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  1. I am the only person with access. My characters only. I have found floor levels changed -- or I am sleep walking to my base.
  2. Thank you so very much!!!!
  3. I wonder, out of curiosity, roughly how many lines of code are there? For the server and separately for the client? Separate from lines of code would, I think, be bytes of config data (where things like zone caps are stored) - my guess anyways, I only have experience with very small blocks of code. While we all have our different views on how balance and other changes that come out impact our game play styles, I would hope we are all in strong agreement at the awesomeness that patches and upgrades are coming out. Even were our wondrous dev's playing daily it does not mean they play the same way you or I do play. I am, sadly, burdened with a full blown case of alt-i-holisism and have only recently made it again to the Rickti War zone and not at all to The Hive. I didnt notice the cap had changed just by running missions, how would you? Thank you again to everyone who makes this world work for us!!
  4. I have a 40 something elec/elec stalker I really like. Make your own build. Up to 50 you really dont need anything special.
  5. I believe only once. If it does have the ability to multi-proc I'd like to know -- the chance per target must be significantly lowered.
  6. Optional voice over is a good compromise. We have a lot of talented people in our community. I'd enjoy helping with this. Easy enough to make a yes/no setting.
  7. Is there a way to stack items on top of each other? Or just easily move things like the COT Water Fall up a wall, pillar or whatever? Thanks, *Z*
  8. Running your average TF/SF the AV(s) go down so fast you could blink and miss them. I remember when it took at least a little team work to get though a TF. I think incarnate powers/pets should not be available on sub 50 team/tf/sf play. Knock yourself out solo and 50+.
  9. I've had the event go very strange on me too.
  10. Once Homecoming is 'Legit' something that would be awesome is a conversation with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to hopefully sort out many of the OGL/Default adapter problems have to face getting COH started. Having NCSoft ask would give the request a lot more weight and help mend fences with the community.
  11. Possible access to my original characters, even if only to copy costumes/builds. Perhaps a 'Retro' server for original characters?
  12. Everyone will have their own ideas on what we all individually want of course. 1) More of what Homecoming is already doing. 2) Some sort of model to pay for more development. Subs, Micro Trans, etc. 3) Improve and modernize the engine current version OGL (4.6) or Vulkan. a) even with no new special effects this would significantly improve performance. 4) More Story, more powers, more animations, more everything as a 'legit' game would develop. 5) Full/better support for high resolutions/multi monitors 6) Support for full 3d sound, fancy color changing keyboards, and all the fun new tech invented in the last 8 years in the real world. 7) The next Hero Con in Norther Nevada/California 😎 Shall I keep going? 🙂
  13. Thanks for the info. Yes the 1x5 is, I believe, between two rooms. I will try more ceiling lights. Putting plants in there and want it to look right as a small atrium.
  14. I have a 1x5 area I want to light up -- it wont let me make it into a room, is there a way to work around that? Is there a way to save/copy/paste a room? How do teleporters and other functional objects work? Is there a FAQ somewhere with lots of details?
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