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  1. Interesting. So you would not 6 slot it in AS or LR?
  2. Were you an elec/elec/mu stalker where would you place your stalker set?
  3. Fire/Storm is a powerhouse -- really though if that is not your cup of tea Kin/Dark and others all work well. Which secondaries do you like?
  4. In my base the permissions windows cuts off the lower ranks -- only the top 2-3 show depending. May have to do with 4k and scaling.
  5. Always at map load. At least so far anyways: You have been forcibly disconnected from the server. MapShuttingDown. Specifically attempting to enter my base this time.
  6. Storm - PB/WS -lots really High level electric melee - my stalker can Lightning Rod and then follow up with chain induction + thunder strike. If thinks get tough I can Power Surge and turn into living lightning and then do all the above again. Electric/Electric Dominator flinging mobs around and firing blasts of lightning everywhere. Fire/Storm Corrupter -- Rain of Fire + Freezing Rain melts just about anything.
  7. Zep

    How skipable is placate

    Thanks for the info.
  8. Any hints on getting a Scimitar Pro RGB working with COH or anything else? Specifically buttons 10-11-12 7-8-9 would be nice too.
  9. For those that have it how much do you use it? Only class power I dont have on my Elec/Elec stalker.
  10. I was playing on 3x 40" 1080p monitors for a while. It is really nice to have the peripheral vision. In game when teaming ppl would comment on how I would seem to know what is going on much better just 'cause I could see more. On 4k now - in some ways the 3x 1080 was better. Not all games play well with the NV Surround though - some are a little annoying some unplayable.
  11. You get used to it pretty fast. Like looking outside though a screen door.
  12. Switch either with the Gull or run it the old fashion way by changing alignments. Doesnt take nearly as long as it used to. I've dont both depending on the character. I really like having Water Spout on the Fire/Storm Controller.
  13. Zep

    Smaller Teams

    I am PST - evening, or at least the time I am home and starting to play can be around 7-8 pdt weekdays and random on weekends.
  14. Zep

    Smaller Teams

    Cool @Zep myself
  15. Zep

    Smaller Teams

    I get 8 person teams. They can be fun. I also like 2-5 person teaming. The kind where you really do need to contribute and plan. Anyone else play in the evenings like the same? Thanks, *Z
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