


I have been and am an officer in other games.


I like to play out the story lines solo or small group. Do radio/paper teams,  2-8 players.  I like doing TFs and other group content. 


Only had 3 50s on the old servers,  fire/storm controller (truly power overwhelming), PB (tri-form tank-n-blast with emergency heals) and red side a 50 MM Bots/ff. Lots of fun.


And about a million lvl 30 to 40 of all types.


Hi, my name is Zep and I am an altoholic.





** Asus Crosshair TUF x570, Ryzen 5950x, Corsair H1500i AIO, 128GB Trident-Z DDR4 3200, Sapphire 7900XTX, 48" 4K Samsung 3d & 56" 4k UHD, 2x NVME 1TB/2TB, 12TB HDD **

** Corsair Voyager a1600 **

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