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    DPS can be a good ruler for finding out how big something is, however, IMO - like something else men measure with a ruler having a big one doesnt really mean anything unless your looking for a modeling career. In COH more so then other games I have played individual DPS in much less meaningful. If my Fire/Storm controller drops Freezing Rain on a group while my friend the Fire/Kin uses Fulcrum Shift the blaster will get some really big numbers but is it really all the blasters DPS? If I am on my FF/Dark defender I have almost no personal DPS does that make me useless? I am not against checking personal DPS or even discussing it among friend, using it to tweak a build or refine an idea, like the other thing above experience has shown me once your in a group situation personal measurements are nothing more then a novelty or something to brag about if you have nothing better to bring up. Play style, fight/area specifics, AOE vs Single Target, solo, small group, big group, trash mobs, boss/av -- too many variables. Admittedly just my thoughts and oppinions - this coming from someone who has heavily optimized builds in multiple games (WOW, POE, COH, too many to remember). In closing a memory from my WOW past. Back when Burning Crusades was shiny and new I was in an awesome guild called 'Tempting Fate' and like many other guilds we raided Karazhan for a time. I played an undead Frost Mage whose rival on the DPS charts was a Fire Mage. As we would battle our way through the 'trash' mobs to get to the boss fights the Fire mage would get way ahead on the damage meter. She was awesome at blowing up spawns and quickly. Once we would get the Boss fight every single time I would pass her by the end of the fight. Not because I better AOE - I didnt, or better single target, but because at the time the Frost build had more tools more managing cooldowns and was far more efficient with mana. When the fire spec would run out of gas the frost spec could keep going and going. DPS is fine and dandy but it is just one consideration among many.
  2. What I am seeing here is a question: When someone is auctioned (banned, suspended, warned) should the whole context and conversation be looked at? On a case by case basis, if appropriate should it be determined the actioned individual was deliberately goaded, harassed, or 'tricked' the person(s) who instigated and caused the behavior also be banned, suspended, warned, and share the same 'reward' for the offensive/inappropriate/puerile/obscene behavior. Thinking this way I cant see why we would not want to whole situations looked at, I am however, curious what other viewpoints might be?
  3. Joint Red/Blue TF's (more) Quests with its own overarching story line. A mix of old and new mobs befitting its red/blue status. lvl 50+ content The zone is (IMO) very pretty and nicely built yet at the same time soulless due to the lack of NPCs and content. Did I say some red/blue (/gold) content? Maybe across all levels. More Rogue/Vigilante content.
  4. Is there a way to change the UI/Windows scale across all characters at once? I set the resolution super low trying to get around a bug and it messed up the scaling and window location on all my characters. Is there a way to set or apply a default across the board?
  5. Lot of work I know - I would love to see animations for each origin. Casting, vs using tech, vs mutant powers etc.
  6. Hi My Name is Zep and I am an ALT-O=Holic! At 4k when I wish the change permissions for base storage the pop-up panel is mal formed and unusable. Needing to email items to myself, one at a time, to store/use is painful. Tried setting the resolution down - all that accomplished was to blow up the size of all in game UI elements so they were over-lapping making a big mess to fix and still could not get to the controls to up permissions for my alts.
  7. I use it on my Elec/Elec Stalker as his single target melee attacks take sleep enhancers. Chance to get HP back every punch - or so it was. Fortunately the new End Mod set has the same thing. I can see why an aoe would be problematic. Good thing there are no AOE end mod powers....
  8. Good idea - Sadly not anywhere on my tray nor is it stored in the market. I picked up a replacement easy enough -- how I discovered the unique issue -- disappearing IOs isnt a good thing.
  9. Thanks for the info btw !
  10. Wonder where my second one went..... I logged in and did a TF -- it it went to my tray I prob sold it with the rest of the junk not realizing. Foo.
  11. Did this set get changed while I wasnt looking? I used to have 2 powers slotted and now have an empty socket where one of them was... The remaining one now says unique. It isnt marked as unique on paragon wiki so this must be a recent change. Where is my missing IO? Not that 1mil inf is a huge deal to replace. I can replace it with Power Transfer Chance to heal, still I'd like to understand. Thanks
  12. All good ideas - thank you!
  13. At my job we are, like many, now working from home. Our video conferencing has a back drop feature - we have been challenged to come up with some good ones. Any thoughts or suggestions when/where to grab some? Next meeting is tomorrow. Any thoughts or suggestions where to take some good scenery only screen shots? Thanks
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